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The T. C. Fry Collected Magazines from 1980 - 1990
& The Collected Newsletters from 1989 – 1995,
with additional DVD-DISKS for just $50 each.
This DVD-DISK comes in a colorful album, is for
computer-viewing only & presents a searchable
text format that serves as a gigantic index!

Volume 2, #1, 1/80... PDF Page 1
Volume 2, #3, 3/80... PDF Page 49
Volume 2, #4, 4/80... PDF Page 96
Volume 2, #5, 5/80... PDF Page 143
Volume 2, #6, 6/80... PDF Page 191
Volume 2, #9, 9/80... PDF Page 239
Volume 2, #12, 12/80... PDF Page 287

Volume 1, #2, 2/81... PDF Page 351
Volume 1, #3, 3/81... PDF Page 423
Volume 1, #4, 4/81... PDF Page 495
Volume 1, #5, 5/81... PDF Page 567
Volume 1, #6, 6/81... PDF Page 639
Volume 1, #7, 7/81... PDF Page 695
Volume 1, #8, 8/81... PDF Page 751
Volume 1, #10, 10/81... PDF Page 807
Volume 1, #11, 12/81... PDF Page 859
Volume 2, #2, 2/82... PDF Page 903
Volume 2, #6, 6/82... PDF Page 955

Volume I, #1, 3/82... PDF Page 991
Volume I, #2, 4/82... PDF Page 1055
Volume I, #4, 6/82... PDF Page 1119
Volume I, #5, 7/82... PDF Page 1183
Volume 1, #7, 9/82... PDF Page 1247
Volume II, #1, 4/83... PDF Page 1311
Volume II, #2, 5/83... PDF Page 1359
Volume II, #3, 7/83... PDF Page 1407
Volume II, #4, 8/83... PDF Page 1455
Volume II, #5, 9/83... PDF Page 1503
Volume II, #6, 11/83... PDF Page 1567
Volume II, #7, 12/83... PDF Page 1615
Volume III, #1, 1/84... PDF Page 1663
Volume III, #2, 2/84... PDF Page 1711
Volume III, #3, 3/84... PDF Page 1759
Volume III, #4, 4/84... PDF Page 1807
Volume III, #5, 5/84... PDF Page 1855
Volume III, #6, 7/84... PDF Page 1919
Volume III, #7, 8/84... PDF Page 1967
Volume IV, #1, 2/85... PDF Page 2015
Volume IV, #2, 7/85... PDF Page 2079
Volume IV, #2, 4/86... PDF Page 2143
Volume IV, #3, 8/85... PDF Page 2187
Volume IV, #4, 9/85... PDF Page 2251
Volume IV, #5, 10/85... PDF Page 2315
Volume V, #1, 1/86 ... PDF Page 2379
Volume V, #4, Fall/86... PDF Page 2427
Volume V, #5, 12/86... PDF Page 2495
Volume VI, #1, 12/87... PDF Page 2547
Volume VI, #2, 2/87... PDF Page 2599
Volume VI, #3, 4/87... PDF Page 2651
Volume VI, #4, 6/87... PDF Page 2703
Volume VI, #5, Fall/87... PDF Page 2755
Volume VII, #1, 10/89... PDF Page 2823
Volume VIII, #2, 8/90... PDF Page 2875
Volume VIII, #3, 10/90... PDF Page 2907

Volume I, #1, Fall, 1989... PDF Page 2947
Volume I, #2... PDF Page 2955
Volume I, #3... PDF Page 2967
Volume I, #4... PDF Page 2979
Volume I, #5... PDF Page 2987
Volume I, #6... PDF Page 2995
Volume I, #7... PDF Page 3003
Volume I, #8... PDF Page 3011
Volume I, #9... PDF Page 3019
Volume I, #10... PDF Page 3027
Volume I, #11... PDF Page 3035
Volume I, #12... PDF Page 3043
Volume I, #13... PDF Page 3051
Volume I, #14... PDF Page 3059
Volume I, #15... PDF Page 3067
Volume I, #16... PDF Page 3075
Volume I, #17... PDF Page 3083
Volume I, #18... PDF Page 3091

Volume 1, #1... PDF Page 3099
Volume 1, #2... PDF Page 3107
Volume 1, #3... PDF Page 3115
Volume 1, #4... PDF Page 3123
Volume 1, #5... PDF Page 3131
Volume 1, #6... PDF Page 3139
Volume 1, #7... PDF Page 3147
Volume 1, #8... PDF Page 3155
Volume 1, #9... PDF Page 3163

Volume 1, #1... PDF Page 3171
Volume 1, #2... PDF Page 3179
Volume 1, #3... PDF Page 3187
Volume 1, #4... PDF Page 3195
Volume 1, #5... PDF Page 3203
Volume 1, #6... PDF Page 3211
Volume 1, #7... PDF Page 3219
Volume 1, #8... PDF Page 3227
Volume 1, #9... PDF Page 3235

Volume 1, #2, 6/95... PDF Page 3243
Volume 1, #3, 7/95... PDF Page 3307
Volume 1, #4, 8/95... PDF Page 3371
Volume 1, #5, 9/95... PDF Page 3435

The Collected Books, Courses & Brochures
Written or Published by T. C. Fry or about T. C. Fry,
with additional DVD-DISKS for just $50 each.

(NOTE: Does not include the copyrighted Life Science Health System.)
This DVD-DISK comes in a colorful album, is for
computer-viewing only & presents a searchable
text format that serves as a gigantic index!
FILE #2: PDF PAGES 1 - 6339

116 pages • 116 Favorite, Tantalizing Good-Health Recipes... PDF Page 1
376 pages • 5 BOOKS IN A SINGLE VOLUME: VOLUME 1: Myth of Medicine, Program for Perfect Health, Miracle of Living Foods, Food Combining, Better Sleep for Better Health... PDF Page 113
376 pages • 4 BOOKS IN A SINGLE VOLUME: VOLUME II: Fasting, How to Keep Your Body Pure, Toxemia Explained & The True Healing Art, The Great Water Controversy... PDF Page 496
376 pages • 6 BOOKS IN A SINGLE VOLUME: VOLUME III: The Great Power within You, How to Overcome Ailments, The Ultimate Diet, Super Foods for Super Health, Truth about Protein, How to Buy Foods Wholesale... PDF Page 872
2-page Brochure • “T. C. Fry’s “22 Essentials of Health” by Victoria... PDF Page 1249
85 pages • 25 T. C. FRY BROCHURES... PDF Page 1251
60 pages • Better Sleep for Better Life... PDF Page 1326
16 pages • Biological Principles of Weight Loss & Weight Gain... PDF Page 1386
14 pages • Cause & Consequence Survey: Profile Your Health... PDF Page 1502
68 pages • Correct Food Combining... PDF Page 1517
114 pages • Correct Food Combining for Ease of Digestion & Wonderful Health... PDF Page 1585
56 pages • Cut Medical Costs by 90%... PDF Page 1699
78 pages • Fasting: The Fastest Way to Health & Regeneration... PDF Page 1755
100 pages • The Great Water Controversy... PDF Page 1833
161 pages • Guide to The Joyous Life... PDF Page 1933
36 pages • The Happy Truth about Protein... PDF Page 2094
162 pages • The Health Formula... PDF Page 2130
536 pages • THE HEALTH REPORTERS • Increase Your Brainpower • Mental Alertness & Body Powers • Announcing: “The Greatest Health Discovery & New Miracle Cure for Everything!” • The Paradise Diet • The Elixir of Life • Throw Away the Antacids! • Nature & Purpose of Disease • Why We Become Sick & How to Get Well! • Reduce Medical Expenses to “ZERO!” & The Hoax of Medicine • How to Create Superior Children • Proteins in the Diet & Getting Over Your Protein Hang-Up • The Supplement Hoax & How to Get Your Vitamins & Minerals • Super Junk Foods that Are Sold as “Health Foods” • In Search of Mental & Emotional Well-Being • “Be Fit or Be Damned! Exercise!” • PARTS I & II Eater’s Easy Guide to Natural Diet & Nutrition • The Great Herbal Delusion & Herbs: Foods, Medicines or Poisons? • Overcome Allergies — Quickly, Easily & Naturally! • The Fountain of Youth, PARTS I & II... PDF Page 2292
68 pages • How and Where to Buy Foods Wholesale... PDF Page 1402
68 pages • How to Overcome Ailments & Stay Free of Them... PDF Page 2964
200 pages • THE HIGH ENERGY METHODS COURSE: #1 A New Concept of Personal Energy, Its Creation & Use • #2 How to Have More Nerve Energy for Self-Improvement • #3 Techniques to Create More Nerve Energy in Less Time • #4 Free Yourself of Brain Drain • #5 Food Selection, Preparation & Consumption • #6 New Concepts of Health & Disease • #7 How to Establish a Personal High Energy Program... PDF Page 3032
112 pages • I Live on Fruit... PDF Page 3258
74 pages • Is Menstruation Necessary?... PDF Page 3370
68 pages • Knowing The Great Power within You... PDF Page 3444
85 pages • Miracle of Living Foods & The Curse of Cooking... PDF Page 3512
100 pages • Myth of Medicine... PDF Page 3597
500 pages • The Natural Weight-Loss System Course by Victoria BidWell... PDF Page 3697
67 pages • Overcoming Asthma... PDF Page 4012
100 pages • Myth of Medicine... PDF Page 4079
68 pages • Program for Perfect Health... PDF Page 4146
64 pages • Revelation of Health... PDF Page 4214
159 pages • Reversing Arthritis... PDF Page 4278
36 pages • Super Foods for Super Health... PDF Page 4437
834 pages • T. C. FRY’S LAST WORKS • Never Be Sick Again! • Overcoming Ailments Naturally • The True Healing Art & How to Keep Your Body Pure • Fasting — The Fastest Way to Health • Natural Birthing, Natural Child Rearing, Creating Superior Children • Reversing Arthritis, Back Pains, Gout, Rheumatism, Bursitis & Bone Spurs • Overcoming Colitis • Better Sleep for a Better Life • Achieving 20/20 Vision — Natural Vision Restoration • Sunshine & Natural Light • Achieving Incredible Fitness on 5 Minutes of Daily Exercise • Revelation of Health: Spectacular Recoveries • Dramatically Increase Brain Power & Thinking & Performance Levels • The Great Scams & Hoaxes • The Monstrous Myth Called “Medicine” & Cut Your Medical Costs by 90% • Knowing The Great Power within You! • Dynamic Health Program • Junk Foods — How Most Americans Undermine Their Health • Herbs: Foods? Medicines? Or Poisons? • The Miracle of Living Foods & The Curse of Cooking • I Live on Fruit • Super Foods/Super Health • How to Determine Your Natural Dietetic Character... PDF Page 4473
65 pages • The Super Health System: Volume I: Introduction... PDF Page 5295
65 pages • The Super Health System: Volume III: Right Temperatures, Sleep, Food, Cooking, Meat Eating... PDF Page 5358
96 pages • The Super Health System: Volume IV: Superior Foods for Superior Health... PDF Page 5423
96 pages • The Super Health System: Volume V: Nutrition, Cooked Foods, Raw Foods, Protein Needs... PDF Page 5488
96 pages • The Super Health System: Volume VI: Some Commonly Used “Foods” Are Dangerous to Health... PDF Page 5584
96 pages • The Super Health System: Volume XI: How to Achieve Superb Health... PDF Page 5649
97 pages • The Ultimate Diet... PDF Page 5746
100 pages • Vaccinations Do Not Protect... PDF Page 5813
297 pages • ERRORS IN HYGIENE?!!? — T. C. Fry’s Demise, Devolution & Why by Dr. V. V. Vetrano... PDF Page 5870
50 pages • COMMON HEALTH SENSE, VOLUME II, ISSUE 1 by Victoria BidWell: Commemorative Issue to T. C. Fry with Victoria’s Speculations on which Energy Robbers took their toll resulting in his death at age 69... PDF Page 6167

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In the writing & publishing from 1980 into Our 21st Century...
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In the fund-raising since from 2002 up until 2013 today...

I have now spent 11 years and thousands of hours getting ready to do what Ken and Sandra Chin called “SOMETHING BIG!” when they bought a HUD house and ½ acre in Concrete, Washington, and handed me money ( = $100,000 altogether) to fix it up & turn it into The GetWell★StayWell, America! Headquarters. In 2009, The GetWell Friends helped me get The Dr. Vetrano Library up to Our HighJoy Homestead in Concrete = $4,800. Their orders and contributions helped pay my assistant in sorting through The Dr. Vetrano Library with me one long summer = $2,000. There, I unearthed the original copies of what I am now calling... “The Collected Works of T. C. Fry,” valued at = $1,000. GetWell Friends’ orders and contributions helped me prepare “The Billions Room” to house The Billions Library and to furnish it = $4,000. Another room had to be readied for shipping = $2,000. The loans of 2 GetWell Women Friends in the summer of 2012 helped me buy the necessary computers & printing & scanning equipment and to start paying helpers to make masters of the designated 850 titles of rare books to go up at = $10,000. My 1,000 hours = $10,000 . (Surely, I am worth $10 an hour!) The 1,000+ hours in Guesthouse visit trades ( = $10,000) with 2 new GetWell Friends in the summers of 2012 and 2013 and their wages (= $10,000) have brought into full completion our long-awaited website and the manifestation of... The Collected Works of T. C. Fry. These “Collected Works” include the following: 4 sets of audio tapes now converted into 44 titles on compact disks, 6 VHS live-lectures now converted into 6 DVDs, 3 magazines and 4 newsletters totaling 94 issues, 2 huge courses of over 800 pages each including T. C. Fry’s Last Works, his 7-Lesson High Energy Methods course, and his long list of large and small books and little brochures.

The point is, if you will do the math, you can see the prices I am asking for ITEMS #1 and #2 and #3 are dirt-cheap compared to my layout money in gathering them together and scanning them and making both hard-copy and DVD-DISKS available. I have tens of thousands of dollars in payback to take out of DVD-DISKS #6 and #7 and their hard-copies to be sold + the cost of the goods themselves to pay + a little left to pay for overhead here + enough to put fruits and vegetables on my table. That is why I cannot go any lower and really should go higher. The standard in the business is to ask 4 - 5 times more than it costs to reproduce an item once it has been created. By this standard, then The magazines/newsletters/brochures/books/courses in notebooks should go for at least $1,200. But times are hard since the powers that be created The 2008 Meltdown, and I am a Champion for The Dirt-Poor. It is my hope, therefore, that you will consider the prices below... “DIRT-CHEAP!”

In the completion & sending stage since December, 2013...

As much as I would love to just give away everything I do, my expenses have been enormous to bring into completion these 2 huge T. C. Fry projects of his magazines/newsletter and his books, brochures & courses. Now, the work is done. It is just a matter of taking your hard-copy orders and filling them with just the standard 4 weeks’ wait for your own Sets to arrive at your own homesteads! HOW FABULOUS AND FUN FOR US ALL! The digitized DVD-DISK versions are ready for shipping upon purchase.

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The T. C. Fry Collected Magazines from 1980 - 1990
& The Collected Newsletters from 1989 – 1995, with
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1 DVD-DISK #6 from The Dr. Vetrano Rare Books Library for $100 Postpaid to Anywhere in The World
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The Collected Books, Courses & Brochures
Written or Published by T. C. Fry or about T. C. Fry,
with additional DVD-DISKS for just $50 each
(NOTE: Does not include the copyrighted Life Science Health System.)
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  With my extreme desire for Health Seekers/Purchasers to “SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!” the digitized disks of The Collected Works of T. C. Fry by inviting them to join up with Our 3 Texas Doctors & me at... This website is for The GetWell★StayWell Natural Hygiene Intelligentsia who want to take their knowledge & understanding & their personal collections to the limit! This “INNER CIRCLE” of Natural Hygiene Enthusiasts is by invitation only & is just for those who have made clear through their purchases &/or donations that they want to be in on our teleconferences, our latest releases, our “Sales & Specials” & whatever latest, greatest that we know Natural Hygiene Educators & Collectors would find fascinating &/or urgent.
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1 Printed-Out Hard-Copy in 3-Ring Notebooks
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"Praise Reports"
for The Health Seekers' YearBook
from The Promoters & Practitioners in 1990!

In 1990, Texan T. C. Fry promptly added The Health Seekers' YearBook to his curriculum at The Life Science Institute in Austin, Texas. It became part of his 106-lessoned Ph.D. degree. Today, 6,000 students worldwide have taken T. C.'s "Big Course." T. C. repeats Victoria's claim:
"This book presents... The Whole Hygienic Truth
and Nothing but The Hygienic Truth!"

T. C. Fry
In 1990, T. C. asked Health Seekers:
"HOW WOULD YOU like to have
the essence of my $1,500
Life Science Health System
for the ridiculously
low price of a mere... $50?"
In 1974, I conceived and outlined 106 lessons to bring the science of health to our people. In 1981, I started creating those lessons which became famous by virtue of the best seller, Fit for Life, written by 2 of my most illustrious graduates, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. In 1983, I engaged Victoria BidWell to help me administer The Life Science Health System, a course in the nutritional and health sciences. More particularly, she was engaged to evaluate and grade student test papers and write articles for my publications. A few years of earning her living by working with Natural Hygiene and diligent self-study have excellently qualified Victoria BidWell to become one of our most illustrious educators and spokespersons in The World of Natural Hygiene to this day.
Although Victoria has published several books on Pure Hygiene in the last 6 years, she will long be remembered and appreciated for her most grand publication: a huge, 468-page volume of oversized pages that should be called "The Natural Hygiene Encyclopedia." Appropriately named "The Health Seekers' YearBook," this is a complete traversal of Natural Hygiene that touches bases with every important concept in The Hygienic System. Victoria has called this mighty tome a "yearbook" because it presents a program for living healthfully throughout every day of the year. And, because of its immense practicality as a "do-it-yourself" approach to living Hygienically, she has subtitled it a "handbook." Actually, The Health Seekers' YearBook: A Revolutionist's Handbook for Getting Well and Staying Well without The Medicine Men is a complete and comprehensive health library in a single volume.
While I take great pride in The Life Science Health System which I have been instrumental in creating, it does not affront me a bit to welcome Victoria to the ranks of those who are fighting the battle against disease and suffering with the mightiest weapon ever: THE SIMPLE, SCIENTIFIC TRUTH! In fact, Victoria has put far more into this single volume than could be gleaned from the Life Science course and its texts at a single sitting! She has gone to every Hygienic practitioner of note in this day for guidance and contributions to her giant compendium. And she has gone to some very rare, Hygienic literature to present vignettes and insights from The Pioneers of Natural Hygiene that encapsulate and exemplify "The Whole Hygienic Truth and Nothing but The Hygienic Truth." As Hygienists, we know full well that this science has been effectively suppressed in this century, much to the suffering of The American People. The Diamonds got the people "off the fence" with Fit for Life. But Miss BidWell's Health Seekers' YearBook will take them straight into the forefront of The True Science of Natural Hygiene! Furthermore, Miss BidWell's unique talent for spotting quotable material in a sea of words brings us a wealth of illustrative quotations, as she affords us insights, rationales, and guidelines that are applicable in virtually all aspects of getting well and staying well that beset Health Seekers.

Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano, "Finally, we have 'The Hygienic Bible' to offer Health Seekers and Genuine Hygienists, alike!"
V. Vetrano editing The Health Seekers' Yearbook
The Queen of Natural Hygiene Edits
The Health Seekers' YearBook!
Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano was so betaken by the thorough-going and practical and readable, entertaining nature of this magna opum that she undertook to edit the entire YearBook to Hygienize it with her stamp of correctness. The masterful result of this fruitful collaboration is an impeccable presentation that yields laypersons sterling guidance in The Art & Science of Getting Well & Staying Well without The Medicine Men. I've already been reproached for "giving Victoria too much assistance at the expense of Life Science." Still, I feel neither jealous nor that Life Science has been slighted one bit! Our mission is to spread the beneficent message of Natural Hygiene as fast and as far as we can. We need all the help we can get. Rather than feel that Victoria is stealing my thunder, I congratulate her as yet another dedicated general in The Health Revolution to end ignorance, suffering, and premature death. Natural Hygiene is a grassroots movement that needs The Health Seekers' YearBook! I want to see its exalting message spread its wonders across America and around the world! I am happy that Victoria is devoting her enormous talent to the colossal task of further inflaming A Health Revolutionist's Spirit and inspiring A Health Revolutionist's Mentality into The People! With Dr. Vetrano's editing throughout The YearBook, we now have the finest piece of Hygienic literature history has yet to offer!

Though this is my 20th year devoted to studying and promoting Natural Hygiene, I read this book with avid excitement, staying up until the wee hours of the morning on some occasions. Because of the way Victoria has designed, laid out, and illustrated The Health Seekers' YearBook, it was easy reading, engrossing, and entertaining. I read The YearBook with awe and have made it a part of The Life Science Health System for 3 reasons:
#1. For me, it was a wonderful review and refresher course: Victoria has thought of everything!
#2. Victoria has uncovered so much fascinating material from the original and pioneering Hygienic giants that I was continually enriched with new perspectives as I read the entire 468-page text!
#3. Victoria is a thinker, a master teacher. And she has added much of her own, original thought and personal suggestions that make Natural Hygiene simpler and easier and more enjoyable to apply.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student of Natural Hygiene, I cannot think of a more comprehensive handbook or a better guide to the philosophy, principles, and practices of health than The Health Seekers' YearBook. Finally, we have "The Hygienic Bible" that our Dr. Vetrano has been calling for to offer Health Seekers and Genuine Hygienists, alike! (Written in 1990)
"Today, I consider Victoria BidWell to be the very best writer/editor/teacher in the Natural Hygiene movement today. So begin with The Health Seekers' YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense and follow up with The Live Food Factor."

The Health Seekers' YearBook 1990
from The Very Biggest Names
in Natural Hygiene, Back in the Day!

Natural Hygiene, throughout is history, has attracted and inspired unique and special individuals to rise to the very summit of human performance. Most certainly, Victoria BidWell is one of those unique and special individuals who has burst upon The Natural Hygiene Scene with unprecedented performance! Miss BidWell's determination to show all the wisdom of Natural Hygiene across The Land at the grassroots level remains unmatched. The lady and teacher not only displays an indomitable spirit of conviction, but also, an untiring determination to mobilize all her creative energies into innovative tools which carry "The Message of Natural Hygiene." The Natural Hygiene (Health Seekers') YearBook and The GetWell*GrassRoots Victory Wagon are just two of her many ideas to get "The Message of Natural Hygiene" out to the public in her special approach! Endorsed by... Dr. David Scott, Director of Scott's Natural Health Institute, Strongsville, Ohio.
Your book on GetWell*StayWell, America! – to say the least – is a classic, and the result of much study, compiling of truthful information, and many hours of diligent work. This book should be a part of student study, beginning in the lower grades, and going up through high school. What a change this would make on the future people of the world! "Thank You!" And I salute you for your dedicated efforts! Endorsed by... Dr. Gerald Benesh, Escondido, California.
I think that both the novice, as well as the well-informed Natural Hygienist, will find The Health Seekers' YearBook a useful and informative compendium of sprightly, stimulating, and valuable directions for enhancing health. A Great Nudge for any Health Seeker! Endorsed by... Dr. William Esser, Esser's Health Ranch, Lake Worth, Florida.
The Health Seekers' YearBook has 3 things in its favor: It is easy to read. It lays out The Principles and Practices of Natural Hygiene so that even a teenager can grasp them. And it has lots of personal stories and anecdotes that can help a newcomer to venture down The Road to Natural Hygiene. Last but not least and actually my favourite part of The YearBook is "The Year in Ideal Food for Thought." The 365 quotations for each day of the year are both uplifting and encouraging for new and old-timers, like me! This book is a thorough and comprehensive scripture of Natural Hygiene. I hope it sells well and helps millions to regain sanity in their lives. Endorsed by... Dr. Keki Sidhwa, President of The British Natural Hygiene Society, England, United Kingdom.
Victoria's The Health Seekers' YearBook is the most comprehensive work ever accomplished in Natural Hygiene; but most importantly, it is the most practical Hygienic work ever done! Hygiene starts in the mind. You have to learn to think Hygienically before you can live Hygienically. This book trains the reader to do just that – think Hygienically. This is "A How to Do-It-Yourself Manual" if there ever were one! Endorsed by... A Former Natural Hygiene Doctor in Texas.
I consider The YearBook excellent reading. It's definitely a study book, with easy to understand material on how to maintain vibrant health. Victoria, you are to be complemented for providing this creative and revolutionary answer to the question: "What Ails Our People?!?!" Endorsed by... Joe Aaron, Former President of The Canadian Hygiene Society.
BRAVO! VICTORIA! If a Hygienist could have only one book to show friends or loved ones in the hopes of successfully introducing them to Healthful Living through Natural Hygiene, The Health Seekers' YearBook would be the best choice I can imagine! Endorsed by Dr. Douglas Graham, Club Hygiene, Marathon, Florida.
Victoria BidWell's YearBook is a comprehensive coverage of Natural Hygiene in its physical, mental, psychological, and psycho-spiritual aspects. It is written in an enthusiastic, inspirational style, which makes for delightful reading and study. "The Year in Live-Food Menus" for the entire year was a superb idea! Victoria has simplified a vast subject and put its most important features into a single volume – a formidable task. This book is just what The Natural Hygiene Movement has been needing! I am recommending The Health Seekers' YearBook to all my patients and friends. Endorsed by Dr. Stanley Bass, Brooklyn, New York.
MY NOTE: Up until the sudden appearance of Common Sense in 1776, the concept of "American Freedom" had existed virtually subconsciously – as an unarticulated, unexpressed strain of political radicalism and as a component of the over-zealous, evangelical, religious mind. Yes, much discontent and much begrudging of The Mother Country existed in the colonists' minds. But no one had openly, publicly challenged the view, with both reason and emotionalism, that the British Constitution, with its balance between monarch, Lords and Commons and with kings and queens, was the perfect system of government in the world! With Common Sense, Thomas Paine literally transformed "The Collective American Consciousness" into Freedom-Lovers and Freedom-Fighters!! (Or – perhaps you could say – he brought to the surface an awareness of what the colonists really wanted and hadn't quite recognized yet!) Just think of it! Just think what 150,000 copies of Common Sense did! Circulated among just a few million Americans ready and willing to be set free – Common Sense turned farmers into soldiers and their cause for American Freedom into VICTORY! Freida Kabelac's review follows:
THIS BOOK IS MANNA FROM HEAVEN! After reading Victoria BidWell's The Health Seekers' YearBook, I just sat in awe of its great power! A mighty talent among us has produced a powerful work at just the right historical juncture. It is just what is needed to push The American Health Revolution a giant step forward! Victoria BidWell, with her flair for language, organizational skill, and her knowledge, has produced a magnificent book that will be a landmark from whence The American Natural Hygiene Grassroots Movement will get started. Millions of people are ready for Natural Hygiene's revolutionary ideas about health, disease, and healing. Most of the people in our Country are over-fed, malnourished, over-stimulated, and chronically poisoned. The thoughtful and open-minded among them are seeking a way out of their enervating and crippling lifestyles. Now we have an all-encompassing, comprehensive presentation of Natural Hygiene in one fine volume for these very people.
BREAK WITH YOUR MEDICAL MENTALITY! Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote: "The knowledge about health, disease, and healing is so simply and easily understood that if given straight to the people, it would do away with so many vested interests that it would bring on chaos." If the knowledge about health, disease, and healing is so easily understood, then why have so few grasped it? All of us since early childhood have been conditioned by misinformation about the body that has led to our developing a treatment-mentality and a cure-psychology. This is what goes to make up what Victoria called "The Medical Mentality." She correctly points out: "The only way The Health Seeker can declare Health Independence and claim freedom from medicine is to give up The Medical Mentality and take up self-responsibility." The Health Seekers' YearBook shows you how to get rid of your "Medical Mentality" in the most masterful way, and that's the real nitty-gritty of Natural Hygiene. When the bodily needs are met in Natural Hygiene living, it naturally knows how to function for its own self-preservation and always works toward perfection. This is a revolutionary way of thinking about the body! In The YearBook, Victoria boldly brands a group of Americans "The Disease Industrialists." They are those who profit from sickness, and they are in the forefront of scare-mongering about disease and peddling misinformation about it. These sickness profiteers present the body as a fallible contraption that constantly malfunctions and has to be treated. In order to sell their treatments and poisonous drugs, The Disease Industrialists have to dissuade you about the true nature of the human organism – especially its self-constructing, self-regulating, and self-healing capacities.
A GIANT STEP FOR THE HEALTH REVOLUTION!The Health Seekers' YearBook is a Hygienic Masterpiece. It is True Hygiene – without compromises found in so much other Hygienic literature. And – there is something in it for everyone! It is a good composite of 3 areas of Natural Hygiene: (1) Philosophy, theory, and principles; (2) Historical background and development; and (3) Much practical information about food, diet, and lifestyle. This book is a gold mine of knowledge and practical information that all Hygienists, Natural Hygiene teachers, and those aspiring to be teachers should have and use. The Health Seekers' YearBook will inspire The American People to make revolutionary changes the same as Common Sense did for The People of the 1776 American Revolution! Victoria BidWell bids fair to become the Thomas Paine of The Great American Health Revolution!
Frieda Kabelac-Ireland, Former Board Member of The Former American Natural Hygiene Society

The Health Seekers Yearbook     Victoria BidWell
The 2005 Edition
of The Timeless YearBook Teachings
    The 1994 Edition
of The Forever-Fun Victoria BidWell

For Your Summary to The Collected Works of T. C. Fry!
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MY PERSONAL PROFILE: In 2002, The GetWell Friends helped me move onto 2 homesteads set into the glorious, evergreen backdrop beauty of Washington State’s Cascade Mountains. Having gone back to the highs of my youth — riding on spirited horses & swimming in wild lakes — you can just call me “The Wilderness Woman!” Surrounded by natural glory, I am striving to bring the blessings of nature back into Natural Hygiene! Pictured below, you see my transformation from “Dr. GetWell” to “The Wilderness Woman.” Pictured further below across from The HIghJoy Homestead, I AM... The Wilderness Woman, having fun in The Canadian Rocky Mountains with my high-spirited, pure-blooded Arabian — CAPTAIN HIGHJOY AMERICA!
Victoria BidWell Victoria BidWell Victoria BidWell
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MY INTELLECTUAL PROFILE: I AM... a self-made, self-educated woman in the spirit of “Rugged American Individualism.” In addition, I have also, since 1976, been first a student, then a protégé & finally a colleague of Dr. V. V. Vetrano, Dr. Tosca Haag & T. C. Fry. But, if you want formal credentials, first is my Secondary School Bachelor’s Degree followed by 3 honorary degrees conferred upon me for Contributions to The Natural Hygiene Teachings & for Services Rendered to various Health Educators & Health Seekers & Natural Hygiene Institutions of higher learning:
1967: Bachelor in Education at Western Washington State College,
1984: Doctorate in Natural Hygiene at the College of Life Science,
2005: Doctorate in Natural Hygiene at the University of Natural Health,
2008: Ed.D. in Natural Hygiene at the City University of Los Angeles.

Dr. Vivian Virginia
Dr. V’s Daughter & Son-in-Law
Drs. Tosca & Greg Haag
 & HighJoy!


You are, no doubt, visiting this website because you are not wanting to follow The Medical Mentality & because you have heard that Natural Hygiene is the very best of all the alternatives to The Medical Mentality. GOOD WORK! You have found Natural Hygiene! You are now seeking “THE BEST” counsel among the many outfits out there promoting their own twists & brands of what they call “Natural Hygiene.” You will find exactly that — “THE VERY BEST” — with me & my outfitters, Dr. Vetrano & Drs. Tosca & Gregory Haag. We can take you not to just a better & greener pasture — but to the very best & greenest pastures! We can help you get... “AS GOOD AS IT GETS!”

Natural Hygiene Is...
“The Superlative, Alternative
Health Care System!”

Natural Hygiene Stands on Foundational Bedrock Teachings...
The Body Is Self-Cleansing, Self-Healing & Self-Maintaining —
If You Will Just Provide The Conditions for Health
& If You Will Just Remove The Causes of Disease.


Correct Natural Hygiene Shows You...
#1: How to Remove The Causes of Disease,
#2: How to Provide The Conditions for Health,
#3: All — without Drug & Doctor Dependency
& with Self-Responsibility
#4: And with The High Joy that getting well brings!



The Pioneers called these 10 points... “The Conditions for Health.”

I call them... “The 10 Energy Enhancers.”


If you have been searching for the ring of keys
to unlock the gates to the greenest pastures
of “AS GOOD AS IT GETS HEALTH,” let me tell you:
“The ring is Correct Natural Hygiene.
The keys are The 10 Energy Enhancers.”


What Did I Do to Get Sick & Then Sicker?


  1. Uncleanliness — Inside & Out
  2. Impure Air
  3. Impure Water
  4. Inadequate Rest & Sleep
  5. The Standard American Diet of cooked, processed, spiced, condimented, chemicalized, sugared, fatty & junky foods
  6. Wrong Temperatures
  7. Unnatural Light & Lack of Sunshine
  8. Lack of Regular Exercise
  9. Emotional UnBalance, which includes:
    Low Self-esteem, A Purposeless
    Life & Meaningless Goals
  10. Toxic Relationships


What Can I Do to Get Well & Then Stay Well?


  1. Cleanliness — Inside & Out
  2. Pure Air
  3. Pure Water
  4. Adequate Rest & Sleep
  5. The Ideal Diet of Sun-Ripened Live-Foods:
    Fruits & Veggies, Nuts & Seeds & Sprouts
  6. Right Temperatures
  7. Natural Light & Sun Baths
  8. Regular Exercise
  9. Emotional Balance, which includes: Freedom from Addiction, High Self-esteem, a Purposeful Life & Meaningful Goals
  10. Nurturing Relationships


2013 Love Letter
from Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano
Dr. V. Tells Her Role in Getting Out to You All...
Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review Magazines
Please Send Your Friends & Family to...

TO ALL HEALTH SEEKERS, EVERYWHERE — I first met Dr. Shelton in my late teens. I fell in love with him in my early twenties. Victoria says a woman falls in love not with a man but with the dream they share. I fell in love with both — Dr. Shelton and our dream of bringing... “Health to The Millions! Not Just to The Few!” I let this married man with a wife and 4 children sweep me off my feet. Once I had fallen in love, I decided to forsake my thrilling dancing career to entertain the in-crowds in the arts and instead to embrace the thrill of working with Dr. Shelton to educate the sick people in the sciences. I gave up my dream of professional dancing — for the love of Dr. Shelton and to win his approval, even more than for the love of Health Seekers and to win their gratitude. I was young and innocent in romance. He was 30 years older and experienced in marriage.
Vivian in her youth & Dr. Shelton in his prime & Dr. Shelton way over the hill & Dr. Vivian Vetrano in her prime
In return for my starry-eyed devotion to him, I received passionate expressions of romance, eloquent love letters in abundance, sparkling tokens of adoration, 30 years of ardent courtship, an engraved engagement ring never to be worn, matrimonial promises never to be fulfilled, and 30 years of endless workhorse toil. I took care of him once he became ill by choosing not to practice what he preached and then succumbing to the ravages of workaholism. And I handled all his business and Health School responsibilities. During most of those years and once I became a Doctor, from 1965 to 1985, I spent my time for “The Cause of Natural Hygiene” and for Dr. Shelton. I furthered my studies and helped Dr. Shelton. We picked out the appropriate property for the 7th and final Dr. Shelton’s Health School. We oversaw its building, painting, furnishing, and equipping. We edited and wrote for Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review monthly magazine without ever missing an issue. We designed brochures, answered correspondence, traveled, and lectured. We took care of patients at the School and counseled on the phone and in letters. But once Dr. Shelton’s chronic degeneration of his nervous system set in, all the work was pack-saddled onto me. It was Dr. Shelton’s Health School. But he became a patient in his own School the year I got out of Chiropractic college. It was up to me to make sure all the work got done. I did it all. I was the full-time Doctor, Director, Business Administrator, Bookkeeper, Staff Manager, Health Coach, Lecturer, and Magazine Publisher. In the end, Dr. Shelton got all my creativity and energy to use up while I got his all his work and The Cause to carry on.
Yes! I did it all, happily and lovingly, because I loved and respected Dr. Shelton on the deepest levels. Totally unconditional was our love and devotion to each other and to “Health for The Millions!” I arrived at the Health School at 7:30 each morning to check the breakfast meals before they went to the patients. I generally had 2 - 5 times more patients at the new, hospital-sized Health School that could take 40 patients than Dr. Shelton ever had at his former Schools. I spent the next hour in Dr. Shelton’s room talking to him and answering letters while the patients were eating. Then I got my rolling cart and started seeing patients, spending at least 20 minutes listening to complaints, taking vitals, and examining 1 of their organ systems. By 11:45 A.M., I headed down to the kitchen to check each of the lunch trays. Then for the next hour, it was back to Dr. Shelton’s room to read more mail or proofread the Review and have lunch with him. After lunch was rest period. Sometimes I just had to go home for my own rest. But most of the time, I worked on: I went on my rounds, cut payroll checks, ordered produce, or did other managerial tasks. At 4:00 every afternoon, I lectured to all the guests. Afterwards, I checked the evening meals and spent the rest of the afternoon finishing my rounds. By 7:00 P.M., I was usually able to go back to work in Dr. Shelton’s room and spend more time with him while I worked until 9 P.M. every night. After graduating from Chiropractic college, I did this 7 days a week, 365 days a year for 15 years. The nurses all had shifts, and the secretaries all had days off. But there was no one to ever give me a break.
Including the years before graduating from Chiropractic college, over a 30-year period, I worked with no benefits, no business investments, no retirement fund. I worked for room and board and bare living expenses with only a paltry salary and never a raise. Some months, my paycheck didn’t reach $40. I endured 3 lawsuits, as well as Scarlet Letter “A” harassment and ostracism in the role of “Dr. Shelton’s other woman.” Yet for all of this, I have no life-long regrets, as I had turned to seeking richness in gratitude from Health Seekers around the world rather than from earning the rewards of a healthy paycheck.
In return for my 30 years of devotion and workhorse help, Dr. Shelton found the simplest way to repay me. Without saddling me with the burden of a dying Health School that would put me into an early grave from sheer overwork as it had been doing to him, he offered me his name, his publications, his Hygienic Review magazines. He signed his “X” from his deathbed on a document in front of a notary that then got recorded in a Texas courthouse. He figured that in some way, some day, I could make a living spreading his Natural Hygiene productions backed by his famous name. Dr. Shelton’s Health School closed after the 1980 lawsuit, but my legal document lived on for a future use. Dr. Shelton had found a way to give himself totally to me in his old age as I had given myself totally to him in my youth.

In 1976, I met another workhorse for The Cause: Victoria BidWell. She has resurrected Dr. Shelton’s last wish to repay me. And we are getting my inheritances copyrighted. Victoria is also resurrecting “The Drs. Shelton and Vetrano Dream of Health for The Millions!” With The Internet technology, she has turned our old dream into a new “3 Texas Doctors' & Victoria BidWell's & GetWell Friends' Dream” named... “Health 4 The Billions!”
Since 2010, Victoria has done almost all the fund-raising and absolutely all the work to bring our gifted library up to Concrete, Washington. Dr. Greg and I did deliver a U-Haul of books to visit her and see her progress in 2011. But she and her GetWell Friends funded all the rest. Just lately, Victoria has given “The Health 4 The Billions Library” a new name: “The Dr. Vetrano Rare Books Library!” I am honored! What a fine legacy for The People we and The GetWell Friends have created! Now, we can share “The Collected Works” of so many of The Drugless Healing Pioneers, Dr. Tilden, Dr. Shelton, Tosca and Greg and myself, and T. C. Fry and Victoria! Our website WILL BE THERE!

Health4TheBillions Logo WILL BE THERE!
From Victoria

Until the psychopaths blow up our Earth with a monster nuclear warhead,
Until global warming upsets the balance of life and we are all dead,

Until the bioterrorists set loose a lethal strain,
Until the heavens fall and give us no more rain,

Until the food supply becomes fatally corrupted,
Until the air turns so foul our breathing is forever interrupted,

Until the solar flares knock out all forms of our Earth’s electricity,
Until The Haves pollute our Earth with their deathly ego-centricity,

Until a supervolcano erupts and fireballs us into cinders and ashes,
Until the politicans in power turn into complete horses’ asses,

Until an asteroid rains down fire like in Gomorrah and Sodom,
Until we turn into pillars of salt and the Earth bubbles lava out its bottom,

Until the electromagnetism causes North & South Poles to shift,
Until our 7 continents & islands in random directions do start to drift,

Until our electricity no longer moves in dependable directions,
Until power guys can no longer put up poles to make electric connections,

Until war, famine, disease, and pestilence put an end to us all,
Until the infrastructures of every global community have a great fall,

Until a computer virus kills every desktop, laptop & Internet cell phone,
Until electric signals can no longer be DSL-ed or dialed-up to travel or roam,

Until a super black hole completely swallows us all up,
Until a time-warp puts us all back into Neanderthals’ caves or Lucy’s hut,

Or, as I foresee — Until Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done... WILL BE THERE!

— EVEN —

Until long after High and I have ridden off into God’s Greatest Sunset,
Global Health Seekers will be able to go to our website for HELP! there to get. WILL BE THERE!

I have made long-term arrangements with serious-minded GetWell Friends
to have our efforts continue. As long as we have The Internet,


Health Seekers! Following, Find...
Dr. Herbert M. Shelton’s TimeLine!
From The 1970s Onward to Today!
NOTE that...
T. C. Is Also Frequently Featured!

The Following is from Victoria BidWell...
Some was before her time, Much during her time...
She Researched Some, Lived through Some & Wrote It Up!

Taken from 1 of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Reviews & Written by Dr. Shelton...
But first, 2 choice morsels of food for thought, made more so because they were not uttered by Natural Hygienists:
#1 — If it were not for The Natural Hygiene Pioneers of the 19th century, the world would have echoed long ago the words that Nehru uttered at the death of Gandhi: “The light has gone out of our lives, and there is darkness everywhere.” It was the PERSISTENCE of The Natural Hygiene Pioneers of the 19th century — to whom I am always referring and giving the credit — it was their PERSISTENCE to be heard by the public at large that these stalwarts of Natural Hygiene have left their footprints on the sands of time.
# 2 — In the words of Calvin Coolidge: “Nothing in the world can take the place of PERSISTENCE! Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not: unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. [No government has pinned a medal on Doc Shelton yet!] Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Only PERSISTENCE and DETERMINATION alone are omnipotent — all-powerful! The slogan — ‘PRESS ON! REGARDLESS!’ — has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

From Our New Book by Us 4 Trailblazers
Dr. Tosca & Victoria with Dr. Vetrano & Dr. Greg Haag:
This “Dr. Herbert M. Shelton TimeLine” will give us an overview appreciation for what Dr. Shelton went through to bring Natural Hygiene to The People, to you, and to me. And it will give us enough biographical sketching so that we can all appreciate his personality, his genius, and his DRIVING DETERMINATION and POWERFUL PERSISTENCE, as well! Because he impacted the lives of Our 3 Texas Doctors and myself so completely and because we then have gone on to carry Dr. Shelton’s teachings far, far further now than he ever did back in his day, it is not possible to write about Dr. Shelton’s life and his mark on history without involving biographical sketches of us 4. But because our biographies are also included in this WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN’T KNOW! book, our personal sketches in “Dr. Shelton’s TimeLine” here will be rather brief.

Dr. Shelton, Circa 1964 — & — T. C. Fry, Circa 1990

Concerning T. C. Fry, however, that is a different story! Most every Health Seeker who holds Dr. Shelton in high esteem likewise holds Thunder Cloud (T. C.) Fry in high esteem. It is just not possible to give an accurate timeline on one without mentioning the other. And since T. C.’s sketch is not included in this book, let me begin with sharing how each path of these 2 Natural Hygiene Health Educators either proceeded, paralleled, and/or followed each the other’s.
THE GREATEST & MOST FAMOUS NATURAL HYGIENE PROMOTERS OF THE 20TH CENTURY — DR. SHELTON & T. C. FRY! — While both men had a great passion for bringing the Natural Hygiene teachings to The People, one started quite early in life and the other quite late. In the early 1970s, T. C. Fry, while in his late 40s, burst upon the Natural Hygiene scene with an amazing story summarized here: “I found Natural Hygiene, I changed just about everything in my life overnight, and I experienced an extreme make-over from physical sloth and extreme unfitness to physical engagement and extreme fitness!”

Dr. Shelton, by contrast, was into deep study of Natural Hygiene while just a farm boy, observing animals following their instincts in sickness and in health. He had already withdrawn from the public eye, turned over to Dr. Vetrano his Health School to run and Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review to publish, and was already going steadily downhill when T. C. Fry did burst upon the 1970s’ scene. It was a matter of timing and definitely not a misalignment of purposes that kept the one from advertising in the magazine of the other. The last year of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review was 1980, just when T. C. was warming up for “The 1980s’ T. C. Fry Heyday!” And while Dr. Shelton did not take advertisements from T. C., he did advertise with T. C. Board Members of the American Natural Hygiene Society (ANHS), however, were totally smitten by the enthusiastic and transformed T. C. Fry! But after enrolling him to spearhead a project and its consequent financial disaster that drove the ANHS a million dollars into the ground, he was forever blacklisted from further ANHS doings — and even mentionings. So, T. C. opened up his own Natural Hygiene shops, one after another, just like Dr. Shelton opened up his own Health Schools, one after another. And both ran these shops/Schools until the day their DRIVING DETERMINATION and POWERFUL PERSISTENCE were no longer fueled by enough high-octane Nerve Energy supplies and reserves to carry on — that is, until the days that they took deathbed ill.
Personally, both T. C. Fry and Dr. Shelton made sacrifices for the Natural Hygiene cause with their time and energy. Natural Hygiene had gotten under their skins and into their blood until nothing else mattered for any length of time. Women came and went, money flowed and ebbed, children were born and grew up and left. But nothing stayed so steady in their lives as teaching Natural Hygiene to The People through writings, magazines, lectures, seminars, letters, phone calls, and whatever else they could use effectively to get the message out. Neither man gave their wives and children enough of the quality time they all needed, nor did they give it to themselves. Both, however, did have time for the ladies. Both led double lives; and each kept, on the side, a separate family — an unmarried woman and child. While leading his double life, T. C. married and divorced twice his first wife with whom he had 5 children and went through 2 other marriages and divorces and one brief romantic liaison after another with a long list of ladies. Dr. Shelton never did divorce his wife with whom he had 4 children; however, he did keep a woman and child in the background. And he did keep Dr. Vetrano hanging on for years with a marriage proposal, complete with a stunning set of engraved wedding rings never to be worn on her third left finger.
Professionally, these 2 men also shared similarities. Like T. C., Dr. Shelton responded to his calling with all he had. Neither took enough time for Energy Enhancers #4: Adequate Rest & Sleep they so dearly needed. When they first took ill, when there was still time to turnaround into recovery, neither heeded the warnings. Like with T. C. Fry whose near-biography by Dr. Vetrano was researched, written, and published, Dr. Shelton’s one and only biography was also researched, written, and published by a woman, Jean Oswald. Like T. C. who signed off his letters, “Yours for a Compassionate, Caring, Happy & Healthy World,” Dr. Shelton signed off more simply with: “Yours for Health,” thus the title of Jean’s book. Like with T. C. Fry’s near-biography Errors in Hygiene?!!? by Dr. Vetrano in which not all was told, neither did Jean Oswald’s biography of Dr. Shelton tell all. Since I knew T. C. much more intimately on a platonic level than most on his “closest friends” list and since Our 3 Texas Doctors knew Dr. Shelton likewise intimately, we will be showing how both men ignored the very most important of The 10 Energy Enhancers that led to their ill-health, and ultimately, to their untimely disease process in action and to their deaths. We will be giving the full, rounded-out portrait of Dr. Shelton and provide more references to T. C., both personally and professionally, further into the pages of WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN’T KNOW!
The most intimate connection of all between these 2 men was that T. C. found Natural Hygiene by reading Dr. Shelton’s Superior Nutrition. T. C. had acquired this book only to see it sit for 16 years on his bookshelf previous to that well-fated Thanksgiving Day he sat down to read it! While his first wife and mother of their 5 children was in the kitchen preparing a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings, T. C. was upstairs devouring the book that would forever change his life and the lives of millions of us Health Seekers! In one fell swoop, T. C. came down the stairs cock-a-doodle-doing like a happy rooster at the start of a perfect, new day and announced to his family that he wanted raw fruit and vegetables only for dinner! He immediately quit his prosperity-producing job with a classical music company and started up the first of 4 companies promoting what he called “Life Science,” alternately termed “Natural Hygiene.” Three times in 24 years, from 1970 to 1994, T. C. lived to declare bankruptcy and to rise again from the United States government sales of his company properties to promote again. But the 4th time, the Federal Government wanted $33,000 buy-back money. T. C. just could not raise it. This is not unlike Dr. Shelton, only he rose again from 4 lawsuits over a 50 year period (pretty good track record compared to some Medical Doctors). But the 5th time, the settlement took $890,000. Dr. Shelton barely survived the ordeal. T. C. went steadily downhill after his final bankruptcy.
Spiritually, T. C. bragged that he was an atheist and even joined an atheist society, while Dr. Shelton, as a young adult, adopted agnosticism. Both men died penniless. Yet both men did more to help The People by promoting Natural Hygiene — both directly through their teachings and publications and indirectly through their shining star students — than had any teachers/authors in the history of Natural Hygiene to date. Countless lives were saved. The quality of countless lives was improved. As we 4 Trailblazers live to take the teachings of Natural Hygiene far beyond Dr. Shelton and T. C. Fry’s once worldwide-sweeping influences in their days, it will long be said that our success has only happened because of our mighty Internet presence as we join up with 21st century cyberspace Health Seekers in our day. The foundations of Natural Hygiene were laid down by The 1800s’ Pioneers. Dr. Shelton and T. C. Fry built upon these foundations. We 4 Trailblazers are likewise building upon these foundational bedrock teachings. And our enormous success in bringing “The Message & Promise of Natural Hygiene” to The Billions will be all about... a matter of Internet technology timing — and our PERSISTENCE AND DETERMINATION!

“The Message & The Promise
  of Natural Hygiene!”
A Timeless Teaching from... Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
Edited to represent women, as well as men, by Victoria

Woman and man’s bodies and natural equipment are back of their needs, as well as of their deeds. Woman and man’s lives are their own, the expressions of their own constitutional characters and the outgrowths of their own inner needs. Where, when, how, and from what woman and man emerged are not the issues at hand. What we need is an adequate realization of the fact that woman and man’s lives emerged with their bodies, the needs of which must be met if thriving in health and vigor is to be accomplished.


Woman and man’s lives are as much integral parts of them as the lives of the animals are integral parts of the animals. Woman and man do not imitate the animals. Where their lives resemble that of the animal, it is the expression of powers and needs that they possess in common with the animals. All of this is to emphasize the fact that Natural Hygiene is... The Natural and Normal Way of Life of Woman and Man.” That, just as the animals have a “hygiene” that is their normal, natural way of living, so woman and man have a normal, “Natural Hygiene” — a way of life from which they depart — only to their own extreme detriment.


Natural Hygiene is not a recent discovery; RATHER, NATURAL HYGIENE IS A REVIVAL OF ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT AND REVOLUTIONARY THINKING! It is... “A Return to Woman and Man’s Pristine Way of Life in Nature.” It is... the way of life upon which the vigor and integrity of woman and man rest. At every point where our culturally acquired way of life departs from the way of life that our primeval ancestors knew in nature, and shunts us into by-paths that lead away from the ways of nature that duly express our inner needs, we begin the evolution of trouble. This is not to say that everything in woman and man’s art and culture is an evil — not everything woman and man have built violates human nature and breeds disease. But it is to say that our culture is in urgent need of a radical overhauling and reconstruction.


We must build a future civilization that is oriented about the human constitution and its basic needs. Woman and man together must be the pivotal point about which revolve the ways of life of the future. The modern revival of “The Hygiene Joy Way of Life” is the beginning of woman and man’s return to their pristine way of existence in nature and the health and sanity that normally and necessarily grow out of such an orderly and biologically legitimate way of life. This is the genuine “Return to Nature.” What our ancestors did automatically and instinctively, we must needs do intelligently and understandingly. And we are going to meet these needs or perish!


Natural Hygiene holds out to woman and man the promise of renewed life, of increased vigor, of a restoration of soundness and wholeness, of a return to sanity. This is “The Message & The Promise of Natural Hygiene!” To a world that has sunken into misery and disease, to a world that cannot build asylums fast enough to house its insane nor hospitals fast enough to house its sick nor prisons fast enough to house its criminals, Natural Hygiene promises renewal. In its fullness, when it again becomes the established and universal way of the human race, Natural Hygiene will make unnecessary all of the schemes now offered by The Medicine Men with which to palliate and treat The Sick and The Suffering and the human degeneracy that are seen on every hand. Renewal is the glorious future that we are privileged to hold out to those with whom we come in contact! This is “The Message & The Promise” that we, as Natural Hygienists, have for womankind and man!


Are we working as diligently as we should in making known to The People the good things that are in store for them in “The Hygienic Way of Life”? Health Seekers — far and wide — I call upon you today to bring “The Message & The Promise of Natural Hygiene” to your friends, your relatives, your neighbors, your many associates — to the end that we all may rejoice and enjoy life as it was meant to be... Pure, Pristine, and Glorious!

Many questions about Dr. Shelton’s life and death have remained unanswered over the near 3 decades since he passed on. Speculations on the answers to these questions have been set forth as facts during these 3 decades by many who knew Dr. Shelton, in reality, but very little. Some speculators have had the nerve to explain Dr. Shelton when they had not even met him in person! Today, Our 3 Texas Doctors and I bring you those answers — straight from the horses’ mouths — not from fanciful speculation or from those who spent but a very few hours, if any, in his presence and in his confidence. Vivian and little Tosca were there with Dr. Shelton — beginning in 1952. Dr. Greg came into the picture in 1975. ALL 3 WERE THERE! Day in and day out, on and off for decades. They lived up close and personal with Dr. Shelton — morning, afternoon, and evening! And only they can put an end to the speculations on Dr. Shelton’s life and death and give us the fully rounded reality of this complex, caring, crucial, crusading man. Our 3 Texas Trailblazers — in WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN’T KNOW! — therefore, are going to set the record completely straight so that speculations can no longer be made with any credibility whatsoever by those who were not there, decade after decade, until death did he depart. And to pound down the last nails on all the speculators’ coffins out there, we have gone back to the remaining living relatives of the man. We have sat face-to-face with them. We have asked them further questions of the pre-1952-Vivian V. Vetrano years, and we have recorded what came out of their memory banks. Let us, therefore, listen only to what we have to say and put the speculations from wanna-be Dr. Shelton experts to rest — and preferably, 6 feet deep! NOW BEGINS “THE DR. SHELTON’S TIMELINE”...

October 6th, 1895 — October had been ushered in by dry winds that created swirling dust and by rain and thunder-and-lightning storms that turned the ground into mud lands. Herbert Macgolfin Shelton, son of Thomas Mitchell Shelton and Mary Frances Gutherie Shelton, is born during such a wild Texas storm in Wylie, Texas! Herbert is 2 months premature, weighs less that 3 pounds, and is kept warm in a wooden cigar box, near an iron stove, in a ramshackle, rented farmhouse. Young Herbert grows to become a strong and healthy child. His is a good, old-fashioned, farming family. And the Sheltons barely get by from one month to the next. The Great Depression of 1929 is only 35 years away. But The Sheltons are already poverty-stricken. Baby Herbert’s father is a hot-tempered man while Mary keeps the peace in the family. These are Christian parents. They will raise their children and their newborn infant up with much church attending, much Bible study, and much attention to Scripture at home. In his youth and raised by these Bible-thumping, church-attending parents, Herbert holds close a love for The Lord. And he takes a keen interest in animals, especially their habits when sick as compared to when well. He is especially intrigued by the sickly farm animals when they take to refusing all food and to just resting and sleeping until they recover.

1901 — The family packs up their belongings into 2 horse-drawn, covered wagons and travels to Greenville, Texas. The established family patterns and Young Shelton’s interests continue. Thomas trades his farming aspirations in for working in the building industry as a contractor. The Industrial Revolution is in full swing. And the family adapts to life in the larger city. Still, the family is owner to cows, horses, and chickens at their new farmhouse on the outskirts of town. And Young Herbert continues to monitor the health of the animals and what they do when they get sick. Dr. Shelton reminisced years later with Dr. Vetrano: “Invariably, animals just lay down and don’t eat when they get good and sick. And they don’t get up until they get good and well!” By the 7th grade, Herbert had put into a nutshell what he would spend much of his professional life doing: bedding humans down and seeing them through their “good and sick” periods until they got well and could get up!

1907 — By now, there are 7 children in The Shelton Family. Thomas Mitchell’s wage-earnings are plentiful enough to move out of the ranks of “the other half.” But around this time, he develops asthma and other illnesses that would be with him and plague him for the rest of the life.

1911 — Young Herbert begins his health-seeking career when he is attracted to Bernarr Macfadden (1868 – 1955) and his Physical Culture magazine. He finds it by chance, sitting on a newsstand. In it, he is introduced to articles on fasting for rejuvenation, weight training, and raw food. He begins eating less cooked and more raw, fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts. At 5' 8" and 145 pounds, he is a robust boy and begins lifting weights. His father chides him for these interests; and for many years to come, this father discourages Young Shelton in his health-seeking studies. Only much later, when Thomas’ asthma results in diminished capacity does he take an interest in his son’s passion for natural healing. His mother, however, is supportive. From Macfadden’s teachings, Young Herbert soon seeks out Dr. Russell Trall (1812 - 1877) and his works and finds his landmark treatise, The True Healing Art, which clearly outlines the stance of The 19th Century Pioneering Hygienists. Then Young Herbert next moves on to study Presbyterian Minister Sylvester Graham (1794 - 1851), who was a passionate Temperance Lecturer and whom we in Natural Hygiene call “The Father of Physiology.” In 1911, one could still find the original, antique books put out by The Natural Hygiene Pioneers. Young Shelton consequently spends time and money in the pursuit and collection of the soon-to-become rare books authored by The Pioneers. This is the beginning of the biggest collection of Natural Hygiene books ever to be amassed and followed only by Dr. Vetrano’s amassing of her own professional library.

1913 — During Young Herbert’s last year of high school, he thoroughly introduces himself to The 19th Century Medical and Hygiene-minded Doctors and teachers of “drugless healing”: Doctors Issac Jennings (1788 - 1874), Thomas Low Nichols (1815 - 1901), Robert Walker (1841 - 1921), Felix Oswald (1845 - 1906), and Charles Page (1840 - 1925). Young Herbert experiments with a 3-day fast on water-only and reports, when finished, feeling “energetic and rejuvenated!” He graduates from high school in Greenville, a shy and somewhat bashful boy around the girls.

1917 — Herbert is put in jail for the very first time for making an anti-draft statement — “a disloyal utterance” — in public. He is anti-war, anti-violence, and decidedly pro-pacifistic. He is drafted and serves 10 months on KP duty and as a mechanic. He sends his $20 a month home to Mary for safekeeping. He continues his self-study of Natural Hygiene during this time and comes to this conclusion: “The medical system is the most dangerous of all [health care systems].” He deeply studies all the instances of fasting in The Bible and will make Biblical allusions and references throughout all his writings and teachings for as long as he lives. He further studies The Pioneers who are the most famous “drugless healing” Medical Doctors: William Alcott (1798 - 1859), James Jackson (1811 - 1895), Mary Gove (1810 - 1884), Harriet Austin (1826 - 1891), and John Tilden (1851 - 1940).

1919 — Herbert attends Bernarr Macfadden’s College of Physcultopathy in Chicago and interns at Crane’s Sanitarium in Elmhurst, Illinois. Here he receives clinical experience in fasting. Crane’s is 1 of 8 fasting institutes in America. None among them, however, present a program of what he began calling “Pure Natural Hygiene.” Most present variations of “The Nature Cure,” complete with many different therapies best popularized by Seventh Day Adventist Dr. Harvey Kellogg at The Sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan, where only the rich could afford to go. Then Young Herbert goes on to the Lindlahr College of Natural Therapeutics for post-graduate work and serves at 2 more sanitariums: Drs. Lindlahr’s and Sahler’s.

1921 — Herbert, at age 25, marries Ida Pape, who is 21. They had met 4 years prior. She describes herself as “a simple country girl,” and the Young Herbert is still very shy. Nevertheless, they take their vows and then return to hard work as a husband and wife team. They move to New York City, where he attends the American School of Chiropractic. He graduates from the American School of Naturopathy with a Doctor of Naturopath (N.D.) and a Doctor of Naturopathic Literature (N.D. Litt.). He then proceeds in the coming years to take various teaching and interning and doctoring positions.

1922 — Dr. Shelton, N.D., N.D. Litt., also takes another degree — D.C. — from the American School of Chiropractic. Dr. Herbert M. Shelton self-publishes his first book, Fundamentals of Nature Cure. The Nature Curists, however, simply do not embrace Dr. Shelton as the rising genius in The Nature Cure Movement that he had hoped he would become. They simply reject his first book and do not make it part of their rhetoric. (It undoubtedly had simply too much Natural Hygiene and not enough Nature Cure in it!) Dr. Shelton reacts violently by forever condemning as useful to The Health Seeker the term “Nature Cure.” He cites these 2 reasons: “Nature is not engaged in curing disease: the body alone does the healing. And the term ‘Nature Cure’ has been so badly abused that it no longer has any distinctive meaning. Anything and everything has been included under the phrase.” At this point, only 27 years old, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton decides that The Natural Hygiene Movement, launched in 1832 by Dr. Issac Jennings and Sylvester Graham should be a separate and distinct health care system that must be purified and then kept separate from all the other alternative health care systems out there henceforth. He is quoted as declaring: “I will bring clarity out of chaos! I will resuscitate a dying movement. I will rebuild and synthesize the system of Hygiene. Principles that are forgotten will be refurbished. A whole literature will be salvaged! I will fan its glowing embers into a fierce flame!” Then, he promptly changes the title of this first book: Fundamentals of Nature Cure to An Introduction to Natural Hygiene. (It is my opinion that if the Nature Curists were going to reject Dr. Shelton, then he would reject them, as well! And he did so ferociously! In every several issues of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review magazines, you will see where he attacks the Nature Curists with so much ridicule that these attacks could only be called “personal.”) Dr. Shelton continues post-graduate work at Peerless College of Chiropractic in Illinois and secures an internship at Crandall Health School in Pennsylvania.

1924 — Ida gives birth to son Bernarr who is named after Dr. Shelton’s mentor Bernarr Macfadden.

1925 — Dr. Shelton takes a job with Bernarr Macfadden’s Physical Culture, a magazine with a 1,000,000 circulation. Dr. Shelton ghostwrites for Macfadden with regularity. He co-founds a magazine, How to Live, with G. R. Clements, N.D.; but it folds. And he writes a daily column for the New York Evening Graphic: his writing criticizes medical treatment and arouses public controversy.





1927 — Dr. Shelton had become, in past years, an avid student of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, The Transcendentalists, who had taken their ideas from Eastern religions and given them a distinctly Americanized twist. During this time, Dr. Shelton’s studies of religion, philosophy, and ethics and reason lead him away from Biblical, Scriptural wisdom. He declares himself an “agnostic.” When asked if he believes in God, he simply claims: “NOBODY KNOWS!” Dr. Vetrano reports that he loved The Lord when he was young and at home with his parents. And that he really knew his Scripture is evident when you read all the Biblical allusions and direct references both in his 30 some books and in his endless articles for Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review. Sometimes, whole chapters/articles or whole portions of chapters/articles are centered around a piece of Scripture. At times, he uses Scripture to prove his point, to support his stance. Yet at other times, he quotes Scripture and then twists it around in a sarcastic way to show how ridiculous certain scriptural passages are. (To the Christian, needless to say, this is not the way to show respect for The Word of God.) Dr. Vetrano reports that when Dr. Shelton studied all the other schools of thought on religion, his strong, Christian roots were pulled up by the voices of reason and logic inherent in the rhetoric of these other schools. To pay homage to how much The Transcendentalists influenced him, Dr. Shelton names his second son “Walden,” in honor of the pond in the woods that inspired Thoreau’s most famous piece: Walden.

At this time in 1927, Dr. Shelton is already being harassed in his Hygienic practice by advocates of The Medical Mentality and by the police. In 1927, Dr. Shelton is jailed a second time, for “practicing medicine without a license” and is fined $100. This same year of 1927, a third arrest takes place, under similar circumstances and with charges of $300. His money is so tight this third time that he has to borrow to be released. Also, in 1927, the New York Evening Graphic lets Dr. Shelton go because he will not co-operate with their advertisement policies and insists on running an anti-smoking article. Still, during this time, Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic practice grows. He is respected and admired for his efforts. The fourth arrest also occurs, all in New York, for “practicing medicine without a license.” The great irony is that Dr. Shelton would never have been caught dead “practicing medicine”! Still, that is what the authorities call it when someone tells people how to live, how to sleep, how to eat, how to get well, how to stay well, and — most threatening of all — how to not take medicines and how to not get surgeries and other medical doctor treatments!

1928 — Herbert, Ida, Bernarr, and Walden move to San Antonio, Texas, where they will complete their legacy of opening and closing 7 schools, all named, “Dr. Shelton’s Health School.” The first, holds 12 guests. Eight other similar health schools are operating in The United States, but none offer a proclaimed program specializing in Natural Hygiene. In 1928, Dr. Shelton publishes Human Life — Its Philosophy & Laws, wherein he gives special credit to Sylvester Graham and Doctors Graham, Trall, Jennings, Walker, and Page, and to the other Natural Hygiene Pioneers.

1929 — Their daughter named “Willodeen” is born to Herbert and Ida Shelton. The Great Depression hits, and The Sheltons struggle to make ends meet. It is a struggle that will be with them always.

1931 — Dr. Shelton’s 9th book is published: The Hygienic Care of Children. For the last several years, Dr. Shelton has been active lecturing in Texas colleges and hotels. The people who do attend his lectures are enthusiastic, sympathetic, and appreciative to hear Dr. Shelton’s health message. Dr. Shelton is creating an ever-growing following of Natural Hygiene Health Seekers!

1932 — Dr. Shelton is offered 8 times the salary he will make that year by a radio station if he will just promote a laxative for a few moments at the end of his program. Of course, he refuses. His wife has turned into a worker of all trades: child sitter and housekeeper, custodian and grounds keeper for Dr. Shelton’s Health School. And Dr. Shelton, himself, is often found changing beds and scrubbing floors. By 1932, Dr. Shelton is lecturing internationally with hundreds attending each of his events. He undertakes wide tours across The Nation, speaking nightly throughout the week, sometimes for as many as 7 hours of teaching in one stint. These lecture circuits will continue for the next 20 years in full force and then taper off as the effects of Dr. Shelton’s workaholism take their toll on his nervous system and finally incapacitate his entire body. In 1932, Dr. Shelton is jailed repeatedly, always for “practicing medicine without a license” or for “lecturing and prescribing medicine.” Evidently, to tell people to stop taking medicine and to stop going to doctors at all except for emergencies is an inverse and twisted form of “practicing medicine without a license.” Incarceration is always accompanied by a fine imposed and then always followed by a release. Finally, he is found guilty and given 30 days in Rycker’s Prison for violating the Medical Practice Act. Young Dr. Esser takes over Dr. Shelton’s practice while this “Sand Bur of The Rio Grande” serves hard time. And Dr. Shelton uses the time for fasting and continued work on his manuscripts.

1934 — The 7-Volume Set known as “The Hygienic System,” is put into print, from 1934 and onward. The titles focus on the following:OrthobionomicsI (Economics of Correct Living), Orthotrophy II (Nutrition and Food Combining), Fasting and Sunbathing III, Orthokinesiology IV (Corrective Exercise), Orthogenetics V (Sexual Correctness), Diseases VI, and Orthopathy VII (Correction of Specific Diseases).

1935 — More books and booklets are put into print by Dr. Shelton including Syphilis: Werewolf of Medicine and The Exploitation of Human Suffering in both essay and expanded book form.

1939 — After 2 previous attempts to publish a magazine, both of which fold within a year, Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review is published. This third attempt at a magazine is inspired by Dr. Tilden’s little periodical of 30+ years, simply named “Dr. Tilden’s Review.” There is no doubt that Dr. Tilden filled the role of the top Natural Hygiene leader right up until his death in 1940. But Dr. Shelton, since his first book, had been preparing himself to take on that role and did so upon Dr. Tilden’s death. Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review, thereafter, picks up where Dr. Tilden’s Review left off and becomes the new mouthpiece of The Natural Hygiene Movement’s new leader. Dr. Shelton makes many changes in his “Pure Natural Hygiene” compared to what Dr. Tilden taught. More explicitly, Dr. Shelton revised Dr. Tilden’s dietary guidelines to get rid of animal products and grains altogether and so much cooking of fruits and vegetables. He keeps Dr. Tilden’s bombasting tone against The Disease Industrialists but drops Dr. Tilden’s sweetly spiritual tone. The dye is cast for Dr. Shelton’s rhetoric for the duration.

Most of the front covers of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review Magazines, at first glance, could only have been labeled “boldly pornographic” by some back in his 1939 day and onward! In fact, on the front covers of most of the 480 issues are featured either completely nude women, partially nude women, or women with see-through attire. These are all drawings and not photographs. And the intention of these arty covers, no doubt, had to have been to glorify the beauty of healthy women of child-bearing age. Still, one can only wonder if showcasing nudity was the very best way to get Health Seekers interested in Natural Hygiene. (As one GetWell Friend Ron Riley, now in his late 70s, puts it upon seeing all the covers miniaturized together with just a few showing a family, a palm tree, and oranges and all the rest featuring drawings of sexy women: “Dr. Shelton apparently liked young, healthy, beautiful, shapely, scantily clad (naked) women for his cover pictures!”) Dr. Shelton has been called “a man ahead of his times” for many reasons down through the decades. And to use these arty nude drawings before the days of the World War II pin-up Betty Grable and Dorothy Lamour calendar girls was just one of the many ways the man was ahead of his times!

Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review Magazines serve to continually teach The People about The 7 Stages of Disease, to remind them of the health hazards of taking any medications, to warn them about the dangerous practices of The Medicine Men, to thoroughly familiarize them to “The Basic Requisites of Life,” and to initiate them into the unfamiliar and unconventional yet ever-so-wondrous world of... “HEALTH BY HEALTHFUL LIVING!” Dr. Shelton’s goal is to write with such fervor that his readers are excited to spread the revolutionary word to loved ones and associates in their corners of the world! Yearly subscriptions for the 24 to 32 pages a month are $1. In the earlier years, most of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review Magazines are written exclusively by Dr. Shelton. In later years, he does print many Dr. Vetrano articles and many from other authors, all of whom he carefully censors and/or edits if they go against his grain or one of his many axes to grind. A strict advertising policy of “Pure Natural Hygiene” is also instituted, and only advertisements in alignment with “Pure Natural Hygiene” are ever accepted. In Dr. Shelton’s end days, he becomes too weak for the Review job and gives it over totally to Dr. Vetrano.

At its height, Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review went out to no more than 2,000 Health Seekers. And the little magazine never turned a profit. Following is Dr. Shelton’s own statement about his Review: “The monthly visit of the Review to one’s home should serve as a strong support. Wherever you are, you should not fail to acquaint the people with whom you come into contact, with the better and more healthful way of life. Let your light shine into all dark corners and do so without fear. All the progress that has ever been made has been made by breaking with tradition and branching out into new and untrodden fields. Humankind is subject to the law of inertia. Men and women do not progress: they are pulled along. The few drive the many along behind The Chariot of Progress. Every Natural Hygienist should get into The Chariot as a driver!”

Dr. Shelton continually issued essay statements and pleas on the inside of the front covers of each of the Reviews, pleas for subscriptions, participations, and donations to fan the fires of The Health Revolution. (In answering the calling to pick up Dr. Shelton’s Torch, I have added “Great American” to the term you so often see in the rhetoric of GetWell★StayWell, America! I have always called for “The Great American Health Revolution!” My idea of using patriotic rhetoric has always been with the hopes that if enough Americans could get well and stay well, their numbers with their natural gratitude and generosity would reach a critical mass that would start a chain reaction to explode Natural Hygiene bombs around the world!)

1940 — Dr. J. H. Tilden, who is best known for “The 7 Stages of Disease” paradigm presented in his most famous book Toxemia Explained dies at age 89. He is the last, living link with The 19th Century Pioneers of Natural Hygiene. The work of the resuscitation and promulgation of Hygiene now falls entirely on the shoulders of Doctors Shelton, Claunch, Esser, Scott, and Gian-Cursio. Claunch dies in 1946 and Gian-Cursio later in the 20th century. Dr. Esser goes in 2003. Dr. Scott in 2011. Today, only Dr. Vetrano remains to tell the stories, and she is fully and happily retired from The Natural Hygiene Movement except for working with us other 3 Trailblazers on this book and conferencing with me on her manuscripts left to me to get into print. Today, the Old Guard is made up of the few of us who were the young upstarts in the latter decades of the 1900s. Many young doctors have since stepped forward, some teaching Natural Hygiene versions more “pure,” some more corrected, some more twisted than others.

1942 — An amazing and inspirational book by Dr. Shelton is published: Health for All. This is the book that, in 1948, Vivian Virginia Vetrano reads and that inspires her to contact Dr. Shelton in person.

In 1942, Dr. Shelton is brought to trial on a charge of “negligent homicide for starving a patient to death” at Dr. Shelton’s Health School and for “treating and offering to treat a human being without a state medical license.” Mrs. John Gillis dies while under Dr. Shelton’s care at his school. The case, however, is never tried. The charges are dropped.

1943 — Gandhi (1869 – 1948) had long been inspired by Dr. Shelton’s work, especially his treatises on fasting. Gandhi, accordingly, invites Dr. Shelton to work and study with him in India for a 6-year sabbatical. Dr. Shelton had been giving the Gandhi invitation serious consideration when World War II forever interrupts their plans. Gandhi had referred to Fasting and Sunbathing, Volume III of The Hygienic System throughout his fasting years: more than half of his 17 fasts were political in nature. He continually attempts to persuade the 2 factions in India to stop their in-fighting after the British give up when confronted with organized civil disobedience and leave the country. Although pictures show Gandhi deathbed gaunt during his fasts, he was well-educated through Dr. Shelton’s letters and knew where to draw the fine-line between fasting and starvation. Gandhi uses this fine-line knowledge to bring his people into willing submission: “Create a peaceful India, or I will starve myself to death!” This is not a direct quote. But it is the message he conveys through the media to a divided India. And it works! Fasting as a form of protest first popularized by Gandhi was thus turned into a politically and socially useful tool and has since been used down through the decades by many zealots.

It is in 1943, also, that Dr. Shelton adopts the banner: “Let Us Have The Truth though The Heavens Fall!” At first glance, this may look like a delightful enough stance for all Truth Seekers! It is dramatic! It is emphatic! But I do see it another way. This statement, of which Dr. Shelton became so fond that he slapped it across virtually every one of his magazine front covers, is a subtle reflection of Dr. Shelton, the agnostic. “The Heavens,” throughout Scripture, are known as that place wherein God resides. And God always stands for “The Truth.” “The Heavens” could not harbor lies, deceit, exploitation, murder, poison, or any material or spiritual darkness! And “The Heavens” will never “fall,” just because “The Truth” has been revealed! “The Heavens” are the home of “The Truth.” No doubt, Dr. Shelton liked this iconoclastic and subtly blasphemous statement for the shock it induced via the hyperbole. (A “hyperbole” is a literary term that means “an exaggeration, a bigger than life comparison used to make a shockingly dramatic and/or amusing and/or sarcastic effect.”) Knowing T. C. Fry the way I did and watching him mock religion the way he did, I am not surprised that he picked up this Dr. Shelton banner and waved it with so much mocking bravado until the day he died. It was a way of slapping Christians and their beliefs right in the face and getting away with it, because few Christian readers never stopped to realize what the statement was implying. God cannot lie, and The Heavens will not fall, and God will not fall one day with The Heavens when all Truth is revealed. When The Agnostic or The Atheist starts promoting Natural Hygiene to The Christian Health Seeker, this is the kind of statement that makes The Christian leery of the promoter’s total message. This banner, therefore, has contributed to the cult mystique that has shrouded “Pure Natural Hygiene” to this day! Who wants to listen to a promoter with a lot of knowledge but who is seeing through a dark glass and without spiritual wisdom? A better banner could have been chosen to declare: “Let Us Have The Truth So that The Heavens May Rejoice!”

1945 — Dr. Shelton is kicked in the head by his favored horse, a stallion. The injury is significant, and this marks the beginning of his slowing down. His teeth are badly jarred; and he begins to lose them, one at a time, over the years. This impairs some of his nutritional well-being.

1946 — Dr. Shelton has taken on a number of nicknames over the years, including the following: “Sandbur of The Rio Grande,” “The Diamond in the Rough,” “The Quack,” and “The Workaholic.”

1947 — By this time, Dr. Shelton’s Health School has moved into its 6th location. Ida and Herbert have grown far apart. Both are becoming weary of the mountains of work and piles of responsibilities.

During the 1940s & 1950s — More Hygienic doctors arrive on the scene and are arrested as had been Dr. Shelton. Many arrests and incarcerations take place. Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Reviews are packed with the details of the latest rounds of jailings and court hearings and fund-raisings to get the Natural Hygiene doctors out of jail. Dr. Shelton speculates that the leaders of The 20th Century Hygienic Movement were being oppressed and harassed with a greater ferocity and tenacity than had The 19th Century Pioneers. Medical doctor opposition to the drugless treatment in the 19th century had, after all, never been fully organized or relentless. The American Medical Association was still young and had not yet grown into the enormously controlling octopus it was to become in the latter 20th and early 21st centuries, with tentacles reaching into so many government institutions, drug companies and cartels, television and Internet propaganda, and ultimately, into the minds of The People. Corporation lobbyists had not yet learned how to literally buy off our politicians so that laws would favor The Disease Industrialists. Nevertheless, even as early as the 1940s and 1950s, Dr. Shelton had been seeing a need for The Hygienists to unite, to further educate themselves, to bring into their intelligentsia fold as many Health Seekers as possible, and to therefore strengthen their position so they would not become easy prey to The Medical/Pharmaceutical Complex and the powerful brainwashing that has become our great downfall and tragedy in so many American homes today.

That Dr. Shelton was a visionary who could see the future unfold so far ahead of his times is just another facet of his genius. Many Dr. Shelton devotees have thus called him “a prophet!” That his followers held great love for this charismatic man, that many saw him as “a prophet,” that many of these followers let Natural Hygiene become their religion — all of this and much more to be revealed further in our new book led to many of the more objective non-devotees calling Natural Hygiene “a cult.” This stigma has stayed with Natural Hygiene among many non-followers to this day. And it is the calling of us 4 Trailblazers to explain in some detail in WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN’T KNOW! just how this stigma came to be and then to conclude the book with this epilogue: “Natural Hygiene Shall Not Die Out as a Cult But Shall Move Forward as a Science with It Universal Applications to Help Health Seekers to Get Well and Stay Well!

1948 — Vivian Virginia Vetrano, a young and beautiful woman who had been successfully pursuing a dancing career, discovers Natural Hygiene through Dr. Shelton’s book, Health for All. She fasts at Dr. Shelton’s Health School and is photographed many times for Dr. Shelton’s upcoming masterpiece on beauty, in which she is pictured repeatedly and to whom the book Human Beauty is dedicated.

In 1948, a national society is formed by 8 men in New York City. Most prominent among them is Dr. Shelton. It is called the “American Physiological and Hygienic Society.” In 1949 — The new organization is renamed: the “American Natural Hygiene Society.” 400 members join. Local chapters across The Nation are set up. Dr. Shelton is made the first President.

In 1949 — Dr. Shelton publishes Basic Principles of Natural Hygiene.

1952 — Vivian Virginia Vetrano meets with Dr. Shelton at his Health School. And during the course of that evening, she changes the direction of her life as related in her biography section of this book. From the mid-1950s onward — Vivian Virginia Vetrano joins The Hygienic Cause. She studies intensively, lectures with Dr. Shelton, gets her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and finally, takes over all of Dr. Shelton’s work. That this tiny 5' 2" foot tall, 100 pound dynamo could carry on all the years up until her 2008 full retirement is testimony to the Natural Hygiene lifestyle, almost perfectly lived!

1956 — Dr. Shelton is nominated on a 3rd party ticket for President of The United States at the Vegetarian Party Convention in New York. Dr. Shelton does not take this nomination seriously. He considers it comical, although his many followers and colleagues who nominate him are completely sincere. Men and women had been seeking out Dr. Shelton’s leadership for decades. He never has to wine and dine these followers. He is well-known and well-respected by them. He is adored and even idolized by many of them. His charisma is mesmerizing. Had Dr. Shelton been led to become seriously political, he would have found a ready army of both men and women popping up out the pavement to help him! Men and women seek him out, wanting to nurture a relationship with him. He has a lot going for him: his intellect, his wit, his extensive Natural Hygiene revolutionary education, his charismatic presentations at live-lectures, his attractive looks and charm, and his experience and wisdom in helping Health Seekers. A more impressive hero and champion for The People could hardly be found anywhere, according to his followers! Most “Sheltonites” who do get even a little close to knowing Dr. Shelton consider themselves blessed and honored. And although many thousands more never met the man in person, they feel the same way through reading his works. And right up to this day, I know many GetWell Friends who say with a sweetness in their voices: “I LOVE DR. SHELTON.”

1958 — Dr. Shelton publishes The Road to Health via Natural Hygiene and Human Beauty: Its Culture & Hygiene.

1959 — A $50,000 grant from a grateful guest at Dr. Shelton’s Health School and the originator of Frito Corn Chips is used to build a new school, so impressed was he with the benefits of his 30-day fast there. The 7th Dr. Shelton’s Health School opens on a hill that Dr. Shelton names “Mount Hygeia,” after the Greek goddess of Health. (It is Hygeia, herself, that is pictured repeatedly on so many covers of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Reviews. Long and lovely was she, with upturned breasts and wearing a completely see-though toga or gown, often completely baring one breast.) Although this may seem uplifting and arty and certainly harmless to the casual observer, on a subtle level, this imagery is giving homage and worship to lesser gods and is making a statement that is decidedly New Age — or Old Age — or anti-Christ! In any event, such a cover does not glorify God. In 1939 and for some years thereafter, this play-girl pin-up cover was way sexy before Hugh Hefner ever dreamed of going big with his Playboy Magazine.

T. C. picked up Dr. Shelton’s penchant for Hygeia and used her in most all of his publications and even unto his dying day to promote the paper Shelton College that was never destined to be. There she is to be found — alive and well — one breast boldly unclothed in her sleeveless gown, smiling, and stepping daintily toward all who care to give her attention. The new and forever final, 7th Dr. Shelton’s Health School on Mount Hygeia is equipped to take 40 fasters and has separate sun solariums for men and women nude sunbathing. By Dr. Shelton’s 64th birthday, he had supervised over 30,000 fasts and published over 30 books and booklets. Among Health Seekers of the alternative bent, both he and T. C. Fry are now famous around the world for their Health Revolution efforts.

1961 — Dr. Shelton publishes Rubies in the Sand.

1964 — This is “THE 25th ANNIVERSARY” of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review. But the wear and tear have been taking their toll on Dr. Shelton, as evidenced by this picture below where the is awarded a plaque but obviously lacks the enthusiasm of his former years. It is impossible to feign high Nerve Energy supplies when running on reserves. A sadness prevails in this photo. Dr. Shelton has begun The Descent into Disease.

1965 — Vivian Virginia Vetrano is now “Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano, D.C.” She chooses to work full time at Dr. Shelton’s Health School. In time, she and her daughter Tosca and son-in-law Greg Haag will study in Mexico and graduate from medical school there. All 3 will become recognized as being among the top Medical Doctors practicing Natural Hygiene.

1968 — Dr. Shelton publishes Man’s Pristine Way of Life.

1970 — T. C. Fry discovers Natural Hygiene. At a time when Dr. Shelton’s health is failing and his Health Torch is fading, T. C. enters the picture to pick up that Torch and to do that which Dr. Shelton never tried: to play “The Bulk Mail Game!” Once T. C. is up and running with his magazines and as long as Dr. Shelton is putting out the Hygienic Review and has the School, he advertises Dr. Shelton's Hygienic Review and the School in T. C.’s promotional literature. Dr. Shelton’s articles and ads, thus, frequently appear in T. C. Fry’s first years of publications.

By the late 1960s — Dr. Shelton is bedridden for the rest of his life. Self-diagnosed with “Parkinson’s disease,” the symptoms have claimed the strong motor skills of Dr. Shelton’s once muscular and vibrant body. The workaholism of his lifetime finally has finally taken its toll. The myelin sheath that surrounds and protects the nerves of the body can wear out. The subjective experience is lack of motor control. Muscles atrophy, waste away. Strength is lost. Movement is difficult. Uncontrollable shakes appear, especially in the hands. All motor function can become disabled, including swallowing and talking. Dr. Shelton’s drive to help The People with every spark of his Nerve Energy, his love for Natural Hygiene combined with his contempt for The Disease Industrialists, worked for you and me and Health Seekers because we practice The 10 Energy Enhancers; and they worked against him because he did not.

What must he have been thinking? Surely, he knew where all that lack of “Energy Enhancers #4: Rest & Sleep” over the decades was going to take him! Why would he drive himself like that when he knew, better than all The Health Seekers in the world, where it would take him?!?!? Only if you have a compulsive/addictive personality yourself and have a history of taking on very big projects to completion yourself, only then can you begin to understand a drive like this! Like T. C. Fry, Dr. Shelton certainly was not practicing what he preached. Sweet sleep, in big doses, could have saved Dr. Shelton from riding out his life from his bed another 20 some years. Back in his 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s, Dr. Shelton would have had to take an additional 4 to 6 hours a day for Adequate Rest & Sleep to get well and stay well.

If he had taken that time, I can only ask: “How many more schools would not have been opened? How many more books would not have been written? How many more lectures not given? How many more letters not written? How many more phone calls not made? How many more Hygienic Reviews not published? How many more patients not supervised?” The tangled web he did weave for himself when first he conspired to deceive himself all those years ended up making for himself a deathbed cocoon from which he could not rise. Dr. Shelton was left with legs that could not walk, left with hands that could not write, and left with vocal cords that could not speak. All for the sake of The Cause. Where, pray tell, Dear Health Seeker Friends of Ours, is the wisdom in that? In the final analysis, it had to be Energy Enhancer #9 — Emotional Balance that includes Freedom from Addiction that was his downfall. In his case, the addiction was to his work that got the best of our Dr. Shelton whilst we got and continue to get the best of him.

1974 — Dr. Shelton publishes Fasting for Renewal of Life. This formally marks the end of Dr. Shelton’s handwriting career. He moves into a “dictation only” mode.

1975 — Dr. Shelton, Dr. Vetrano, and many others set up 1,660 acres in Pearsall, Texas, chartered to become “Sheltrano,” an Hygienic Community and College. It is a long story of intrigue and dark happenstance that takes place. And the project finally folds with much loss to many.

1976 — Vickey Bidwell, age 29, takes a 17-day fast at Dr. Shelton’s Health School. She never formally meets Dr. Shelton. But she does see 2 attendants take him out for a daily sunbath and on walks, one on each side, holding him up, while he drags himself along. He is extremely emaciated. He certainly does not look like he could hold onto life another 19 years! But that is exactly what he does. During these 17 days, Vickey studies every piece of Natural Hygiene literature she can buy there, including Dr. Shelton’s 7-Volume Set: The Hygienic System. She meets Dr. Vetrano. She meets Dr. Cinque who is smitten by her and then proposes marriage while he is already in an unhappy marriage. She believes his proposal, lets herself fall in love, not just with the young doctor but with the dream of promoting Natural Hygiene together. (But that is another story yet to be found in “Victoria’s TimeLine” in this book.) During these 17 days, she receives her calling to create Natural Hygienic literature that is absolutely inviting, lively, and FUN! She feels an uncommonly deep, supernaturally close affinity with Dr. Shelton and his writing style, tone, and rhetoric. But, after having taught English to high school students for 9 years, she also sees the need to create publications that are far less linear and formal than Dr. Shelton’s, far more readily readable and understandable than Dr. Shelton’s, and way more “FUN! FUN! FUN!” than Dr. Shelton’s.

1978 — According to some, “the worst crime in the history of Natural Hygiene” takes place. Dr. Shelton’s Health School takes in 49-year old Hal Conrad. He is suffering with ulcerative colitis. His medical doctor orders a colostomy and iliostomy, the cutting out of the large intestine, and a cutting in the stomach area, and the wearing of a sack to collect fecal matter for the remainder of life. The details are long and many. He dies of a heart attack when rushed to the hospital, and the wife sues for $890,000 on a charge of “negligence.” For the next 2 years, while in litigation, business at Dr. Shelton’s Health School booms! The School is filled to overflowing, and trailers are brought in to fill the need for more patients. This is, no doubt, partly due to “T. C. Fry’s Heyday” and his millions of leaflets and publications going out across America with the good news of how to get well and stay well by fasting on water-only followed by strict Hygienic living. Dr. Shelton’s advertising with T. C. has paid off.

By 1980, after running Dr. Shelton’s Health School single-handedly for 17 years, Dr. Vetrano decides to go her own way and opens a health school in Brownsville, Texas. Dr. Shelton’s Health School goes under a new management that does not last long. The last issue of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review goes out in 1980.

In 1983, the courts rule against Dr. Shelton and Dr. Vetrano with no appeal privileges granted. They are to pay the full $890,000 to the wife of the former Hal Conrad. Both parties are completely bankrupted in so doing. Dr. Shelton even has to sell off his mighty library of collected and cherished works of all The Natural Hygiene Pioneers, from whose teaching he had drawn so steadily and so heavily his entire life. They go to the American Natural Hygiene Society Library in Florida for safekeeping and are open to members for in-house viewing.

A Summary of the activities of the American Natural Hygiene Society, begun by The Prime Mover Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, from 1948 to 2013... A yearly convention becomes the main event for the ANHS through the years, and some 30 local chapters throughout the United States and the world are established. By 1979, Dr. Shelton is quoted as saying, “The growth of the Society has been disappointingly slow.” In the 1980s, the 30 local, self-supporting chapters throughout the United States are dissolved. From 1978 to the 1990s, The ANHS establishes and then dissolves the Natural Hygiene Press. During these early years, Dr. Shelton urges the Society to continue publishing and marketing books. But most importantly, he also urges them to create an ever-expanding army of Natural Hygienists who focus on making movies and tapes and writing books to supplement the ANHS activities so that The People could become more fully educated. The ANHS prints a bi-monthly, high-quality magazine, Health Science. Its circulation, and thus membership, reaches approximately 9,000. It serves well to announce ANHS yearly conventions and to market a limited number of Hygiene classic books and numerous tapes, as well as to offer articles and contacts from Hygienic practitioners and paraprofessionals. The ANHS also sponsors several seminars yearly, and it is involved in many other activities to promote Natural Hygiene. Its affairs are handled responsibly and expeditiously. By the 1990s, however, public interest has waned. The ANHS serves more as a life-support system for Natural Hygiene, rather than as the vehicle through which “The Great American Health Revolution” is successfully launched.

During the years that mark the turn of the 20th century into the 21st, those in charge of the ANHS begin making changes that seasoned and devoted “Pure Natural Hygienists” find disappointing. Many more are angered by the new stances, only one of which is the down-playing of the importance of food combining for superlative nutrition, along with a down-playing of the role of raw food in The Hygienic Diet. Perhaps the greatest betrayal, however, of the ANHS in the minds and hearts of Dr. Shelton devotees was the fact that the ANHS began to drop Dr. Shelton books from their list of items sold and to publish fewer and fewer articles in their magazine by Dr. Shelton until he becomes “a bona-fide has-been” in the ANHS literature.

From 1980 until Dr. Herbert M. Shelton’s death in 1985 — Dr. Shelton continues to dictate, in a whisper, Hygienic teachings for The People. His vocal cords no longer produce full power. It should be noted that Dr. Shelton grew totally feeble in body — but not in mind. He worked with Jean Oswald to consult for her and Dr. Scott’s upcoming book, Fasting for the Health of It. He worked with Jo Willard and Jean Oswald to write The Original Natural Hygiene Weight-Loss Diet Book, published posthumously in 1986. He worked on various other projects to the end. Here is pictured the last issue of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review:


In 2008, Dr. Vetrano wrote this concerning the life and death of Dr. Shelton — Because of Dr. Shelton’s burning, unwavering, unrelenting enthusiasm for Natural Hygiene and his efforts to teach a mostly somnambulant people the truth about health, disease, and healing, he killed himself off writing books and magazines and working at his Health School when he should have been practicing what he preached and getting his daily rest and sleep. When a man gets sick because he abuses his body, a man who is already hereditarily inclined to a particular disease, as was Dr. Shelton to Parkinson’s, it does not negate the principles he is preaching, but only further demonstrates them. We who were there and witness to his decline all tried to get through to him. We told him repeatedly that he had to stop and get his rest and sleep. But he just ignored us. He explained: “There is just too much to do. And no one else can do this writing and teaching the way it needs to be done and done right and done right now, no one else but Dr. Shelton can do this work!”

[Victoria’s Note: Perhaps the exact number of books Dr. Shelton wrote will never be known. A book may turn up from time to time to be found in the hands of some Natural Hygiene collector. I myself have as yet many huge boxes of papers from The Dr. Vetrano Library to go through, in which I may discover further unpublished books. But right now, Health Seekers can obtain 23 books, 2 booklets, and 4 brochures on from The Dr. Vetano Rare Books Library on Disk #5. In addition to these, the ANHS holds the copyright to and sells a small number of Dr. Shelton’s books. The total number certainly exceeds 30 books in 69 years, plus The 7-Volume Set of The Hygienic System, plus a volume of Dr. Shelton’s Hygienic Review each year for 41 years. Dr. Vetrano continues...]

Granted, most of his work, Dr. Shelton proclaimed, was a compilation and recreation of the hundreds of works done by The Pioneers. Over and over, he cried out: “I stand on the shoulders of giants! Nothing I have given my readers is new!” Granted, I did the huge bulk if not all of his work the last 20 years of his life. Nevertheless, in his prime, he was a workhorse like the world had seldom seen. Before Dr. Shelton became bedridden, I’d like to know a modern day writer who can churn out the huge amount of material that Dr. Shelton did while at the same time run a Health School that, in itself, is a 24-hour a day job. The man is a giant among men, alive or passed on. He had a purpose and was driven by that purpose. He could not stop. He worked late into the night when he should have been resting. He was constantly harassed and called into court for practicing medicine without a license, when no one, not even a king, could have made him practice medicine, even if he were to have held a gun to Dr. Shelton’s head!

From when I arrived on the scene in his life in 1952, I watched Dr. Shelton doing the work of 8 young, strong men, right up until he became bedridden in 1965, and slowing down very little until then. Not only did he write, he edited, proofread his own copy, and then proofread the galley proofs and final proofs of his works. He typed his own articles and paged his own magazine. I’ve yet to see another man or woman write so prolifically and run a Health School at the same time. Most men write 1 book every 5 years, and that is their sole job. The world will one day place Dr. Shelton and Natural Hygiene in their proper places of highest esteem for humanitarian good works. When the role is called up yonder, Dr. Shelton will be listed among the men and women who have done the most for the world. He has been slandered, castigated, and misrepresented for his beliefs; but he has stood up for them all his years with Herculean courage. And those last 20 bedridden years, he continued to take a stand while prone!

When William Harvey discovered that blood circulates in the human body, he was driven to death by his peers. Years later after his death, his colleagues who had kept up with the science had only praise for him. Dr. Shelton is teaching “The Truth about Health, Disease, and Healing.” And one day, the world will recognize it, even if, now, some of us still cannot appreciate what Dr. Shelton went through and unwisely sacrificed for us. I do urge all Health Seekers who want to further understand Dr. Shelton to read Yours for Health, Jean Oswald’s biography of this great man. I read it and wept. (Thus ends Dr. Vetrano’s take on Dr. Shelton’s death. And I now continue with “Dr. Shelton’s TimeLine...”)

I wrote this in 2000 — back when I was still brainwashed by some of what Dr. Shelton didn’t know: “One GetWell Friend even wrote a humorous statement that Dr. Shelton would roll over in his grave if he saw what changes were being made in the organization he founded! The GetWell Friend then added that if he did not know better, he would suspect that the American Medical Association was subsidizing the ANHS, from the tone and content of some of their articles! GetWell friends over these years have come to me for an explanation of “What is up with these people? And for the few years prior to the turn of the century, I would just say that I call them “The Florida People” and mutter that they are no longer doing “Pure Natural Hygiene” in their stances and left it at that. Interestingly enough, the very members of the organization that had at one time urged me repeatedly to drop “Natural Hygiene” from the name of what I was promoting decided to drop “Natural Hygiene” from the name of what they are promoting, instead! Today, “The Florida People” go by various names: “The Natural Health Society” and “National Health Association,” for starters. A very few of their Dr. Shelton publications are still available, an act of service to Health Seekers for which I am very, very grateful.

In March, 2010 — Dr. Tosca Haag and Dr. Vetrano and Dr. Greg Haag and I lay down the chapters for WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN’T KNOW! In “The Foreword,” we share with our readers: “Our most wide-sweeping contribution to The Natural Hygiene Movement has been that of correcting Dr. Shelton’s teachings and thereby that of resuscitating a movement that has been slipping into oblivion for decades while its best teachings were being assimilated into virtually all alternative health care systems. In so doing, we are honored to remind present-day Health Seekers of men and women long dead who now live again! These are The Pioneers from 1832 Dr. Issac Jennings, “The Father of Natural Hygiene,” to 1939 Dr. J.H. Tilden, “The Last of The Natural Hygiene Mohicans” before Dr. Shelton took the lead. We have given you “An Eagle’s Eye Overview” of Hygiene’s history and of Dr. Shelton’s life, reviewed for you all the correct “as are” teachings, and answered for you the question: “Why Didn’t Natural Hygiene Ever Go Big?” At the same time, we have corrected the 6 major categories of dangerous and potentially deadly errors and the 60 minor, lesser errors in Dr. Shelton’s Natural Hygiene teachings so that this superlative of all alternative health care systems does not continue to just slip away or become assimilated into inferior systems and thereby pass into oblivion. In short, what Dr. Shelton did for The Pioneers, we are now doing for Dr. Shelton. Today, thanks to these corrections, Dr. Shelton rides again — stronger, longer, and further than ever before! When you come to “The End of Our Dr. Shelton Trail of Tears & Corrections,” we hope you share our vision: “Our efforts will bring about a revitalization and a repopularization of ‘Natural Hygiene — Corrected!’ that will help The Billions of Global Health Seekers move forward into Superlative Health.”

From 1976 to 2008 and onward — In 1965, Vickey Bidwell marries her high school sweetheart Tony Senff, with the hopes of living happily ever after, sharing horses and romance and teaching careers. By 1976, her high school sweetheart had become obsessed with just one thing in life: getting rich on gold and silver, at all costs. In 1976, Mrs. Anthony Senff finds a copy of Dr. Shelton’s Fasting Can Save Your Life in a health food store, makes a reservation to do a fast at Dr. Shelton’s Health School, fasts from 150 pounds to 123, eats raw food to 118, and finds the mental clarity and emotional strength to walk away from the rich and spoiled lifestyle she and Tony had created. Mrs. Senff taught English to high school students for 9 years, always with the gnawing feeling that she was supposed to be teaching something else — but never knowing exactly what! She was a born-teacher with a genius for making the most hated subject of students — FUN! Growing up in extreme dysfunction with 4 older sisters whose physical brutality and emotional torture went way beyond “normal” and with parents whose overt demonstration of their malcontent went way beyond conventional, Vickey developed an eating disorder that, during her first fast, dies down. Listening to Dr. Vetrano give a lecture on the 3rd day of her fast at Dr. Shelton’s (7th) Health School, Vickey hears GOD’s mandate: “THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TEACHING!” She goes home, packs her things, and walks away. In one day, she changes her name back to “BidWell,” has her wedding rings unwelded, changes her physical address and mailing address and phone number, moves off her little horse ranch, tells Tony’s parents the news, and then informs Tony that she is gone, gone, gone. Vickey reads everything by Dr. Shelton that she can get her hands on. She then does one more year of teaching while studying the sciences at night school and then enrolls in Western States Chiropractic College where she studies basic anatomy, chemistry, and physiology for one year. She gets the highest grades among her 70 classmates. Next, having never been alone in her life and being quite simply “very immature” and broke, she falls apart and drops out. Angry at where Natural Hygiene has taken her, she drops off the grid.

Six lost years follow. But in 1982, while waitressing in a huge bar in California’s Sunnyvale, Vickey starts up with Natural Hygiene again with weekdays spent at The California Health Sanctuary run by Arthur Andrews. The rest is history. T. C. Fry and she meet. He offers her a job as the head professor of 2,000 correspondence students worldwide. (Thus, the globalization of Victoria formally begins.) The position also involves correcting the tests for his world famous “Big Course” — The Life Science Health System. She begins writing articles for his publications. In 1984, at the end of her ropes, Vickey gives up and becomes a Christian. She claims her Christian name “Victoria” BidWell now spelled with a capital “W” and in honor of her father “Victor” Bidwell. In 1986, she starts up GetWell★StayWell, America!

She begins writing and publishing books to fill the gaps in the existing Natural Hygiene literature. 2 BOOKS IN 1 — The Health Seekers’ YearBook with The Best of Common Health Sense is the culmination of 32 years of GOD-inspired, GOD-driven work. In 2002, Victoria and her young horse — CAPTAIN HIGHJOY AMERICA! — move to Concrete, Washington, with office headquarters at The HighJoy Homestead and a Dr. Shelton-inspired retreat at Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods. She has the idea of living quietly and happily ever after promoting Natural Hygiene in semi-retirement. Victoria now strives to be of service to Health Seekers who find their ways up to The Concrete Neck of The Woods.

Dr. Shelton’s Health School (1959 – 1980)
Outside of San Antonio, Texas
— Dr. Shelton’s 7th & Final Natural Hygiene School —

Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods (2006 & onward)
Outside of Concrete, Washington
— Victoria’s 1st & Only Natural Hygiene Health Retreat —

1986 & onward — The all-time best seller in diet and nutrition in history — Fit for Life — by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, is put into print by Warner Brothers Books. After years of self-study and study with the Life Science Institute and T. C. Fry’s Big Course, these 2 authors make “Natural Hygiene” a household term in many millions of Health Seeker homes across America and around the world! Dr. Shelton deserves monumental accolades for this 1986 event, for resuscitating The 19th Century Pioneers, and for adding to their many works, and for getting “The Message & Promise of Natural Hygiene” out to The People! Ron and Elaine Harrington of Canada make a memorable point to the good works of Dr. Shelton in their eulogy to T. C. Fry: “Without Dr. Shelton, there would have been no T. C. Fry to read Superior Nutrition and then to go on and create The Life Science Health System for The Diamonds to help the millions and to make their millions.” I can easily add: “Without Dr. Shelton, there would have been no T. C. Fry. Without T. C. Fry, there would have been no Victoria BidWell to carry on The Dr. Shelton Torch of Natural Hygiene that is now lighting up the darkness created by The Disease Industrialists and that is shining The Correct Natural Hygiene Way to Health Seekers Everywhere!”

September 6th, 1996 — T. C. FRY DIES!

September 10th, 1996 — After attending the private, “For Family Only” funeral services for T. C. in Austin, Texas, Victoria heads home her old ’86 Ford Ranger friend with 600,000 miles on the original engine and frame. She travels to Washington via Oklahoma and Wyoming and Glacier National Park and Yellowstone. While driving “The Patriotic Pick-up” — she is stunned by contemplating how she will get along without her old friend T. C. She knows her own workaholism had brought her to death’s doorstep more than once while working to... “HELP THE PEOPLE!” Victoria prays for God’s guidance and spiritual wisdom so that she will not go the way of Dr. Shelton and T. C. The answer becomes clear in a Dances with Wolves sort of way. Having heard God’s clear commands in a benevolent man’s voice many times over the years, His voice speaks warm and gentle and clear: “GO BACK TO THE TRUE LOVES OF YOUR YOUTH THAT KEPT YOU SO HAPPY! GO HOME AND GET YOUR DREAM HORSE — AND RIDE LIKE THE WIND ONCE AGAIN! GET A HORSE! A YOUNG HORSE! GROW OLD TOGETHER. AND ALL THE WHILE... CARRY ON WITH YOUR WORK! WORK! WORK!” Victoria muses during the rest of the drive home upon a return to Yellowstone one day in the not too distant future — just to ride her new, young horse among the buffalo. It will be a time of celebration for having reclaimed the health and vigor of her youth combined with her calling to... “HELP THE PEOPLE!” Within weeks, Victoria finds her wildly exciting, absolutely stunning “Captain HighJoy America!”

In 1998, she and High run off to The Kootenay Mountain Range of The Canadian Rockies and live at a trail ride ranch near Fairmont Hot Springs. They stay a full year, to the day. Both revel in TRUE WILDERNESS, complete with grizzlies and cougars to heighten the adventure! Victoria becomes “The Wilderness Woman” and High becomes her inspiration and living proof that God loves her and wants her to carry on! Upon returning to the outskirts of busy Mt. Vernon, Washington, The Wilderness Woman goes into wilderness withdrawal for the next 4 years. In 2002, Victoria and High and GetWell★StayWell, America! manage to move 30 miles up river to The Cascade Mountains outside of Concrete, Washington. Victoria no longer feels the need to haul High off to Yellowstone to ride among the buffalo when she can just ride off her property into Cascadian mountain meadows to ride among the elk — while her heart soars with the American Bald Eagles!

A TimeLine of T.C. from 1970 to 1996

1970... T.C. Fry, with half-Cherokee, humble beginnings and with an 11th grade education, at age 44, on Thanksgiving Day, picks up and reads Superior Nutrition that had been sitting on his bookshelf for 16 years. He foregoes the turkey dinner, becomes an Hygienist overnight; and within a few years, and with a small staff, single-handedly writes and self-publishes many free and low-cost leaflets, booklets, and books, popularizing Natural Hygiene for The Suffering Masses under the name of “Life Science.” He reaches The People primarily through The Bulk Mail and as non-profit establishments during his 4 companies and their subsequent bankruptcies, seizures, and/or closures. He mails, literally to millions. Not demanding huge returns, he is pleased with a 2% response to a simple flyer or letter. Once the responders send in just a few dollars for basic literature, they are provided with his full and ever-expanding line of offerings.

“The Fry Rhetoric” is well-received because the materials are not only low-cost, but they are written on a simple level, and they are short and highly sensationalized! They promise panaceas with an abundance of exclamation marks! This is in contrast to Dr. Shelton’s formidable and somewhat scientific and technical books of small print and straight copy and sophisticated vocabulary and complex sentence structure, wherein Dr. Shelton’s rhetoric teaches the possibility of “superior health with strict Hygienic living” through “The Message & Promise of Natural Hygiene,” and wherein Dr. Shelton avoids Fry-like sensationalizing and panacean promises. The Fry books are also well-received because he has picked up The Torch of Revolution against the medicine men and SAD food profiteers and has written his works in an exciting, incendiary spirit that calls for the high ideals of “self-education, self-mastery, and self-healing!” The Fry works, therefore, speak to the simple hearts of countless sick and desperate and frightened Americans throughout The Land who are in need of not only “The Truth” — but who long for inspiration to take “The Hygienic Road Less Travelled,” and who want to travel that road with a leader who is within their humble, grassroots grasp. T.C. Fry and his publications thus serve to prime The Health Seeker for the more formidable Shelton books and for those of their many off-spring writers.

Late 1970s to 1994... T.C. starts in Yorktown, Texas, in a big, old, broken-down, former hospital built in the 1930s. He starts with “non-profit” status under the auspices of The Church of Human Life Science. He sells the old building to Cinque and moves to Austin to create Better Life Journal, Healthful Living, and subsequent, short-lived newsletters. In the late 1970s, T.C. puts out his first publication, Total Well-Being, which soon folds. In 1980, T.C. starts up The Health Crusader periodical, which soon folds. Then he starts up Better Life Journal, which also soon folds. In 1982, T.C. Fry founds the Life Science Institute. It folds in 1991 to rise from the rubble as Health Excellence, which puts out 2 ephemeral newsletters. For 6 years, Mr. Fry had sporadically published Healthful Living, by far his most long-lived and impressive publication. This magazine offered many useful articles plus self-styled education through The Life Science Library of over 100 worthy, Hygienic and near-Hygienic materials and goods. This magazine enjoyed a circulation of 30,000 and was published only as funds allowed, although it was advertised to the public as “a monthly.” Finally, with the 3rd bankruptcy and the establishment of Health Excellence, T.C. turned to sporadically publishing 2 less costly newsletters, The Health Scene Newsletter and The Healthway Advisor, and to a much smaller circulation and for but a brief period of several months.

As all you GetWell Friends know, T.C. Fry also masterminded a course for those who wanted to become “students” of Natural Hygiene. T.C. promoted this course as being all one needed to become “an Hygienic practitioner” and to prepare oneself for a “Career in Health.” The Life Science Health System is a 2,200 page, 106-lesson, $1475.oo, correspondence course with some 4,000 students enrolled as of today, end of 2000. Controversy about The Life Science Health System always has prevailed. This is because all Hygienic practitioners and many paraprofessionals, myself included, vehemently maintain that no such home-study course could ever adequately prepare a student to become “an Hygienic practitioner” in the professional sense, that it could not take the place of the rigors of Chiropractic, Naturopathic, or Medical degrees followed by the 6 month internships under a member of The International Association of Natural Hygiene Practitioners. My stance on “The Big Course,” having corrected the tests for 2 years, is this: “It is not only thee only cumulative and comprehensive course on Natural Hygiene — it is EXCELLENT — to become self-educated or to prepare the student to become a teacher of Natural Hygiene!”

1994 to 1999 (or so???)... Bob Szucs and associates take over “The Big Course” under the name of “Feeling Fit for Life” and continue to make the course available under that name. Mr. Szucs had many and big plans to bring the basic teachings of Natural Hygiene to Health Seekers across The Nation and around the world. They, however, collect a lot of money for franchises and start offering all kinds of decidedly non-Hygienic goods and services (including liposuction, I was told!) before they fold and pass “The Big Course” to some Canada People (with whom — to date — I have had only 1 phone call with the secretary) who reported that they are... “thriving.”

A Summary & 1995 on... After 4 bankruptcies and/or government closures for refusal to pay taxes ... after 4 magazines and many newsletter births and deaths... after 4 Hygienic retreat openings and closures, 1 in Yorktown, 2 near Austin, and 1 in Missouri... after seemingly countless misadventures with potatoes, pecans, persimmons, organic food networks, paradise communi- ties, colleges, (You name it!)... after 3 marriages and 1 remarriage and divorce... after 7 children ... after numerous romantic liaisons and 1 long, drawn-out, fatal affair... after literally millions of dollars lost to thousands of investors... and after many millions more Health Seekers around the world profiting from their practice of T.C. Fry’s efforts and the teachings, writings, and materials produced and promoted by his students, including Fit for Life and The Health Seekers’ YearBook... and after the successful completion of “The Big Course” and all the countless case histories of good at the grassroots level that his Big Course inspired in students who would pass their knowledge on to friends who would then pass it on to other friends... “T.C. Fry, The Great,” runs out of Nerve Energy, contacts, resources, and wherewithal to maintain an office, a staff, and a headquarters . He accepts the good graces of John Maye, his “benefactor,” his “philanthropist,” his “humanitarian for Hygiene,” his “bill payer.” He moves from Austin, Texas, to Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, and puts out a few issues of a newsletter, The Wellness Messenger, to a few thousand.

During this time in Pennsylvania, John Maye and T.C. build on paper, with a 36 page promotion, the Shelton College, complete with the “Shelton College of Health Sciences Catalog and Curriculum.” They advertise that the Shelton College is being prepared “somewhere” in a tropical, perpetually spring paradise,” reportedly, “somewhere in the Caribbean.” They further state: “We regret, but it would be unwise at this point to name the country or the location.” Then, they state the costs for the course of study, degrees conferred, allude to room and board costs, and start collecting funds from students and investors. (You can piece together “the rest of the story” from 1994 to 1996 from the foregoing Anna-Inez Matus’ account and Dr. Vetrano’s statement and from my following “RECOLLECTIONS.”)

The Shelton College existed on paper only and not in the world of molecules. In the 36 page promotion T.C. put out in 1995, he had a short article in which he continued to make synonymous the term “Natural Hygiene” and “Life Science.”

An 8-Point Summary of The Sad Devolution of T.C. Fry

Dear GetWell Friends, While this short synopsis cannot have nearly the impact, poignancy, and continuity of the entire book, you will at least learn why T.C. Fry succumbed so early in life; and Victoria and I will have fulfilled out promise to tell you Common Health Sense Friends what happened to T.C. Fry. My new book was a search for truth, and it reads like “An Adventure!” Indeed, it was an adventure, a puzzle to solve, and a demonstration of the truths of Natural Hygiene as I traveled through the processes of the devolution of a living human being. While satisfying your curiosity, this summary cannot excite you like diving in and swimming with me through the entire oceanic puzzle of my full book.

Now, for... “The BIG Question!” — “Why did T.C. Fry, one of the most prolific writers and promoters of Natural Hygiene in world history, succumb to pathology at such an early age? Exactly what pathological process or processes killed him?” What “Essentials of Health” was T.C. Fry lacking? What hereditary tendencies did he have? These and many other questions were asked. I will not attempt to guess. I will find the answers from scrutinizing all the reports — laboratory, radiology, and autopsy. The Underlying Reasons Why Mr. Fry Died Are the Following:

  • #1 — Emotional Stresses
  • #2 — Errors in His Thought
  • #3 — An Inadequate Understanding of Natural Hygiene
  • #4 — A Loss of Faith in Natural Hygiene
  • #5 — A Lack of Patience
  • #6 — A Failure to Carry Out an Hygienic Lifestyle
  • #7 — Hereditary Tendencies
  • #8 —Two Serious Injuries from accidents plus further serious injuries from fighting in WWII.

First let us get an overall view of Mr. Fry’s physical condition. Let us review the symptoms that drove him to the hospital and those discovered at the autopsy. He had edema (swelling) of both legs. This was apparent many years ago, and you will soon learn the cause. His posture was stooped (kyphosis). He had many lesions in his lungs supporting Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD); and he was having such a difficult time breathing, he was forced to go to the hospital. His biopsy revealed lesions in the lungs, including emphysema. Part of this pathology can be attributed to the 17 “Ozone Treatments” he had about a year before his death. He was severely anemic and had been for several years. When at his worst, he had no energy reserve, whatsoever. He had an alkaline pH of his blood the last few days of his life. The reasons are discussed in detail in my book, Errors in Hygiene?!!? He was not osteoporotic, but he was kyphotic (stooped) from sitting at his computer for many hours of the day and night. He had chronic gastritis, gingivitis, and very bad teeth all his life. When he died, he had no teeth. There was no evidence of coronary embolism or cardiac failure. He did not have multiple thrombi due to atherosclerosis in his lower legs.

Let me try to elucidate the events so the downfall will be more comprehensible. First, Mr. Fry led an enervating lifestyle. This led to extreme Enervation and Toxemia. The Toxemia and abuse of his stomach caused the development of chronic gastritis, which he had before he ever became an Hygienist. Chronically lacking good digestion, he was malnourished. Because of chronic gastro-en- teritis, inflammation of the stomach and intestines, he could not properly digest, absorb, or assimilate what he ate. To top that off, he did not believe in eating concentrated protein foods.

The Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, in conjunction with anemia, was double jeopardy. He suffered with both these problems for at least five years. It takes many years of wrong living before such degenerative symptoms manifest. Becoming discouraged and coaxed into “doing something,” he had multiple Ozone Treatments several different times. By supersaturating himself with an excess of ozone, he thought he was getting what he needed.

Ozone has to be broken down into oxygen, then combined with hemoglobin and carried to the cell before it can be used. However, much of the Ozone becomes toxic free-radicals. His anemic organism was not strong enough to carry out its ordinary, physiological functions, much less to take care of any extra work. As a result, Mr. Fry was left in worse condition than before taking the Ozone Treatments. The three conditions he had, increased the tendency to cellular death all over his body. Hypoxia (from lung disease), Ozone poisoning (from Ozone Treatments), and anemia (from too few red blood cells) destroy cell membranes. You need to understand that cell membrane damage is a “cen- tral factor in the pathogenesis of irreversible cell injury,” which then proceeds to cellular autolysis (self-digestion), and finally, to death of the cells.

Consequently, the factors which led to Mr. Fry’s premature demise were all there. The anemia was bad enough and the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; but with the added Ozone Treat- ments, one can see that the results were catastrophic! All evidence found in the lab reports and the autopsy clearly delineates the evolution of the various stages of his pathological degeneration (the “devolution”), including the autolysis (“self digestion”) of his stomach and kidneys.

Let us try to put all the events leading up to Mr. Fry’s death in chronological order. On Septem ber 4, 1996, Mr. Fry was gasping for air; therefore, his friend and business associate, Mr. John Maye, took him to the hospital. On September 4th and 5th, blood tests were done. At 5:50 P.M., the 6th of September, the physician wanted to inject Coumadin, an anticoagulant; but Mr. Fry refused. Forty-five minutes later, at 6:35 P.M., the 6th of September, 1996, Mr. Fry passed away at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. The blood modifier, Coumadin, which Mr. Fry refused, was advised because the physicians thought Mr. Fry was suffering from a pulmonary embolism; and they assumed that he had venous thrombosis somewhere in his lower legs. The autopsy negated thrombosis in his legs. For many reasons, which I will explain, the autopsy, in conjunction with his case history, proves that the so-called “embolus” was, in the final analysis, a thrombus that had formed right in his pulmonary artery. Injecting Coumadin on the 6th of September at 5:50 P.M. would not have saved Mr. Fry. The gross (“visible to the naked eye”) examination of the heart revealed that it was not diseased enough to have contributed significantly, or at all, to his early death.

There is no doubt from all the findings, that T.C. Fry had Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. There was also definite evidence of emphysema. The gross examination of the lungs is interesting, because they found a great deal of longstanding pathology. Not only did Mr. Fry have longstanding disease of the lungs, that is, extensive Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, there was evidence of recent acute bronchitis, localized areas of bronchopneumonia, and localized pulmonary interstitial thickening. Therefore, his lungs were already very damaged. And it is understandable that he had breathing difficulties because of the recent development of acute bronchitis and bronchopneumonia, on top of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and thickening of the tissues. His lungs were, indeed, scarred, diseased, and physiologically malfunctioning. Some of the other pathology was caused by a serious automobile accident and by smoke and other pollutants; however, most of his lung tissues were probably destroyed by Ozone Therapy. It is a known fact that Ozone damage can happen relatively quickly; and it mimics the look of chronic, long-term pathology. His previous smoking habit, city life, and the automobile accident undoubtedly caused much of the lung damage. But the writer sincerely believes that the Ozone Therapy was the coup de grace that killed him. The final diseases, such as the acute bronchitis, the pneumonia, and the pulmonary thrombus, in my opinion, were all a result of the Ozone Therapy. This is substantiated by many detailed findings, which are delineated in my new book, Errors in Hygiene?!!?

The lung tissue damage discussed above led to the development of a thrombus that blocked the flow of air into his lungs. The doctors said that it was an “embolus,” but the microscopic examination and the Dopplar exam both proved that it did not arise in his legs.

Ozone-related free-radicals can injure the lining of veins and arteries, which is the first step in the formation of a thrombus. The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease caused hypertension in the lungs, slowing down the blood flow. Thrombi can occur when the blood flow is sluggish, especially when there are irritants in the blood, such as Ozonerelated free-radicals, as in this case. So you can readily understand how a thrombus could very well have developed. The thrombus was formed because of irritation to the walls of the pulmonary arteries by the free-radicals arising out of the Ozone Therapy. Most of the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease was probably caused by the Ozonerelated free-radicals because Mr. Fry showed no signs of impaired breathing for years after his automobile accident.

Mr. Fry’s Primary, Pathological, End Times Symptoms Were as Follows:
  • #1 Edema of the legs so bad that he could not walk
  • #2 Breathing difficulty
  • #3 Lack of energy
  • #4 An aged, weary, lack-luster appearance (I was told he looked 90 years old when he gave his final lecture in August and that he was not clear-headed and that his speech sounded like a broken record.)
  • #5 Loss of weight (His normal weight was around 146. By February, 1996, he was down to 121 pounds. And by April, 1996, he was 111 pounds.)
  • #6 Ashen-grey skin color (This was indicative of anemia, later confirmed by laboratory reports.)
  • #7 A sensation of being cold and requiring many layers of undergear (He suffered tremendously in cold weather.)
  • #8 Extreme weakness (He had no energy to even crawl up stairs.)
  • #9 Low-grade fever
  • #10 An abnormal pH of the blood as shown by his laboratory report
  • #11 Mental symptoms (These derangements were typical of pernicious anemia.)

Mr. Fry’s Past Pathological Conditions

Mr. Fry had been a robust man around 1972, weighing in the neighborhood of 155 to 160. After discovering Natural Hygiene and living Hygienically for awhile, his weight stabilized at around 145 pounds. Even though robust and so strong you could feel his strength when shaking his hand, he had very poor teeth. He was very malnourished as a youth. His mother had died when he was 6; and his father sent him away to live with his brother, Mr. Fry’s uncle. Young Terry was not allowed to eat at his Uncle’s table and had to feed himself on a minuscule salary. Instead of treating young, little Fry like a beloved, child nephew, his Uncle treated him like a poorly respected, adult, hired hand. In 1974, T.C. Fry was informed by an Hygienic Dentist that he needed to care for his teeth or he would soon be in trouble and probably lose them. He had gum disease, multiple abscesses, and bone degeneration. Mr. Fry never really did anything about his teeth. Then, around 1978, he began having more serious problems with his teeth. He began having throbbing tooth aches, accompanied with very high fevers. The pain was so severe, he could not eat; and the fevers so high, he was sometimes delirious. You should know that Chronic, unremitting pain can completely exhaust a person. Subsequently, a dentist in Austin found that he had 6 or 7 very bad abscesses. This dentist proclaimed that the abscesses were “seeding” his body with toxic, bacterial, waste products and then diagnosed his fever was because of the bacterial toxins. In other words, he had “septicemia” (blood poisoning) as a result of the bacterial waste products. Despite the continual agony and septic fevers, he refused to have his dental problem corrected until early 1990.

For twelve years, he dealt with the abscesses inadequately. Consequently, he suffered with recurring septicemia from 1975, or earlier, until after 1990. This is a very long time to suffer, when he could have quit working, rested, and fasted long enough to recover. Or he could have chosen the dental route of having the teeth taken are of. Even if the dental work had been done, however, the job would not have been finished. The cause or causes should have been found and eliminated, so that he would never again develop that problem. Doing “none of the above” caused chronic and needless stress of the immune system and a waste of Mr. Fry’s vitality. This, in itself, shortened his life.

Now, it is obvious that Mr. Fry had been suffering for many years. The abscesses and rotting teeth taxed his immune system. The 12 year span of nightly pain and high fever from septicemia squandered his Nerve Energy. Chronic problems such as these are prodigiously devitalizing. I do not think he ever realized what a serious condition he was in.

In addition, he had very serious nutritional deficiencies. He had trouble digesting high protein foods because of a non-specific gastritis discovered by microscopic examination at autopsy. Not only did he have impaired digestion, but he did not eat enough protein for his lifestyle and for his physiological needs. Even with gastritis, there are ways to secure more protein; but Mr. Fry did not believe in eating a seriously healthful amount of nuts, seeds, or vegetables, especially leafy greens, on a regular basis and as main staples of his diet.

The laboratory reports clearly indicated that Mr. Fry had what medicine men name “pernicious anemia.” He was malnourished because of insufficient dietary protein of long-standing, and had long since used up his reserve, stored, easily usable proteins. He also had a significant degree of malabsorption, along with the lack of dietary protein. A lack of dietary protein, plus gastritis and malabsorption, in all probability, were the reasons for his severe anemia and shockingly low B-12 deficiency discovered at the Soldiers and Sailors Hospital.

In conclusion, Mr. Fry’s objective and subjective symptoms, analyzed in conjunction with all his laboratory reports, cause me to conclude that his primary condition in the beginning of his troubles was malnutrition brought about by chronic gastroenteritis and protein depletion. Added to that, he had the Ozone Treatments when he was so anemic and depleted of protein that he was unable to manufacture all the enzymes necessary to counteract and destroy the Ozone-generated free-radicals. The serious automobile accident left him with impaired lungs that, along with bronchitis and bronchopneumonia, culminated in his extreme air hunger, that is labeled “Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome.” He could not get any air into his lungs at all because of the bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, scar tissue, and Ozone damage and lastly, the pulmonary thrombus.

The immediate reason for Mr. Fry’s death was the pulmonary thrombus. But all the earlier conditions with which he suffered for years set the stage for this last blow to take place — which was the Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Giving him oxygen would not have saved him at this point. Unfortunately, this was the end, the culmination of a chain of pathological damage that finally took the life of the once indefatigable, goal-driven, seemingly indomitable, enthusiastic, effervescent... Mr. T.C. Fry!

“Good-bye, Mr. Fry!! A lot of people will miss you. Thank you for teaching us lessons — lessons we all need to learn.” Dr. V.V. Vetrano

“The LORD, by wisdom, hath founded the Earth: by understanding, hath HE established the heavens.” Proverbs 3:19

The T.C. I knew by Victoria BidWell

Dearest GetWell Friends & Friends of T.C. Fry — The following pages are in no way to be taken as... “A Full Biography.” I have not undertaken the exhaustive research of... “A Full Biography.” The following pages, rather, are... “MEMOIRS... MOMENTS... REMEMBRANCES... RECOLLECTIONS... & VIVID IMPRESSIONS...” drawn from my memory banks during “The Trying Times with... The T.C. I Knew!” Some of you may think the less of me less after reading these next, many pages! And perhaps, I should just stop here and not supply this article & the next! Still, I have spent many hours during exercise in the warm waters of Fairmont Hot Springs as I searched my memory banks & gathered my thoughts in preparation for these articles, asking THE HOLY SPIRIT to guide me in speaking The Truth of T.C. Fry... as I — & only I — could have known him. Before the “REMEMBRANCES,” I must give you some essential background:

“A TimeLine of T.C. Fry,” “T.C. — Marvelous Movie Material!” & “Victoria’s Spiritual TimeLine.”

And Now... A Lesson on the Literary Term: “Point of View”

There is a story in American Literature, the title of which eludes me at this moment, wherein 5 char- acters are questioned after being victims in and being witness to a hold-up. The plot is simply the interrogator asking each character, “What hap- pened?” Each character had such a completely different story of what happened from beginning to end that the stories were not recognizable, one to the other, as having anything in common except the time and the place! The stories were hopelessly and completely colored by each character’s value systems, senses of reality, cherished dreams, hid- den fantasies, goals and aspirations, propensities and proclivities and — well, JUST EVERYTHING!

One character thought the victims deserved what happened to them. Another felt the victims were treated ruthlessly. One harbored romantic fantasies about the perpetrator and described him as “charming and mysterious,” while another called him “lowdown and scum.” One character felt the crime was the will of GOD so the victims could learn lessons, while another saw Satan standing behind the gunman, laughing and directing the whole scene. One person saw the bright sun come out when their lives were spared, while another felt the chill from a blanket of ominous thunder clouds darkening the sky at the moment of the cowboy riding away, thus sparing their lives. Dear GetWell Friends, do you get the point I am trying

to make? Even if you had been there, you would not have the same remembrances of T.C. as have I! Let me put it another way. My Sister Catherine is “A Doting Grandmother.” So she keeps up with all the latest in children’s literature. Apparently, there is a recent story out, which I have not read, but which she summarized a bit for me. It is called: “The 3 Little Pigs, as Seen through The Eyes of The Wolf.” Cannot you just imagine how it goes? The Little Pigs were fat, lazy, worth- less member of society, living in a slum abode that should be torn down it was such an eyesore. The Pigs were always complaining and playing the roles of victims, while The Wolf went about trying to make things better for the less fortunate by trying to rid the community of riff-raff. And so on.

There is a literary term for the phenomena that make both the hold-up story and the rewrite of this fairytale so intriguing: it is “POINT OF VIEW.” It is determined by “in whose shoes you are standing.” In short, if you were to have been me, with all my life’s experiences, with my call- ing for bringing Natural Hygiene to The People, with my emotional and physical make-up, with my spiritual struggles and strengths, then and only then, would you know... “The T.C. I Knew.” Those years were, from my Point of View, in- deed, “TRYING TIMES.” Yet, they were the times that inspired me to keep going, too!


When Victoria asked me to write a Common Health Sense “Eulogy” on T.C. Fry, I readily agreed. She had in mind a short statement on his contribution to Natural Hygiene, a request that she determined would take a few hours at the most. I did not send her the requested “Eulogy.” I decided to expand it into a book on why TC. Fry died so young. However, as I had not seen Mr. Fry for many years before he passed away, I did not want to guess at the reasons he passed away at such a young age. I had to seek permission from the family to secure all his laboratory tests, as well as the autopsy reports. After I received permission, it took over a year to wrest the reports from the hospital.

I fully realize that this book is not timely. People want to know immediately after something happens, why it happened. But, I persisted in writing this book because I thought it was necessary for Natural Hygiene, as well as for Mr. Fry. Perhaps, more importantly, it is necessary for people to know the truth. Thank You for Your Patience.

I spent a great deal of time on this report in order to give a fair representation to Mr. Fry and also to Natural Hygiene. I wanted to be truthful and not biased in any direction. In other words, I tried to be objective throughout. I let the signs, objective and subjective symptoms, x-rays, various other diagnostic procedures, anatomy, pathology, and pathophysiology tell us what really happened. Presented was a man with subjective and objective symptoms, as well as with various laboratory tests. I have tried to put the man and the subjective and objective symptoms together to get the whole picture. I have had to take Mr. Fry’s character into consideration; and I have tried to show how his personality traits affected his illness, so that people will not blame Hygiene for his death, and indeed, so that they may learn many lessons from Mr. Fry’s demise.

In addition, I analyzed the laboratory reports in detail so people could see the following: (1) The same laboratory reports and findings can indicate many diseases, not only one. [Almost none of them are specific.] (2) Laboratory reports and findings must be used in conjunction with the case history and symptoms; otherwise, they are not valid. (3) Each laboratory has its own methods of testing, and their normals are slightly different. (4) Laboratory methods are challenging and are not always correct. [Numerous conditions, procedures, foods, and medications can cause errors; and many false positives and false negatives occur.] (5) Most of the time, laboratory tests are not necessary if the doctor takes a good case history and gives a good physical examination. But (6) with a good case history and physical examination, laboratory tests sometimes help confirm the diagnosis. And lastly, (7) laboratory tests may be able to tell us what is wrong in the blood and tissues; but they do not tell us how and why these changes began, nor how to get well. Furthermore, with Natural Hygiene, it is not necessary to know what is the exact diagnosis because Natural Hygienists do not “treat” disease. The physician must know the name of the disease because she or he must give a specific drug medication for a specific problem, or use a specific drug or drugs for the squelching of a particular symptom or symptoms.

Hygienists do not treat disease at all because to do so is to interfere with, despoil, and corrupt the healing powers of the organism itself, while at the same time, causing other and more formidable diseases by quashing symptoms with poisonous medications. First and foremost, Hygienists search for the real causes of disease. Second, a genuine attempt is made to eliminate all causes of disease. Third, we realize that health cannot be had without supplying all The Conditions of Health in keeping with the ability of the individual to utilize them at the time. To supply all The Conditions of Health is basic to Natural Hygiene.

By writing this book, I had another purpose, other than only to discover the reason — “Why?” I think it is important that individuals know how diagnoses are determined and how to look at their own laboratory reports and glean a little about what is wrong with their own bodies. They will then be better able to ask the physician questions and to understand the answers. They will be more adept at making wiser choices than to merely comply with the physician’s advise. To put your body under the care of someone else, especially one who knows only how to perform surgeries or how to prescribe poisonous, synthetic pharmaceuticals, thinking that she or he always knows best what to do for you, is too trusting. You and you alone are responsible for your own health, and you can take care of yourself much better than anyone else because you are with yourself everyday. No one else can eat for you, breathe for you, sleep for you, or exercise for you. No one else knows your inner thoughts and emotional habits better than you. No one else but you can avoid The Causes of Disease, and it is up to you to supply The Conditions of Health.

Those who have a garden soon realize if they don’t supply the correct conditions for the plants to grow, they won’t grow. In fact, if you withhold water from the plants too long, they wither and die! Like all life forms on this Earth, we were designed to require certain factors, influences, and substances in order to thrive in a healthy state. By supplying the things we need, we can thrive and live long, happy, healthy lives. By not supplying them and by accepting all The Causes of Disease in our lives, we sicken and suffer until we die. By not supplying the needs of a healthy life, we are destined to live in a life of uncertainty, fear, despair, and hopelessness.

It behooves us to learn a little more about health and disease and to know how to ask intelligent questions of our physicians and other caretakers. This is why, in this dissertation on the demise of T.C. Fry, I have described tests and have shown all the conditions that the tests could indicate and how to put it all together. I did it so you could use the book as a source to learn what some of the tests mean; so if you ever had an abnormal finding, at least you have a little knowledge about the test and will be able to decide more intelligently what you should do if you find yourself with a particular health problem.

This book should help you understand how important it is, at the very beginning of any health problems, to use Hygienic Care first! If you do not, and if you merely seek means to stifle a symptom or symptoms, then you’re constructing the conditions for the devolution into disease and death (“devolution” meaning “the opposite of evolution,” that is, “the breakdown or degeneration of something or someone”). The body is a unit. It functions as a unit. When one organ becomes impaired in function or structure, this impairment is felt by the entire body. For instance, if the digestive system is impaired, the entire system suffers because it cannot receive the nutrients it needs for a normal, healthy metabolism. If the heart is impaired, the entire body suffers because it can’t get rid of its garbage. We are a living, ecological system; and if one organ is not performing its tasks properly, all the other organs that make up the systems of the body suffer! Consequently, all the other organs and systems also partake of the impaired physiology because their needs are not being met. When their needs are not met, other organs suffer more or less; so now you can see that the organism devolves, that is “evolves in a backward direction, as a whole, slowly but inevitably.” WE CAN STOP THIS “ENTROPY,” BREAKING DOWN PROCESS, IN MOST ALL CASES WITH RIGHT THINKING, RIGHT PRINCIPLES, AND RIGHT ACTING.

You are worth the time and money you spend on this book, or any self-help book that educates and inspires you to truth, for that matter. Some individuals always read for entertainment. This is okay, and it usually does provide some education. But we need to be searchers of the truth, and the only way to find the truth is to read books that can teach us something valid and useful. Take time to learn something which is useful and which can save your life. Learn Natural Hygiene and how to care for yourself. The right to our own lives and bodies is being challenged at this very moment. It is urgent that you learn how to care for yourself so you won’t become a victim of any new “system” or fad that comes along. One might find it very enlightening to realize that germs, viruses, and other microorganisms do not cause disease.

It is necessary that you study, understand, and practice Natural Hygiene. There is more to life than food. Too many people think they will be Herculean merely because they change their eating habits; and when they do, they are content with the half-way route, rationalizing that other people have lived to be 105 years old eating haphazardly. They fail to see that these “other people” had different environments, different habits of emoting, a different genetic structure, and different life paradigms. Most long-lived individuals do not perceive life as a stressful thing. Remember, there is not only one Remote Cause of Disease that kills us most of the time, but multiple, enervating habits, factors, and influences that do us in.

If we understand this, we will begin to search for all causes of disease, doom, and death in our lives and to cast each one out as if it were Pestilence Personified! It takes practice, perseverance, faith in our living organisms, and in GOD, to live correctly. It is a formidable task in this atmosphere of instant gratification and hedonistic living. You will be different. You will be “different” because of an inner knowledge that you can live in harmony with the way you are built! Therefore, take responsibility for your own health. You will be rewarded with Superlative Health not often found in the modern world. It is important to know without question, and from experience, that poisonous vaccines do not prevent disease and that destructive drugs cannot “cure” disease. The body alone heals itself, and you alone can cause it to do so.

July 20, 1999, V. Virginia Vetrano, D.C., hM.D.

History of life science

written by T.C. Fry in 1995

Life Science began as “Hygiene” in 1823 with Dr. Isaac Jennings of Fairfield, Connecticut. It was slowly elaborated as a philosophy of life by Drs. Jennings and Sylvester Graham. In the 1850s and 1860s, Dr. Russell Thacker Trall, a brilliant man, did much deep and original research and thinking that further developed "Hygiene." With the coming of Pasteur theory of disease causation by germs, Hygiene took a back seat and lost support as a health move- ment. Though it never died, its decline continued, despite such champions as Bernarr McFadden and other proponents. Modern medicine found a powerful ally in the drug trades; and with their growth, medicine used the drug trades’ power to develop what was, in effect, a monopoly on all the avenues of information and learning. In the 1920s, Dr. Herbert M. Shelton came on the scene as a giant in the movement. In 1948, Hygiene received an impetus with the founding of the American Natural Hygiene Society (which took “Natural Hygiene” out of its name in 2000). The word “Natural” was prefixed before “Hygiene” to demarcate it from popular miscon- ceptions inherent in the denotations and connotations of the word “hygiene.” Then, in the mid-1970s, the term “Life Science” was selected by T.C. Fry as a result of a survey in which a weighted voting system was employed to determine name preferences of people with health interests. “Life Science” headed the list of names that were surveyed. Among the names on the list were the following: “Natural Hygiene,” “Health Science,” “Science Humana,” “Natural Living,” “Scientific Living,” “Naturianism,” and several more. You’ll learn more about the history of the health movement called “Natu-ral Hygiene” or “Life Science” in the course of your studies.

The human ego has gotten in the way, time after time, with the continuance of “Natural Hygiene.” Right now, I personally know of a number of T.C. Fry graduates of “The Big Course” and devoted students themselves of Sheltonian Natural Hygiene who have offices and practices and who teach Natural Hygiene without ever once emphasizing “Natural Hygiene” in their self-prepared, self-selected literature! Nor do they avail themselves of the very best take-it-home, do-it-yourself handbook for The Health Seeker to pass along to their clients, clients who would be grateful to know of such a book! And in fact, these teachers tell me they make efforts to avoid the term “Natural Hygiene.” More often, there are health educators who want to rename “Natural Hygiene” and dilute the program or give it their “personalized stamp.” And so we have names like “Life Science” and “The Diamond Method” and “The Hallelujah Acres Diet.” A slogan during The American Revolution warned Colonists: “Join or Die!” Does it not make sense, as we wage The Great American Health Revolution, that we, likewise, unite under one banner?!!?

Along these same lines, I am grateful to the organizations that, for one reason and another, have decided to rename. The American Natural Hygiene Association and the Canadian are no more: they have renamed and redefined themselves as separate from “Natural Hygiene.” Let us get back to “The Basics of Life” and to Natural Hygiene, rooted and grounded in Scripture.

T.C. — Marvelous Movie Material!

Dear, Dear GetWell Friends, I could have stopped right at the end of Dr. Vetrano’s Statement. Surely, you would have never known the difference! Surely, you would have felt you had received enough information for your Common Health Sense #3 money! Surely, “In Memory of... T.C. Fry” on page 24 would have stood as “ENOUGH!” for my T.C. Fry statement. But, I could not stop. I know too much. And since I am sure no one in his family plans to do “A Full Biography” in the exhaustive sense, and I further doubt anyone in the movement will be so moved, this Common Health Sense Issue #3 will go down in history as... “The Eulogies & Remembrances of Thunder Cloud Fry.” He discovered Natural Hygiene, and the lightning from this Thunder Cloud sparked Dr. Shelton’s Torch of The Health Revolution! And after just 26 short years of holding out that Brilliant Torch of Truth across the world, that Torch has transformed into a Comet!” A Sentimental Comet that will light the skies and leave a trail behind for as long as the world shall live! A Comet that only you and I can see and appreciate, through our remembrances, now shared with others.

As I have made clear, further in this article, I give only “MEMOIRS... MOMENTS... REMEMBRANCES... RECOLLECTIONS... and VIVID IMPRESSIONS.” And of these, I have selected only a few of the most dramatic and most representative of... “The T.C. I Knew.” Some of you will not like to hear what I have to say, yet I believe each REMEMBRANCE adds to the total appre- ciation of this... “Colorful Character!” Certainly, he rates as a... “Most Unforgettable Character” in... The Readers’ Digest. Better yet, he is... “Marvelous Movie Material!”

He was... “The T.C. Fry” of each of the Eulogies. He was... “The T.C. Fry” of Anna-Inez Matus. He was... “The T.C. Fry of Dr. Vetrano.” And he was... “The T.C. Fry of The TimeLine” just presented. But he was, in a most real sense, also... “T.C. Fry, The Colorful & Many-Sided.” He had fronts he would consciously put up. And because I knew what was behind those staged fronts... from living with him and Marianne, day in and day out... with knowing Marianne intimately and hearing years and years of T.C. Fry stories... with listening to the T.C. Fry stories Cinque confided in me when we could have been called “unequally yoked friends...” with watching T.C. and his family... with knowing another of his wives intimately, hearing those first-hand stories... with listening to stories of girlfriends and prospective girlfriends... with watching how he ran his business and his attitudes towards money... with understanding his atheism, after having had a father like Victor Bidwell and with my dysfunctional, dark- spirited Bidwell background... and finally with being given spiritual strength, especially with being given the gift of discernment... believe me, “The T.C. I Knew” and and loved and am about to share — as light-heartedly as possible — with you, added to these other T.C. Fry sharings in this Common Health Sense #3, certainly does give a picture of “A Colorful & Many-Sided Character” suitable for — Marvelous Movie Material!!!

There is a recent release video out in the stores right now called “Sweet and Low Down.” It is what I call a “historical documentary,” as it gives the true story of a real person whose life was more interesting than fiction. This movie is about a genius horn player from the 1930s who played with supreme talent, who had a great vision for his brand of music, who was as eccentric and crazy a character as they get without being locked up, who womanized to the hilt, and who was just too dysfunctional and undisciplined to stay on the music scene for any significant length of time. “Why make such a movie about such ‘a loser’?” you might justifiably ask. But Woody Allen, at the beginning of the movie answered that question. “Because, for the moment, he was GREAT, perhaps THE GREATEST OF HIS TIMES. And because he left his great mark on music.” I might add also, because, regardless of his dysfunction, he stepped out and tried and made a positive impact on the music scene and was appreciated.

“If you knew T.C. like I knew T.C. — Oh! Oh! Oh! What a guy!” We of the older generation will well remember that song — only it sang of “Susie,” not “T.C.” I discerned T.C.’s deep, spiritual darkness. I saw his world where he was his own god and made all his own rules as his dysfunctional and Hygienic needs, alike, were fed. And despite all of the dysfunction and darkness from which he operated, his Thunder Cloud was strong enough to strike a lightning bolt to Dr. Shelton’s Torch of Revolution and do untold good, among the bad and yes, even the ugly. What Satan meant for destruction, GOD used for good. What Marvelous Movie Material it would make!

The T.C. Fry real-life ending was decidedly neither riotously or serenely happy, like in the movies: living in that dark hole of a garage and receiving the intermittent and loving hospice of his new friend, while he collected funds to bring the Shelton College off paper into the world of molecules. But it holds a certain heroism and selflessness that, nevertheless, makes good copy for those who have so much and yet who share so little with The Suffering People! Still, the movie makers really do prefer only happy endings. So if the screen play writer were to research further the life of T.C. Fry and were to find the vast amount of good he did in the majority of the individual lives he touched, directly or indirectly, I believe “the happy ending” is already there! It is being celebrated daily, in millions of lives! And his Thunder Cloud continues to jolt the world through the people who today are benefiting from his efforts.

Victoria’s Memories... Moments... Remembrances... Recollections... & Vivid Impressions of... “The T.C. Fry I Knew”

Before I Meet T.C. Fry & End Up at the Life Science Office... Hygiene found me in 1976. I finished teaching English in 1977. I attended Chiropractic College in 1978. I fell apart in 1979. I started cocktailing in 1980, for 3 years. In 1981, Cinque told me about Arthur Andrews and his California Health Sanctuary in Hollister, hardly an hour’s drive away from my apartment in Sunnyvale. I used to spend 3 days a week there, getting back into Hygiene, and 4 days a week serving drinks. There, I began studying Hygiene again and reading all the magazines Arthur had for the guests. There, I was introduced to all that T.C. Fry was up to. It was impressive!

The calling I had received in the summer of 1976 at Dr. Shelton’s Health School was getting ahold of me again. But I have to tell you, it was never T.C. Fry who was my main source for Hygienic teachings. It was Dr. Shelton’s works. And even then, it was beyond Dr. Shelton, harkening back to our Christian Hygiene beginnings. Dr. Shelton would so often remind us that he stands on the shoulders of giants; and he would often devote whole, long articles around the teachings of The Pioneering Hygienists. I longed to be able to start studying them in depth, also. Quite frankly, because of my Dr. Shelton upbringing, early in my introduction to T.C. Fry, I became suspect of T.C.’s teachings, especially “The AllFruit Mentality” and his “Happy-Go-Lucky, Everybody Can Get Well of Everything Right Away” attitude.

What Had Me in Awe of T.C. Fry... It was not what he had accomplished that had me in utter awe of T.C. Fry. I, too, had the calling to bring Hygiene to The People. I, too, could write and speak with a certain rhetoric and flair. Such modes of self-expression were simply talents and skills virtually all who step forward as successful leaders are expected to have mastered and to exhibit, at least to some degree. What really amazed me about T.C. Fry and what will cause me to feel a debt of gratitude to him is what he was able to accomplish with so much in his soul working against him. Bless his heart. Dear T.C. Fry — his choices reflected a soul filled with turmoil and self-sabotage.

I must reiterate to you that I hold such a completely different Point of View of T.C. Fry than most. What he had accomplished was not only impressive — it was triply impressive in light of the fact that he harbored so many handicaps, weaknesses, and addictions eating away at his soul! What an inspiration! Still, the practices that grew out of these handicaps, weaknesses, and addictions and the people who were hurt along the way because of these handicaps, weaknesses, and addictions are not an inspiration, at all! The tragedies along the way hurt not only The People involved — but The Natural Hygiene Movement, as well. Still, I cannot help but tell you that the very fact that this man was so flawed and could still step forward with such a cheery disposition presented to the public, and could do so much good for so many for so long was, nevertheless, an inspiration, indeed, to my far, far, less-than- perfect character!

The biggest T.C. Fry inspiration to me was this 1 thought: “If he can run a worthwhile Hygienic outlet, with all his flaws, then so can I!” In other words, his apparent dysfunction gave me courage. And while I have struggled all these years to gain the wisdom and the strength to be a really good and a really useful person in The Natural Hygiene Movement, I could always look to T.C. for encouragement to persevere: “If he can step out there, flaws and all, and still be of use, so can I!” The Dr. Essers and The Dr. Vetrano’s — with all their Emotional Balance and perfection in Hygiene practices — may have seemed unattainable. But I could always look to T.C. Fry and say, “If he can still help others with all that soul damage, then so can I!” And in the meantime, I told myself, “I will continue to soulsearch and pray for strength to have the purity of heart and the discipline to become ever more useful.”

In many ways, T.C. would have been a nightmare to conventional, conservative, responsible, Christian people, had they known T.C. like I knew T.C. (“Oh! Oh! Oh! What a guy!”) Had they such knowledge of this man as I, they most likely would have called the kettle “black,” in the kindest of terms, no doubt, but “black,” nevertheless; and they would, in all likelihood, have wisely steered clear. And this did happen, time and time again with T.C., in various, new relationships he formed. Many did back off, once they decided something was not quite right with him. But I came from a family background where dysfunction was the order of the day! And because of this soul-damaged background and all the interaction I had to endure with soul-damaged Family members, I understood T.C. Still, most people never got to know... “The T.C. I Knew.” What other people saw as cheerful and fun and funny, I saw as a manic façade or a clever-clown act, covering up his fears. I discerned a spirit of fear dripping off T.C., especially concerning his on-going financial wheelings and dealings. And because I knew so much in the world of his bad business practices and depleted bank accounts and never to be completed projects and broken promises for goods and services that confirmed this discernment, I found it difficult to buy into his light-hearted fronts that caused others such joyful laughter. Until he handled the vast amounts of money flowing through his hands with much more wisdom, I would be unable to join in the fun and laugh with the jovial man of whom so many have reported in this Common Health Sense Issue #3.

How Did I See T.C. Fry? This man was A DEVOUT ATHEIST (T.C. and Cinque ridiculed THE LORD so much they actually belonged to an atheist society!), A WOMAN SEEKER (T.C. went through 3 marriages and a remarriage and 4 divorces, and he always had a romantic liaison going when he was not married!), A BUSINESSMAN WITH A DEVIL-MAY-CARE ATTITUDE (T.C. spent money like it was an endless supply with little apparent concern for from whence it came.), AND A SELF-SABOTEUR. (T.C. put on a hugely “happy-go- lucky” front to cover up his exceedingly low self-esteem.) T.C.’s choices were riddled with irresponsibility when he had so much for which to be responsible ! None of this, however, discredits “T.C. Fry, The Great.” It just serves to help you appreciate the rounded-out reality.

Sometime in 1983... I Meet T.C... After Jock Royall offered me the test correcting job for The Big Course, I went home and spent the $10,000 I had saved cocktail waitressing, serving the alcoholics of America their drinks, and bought a 1978 motorhome to live in while I worked in Texas. I had walked 10 miles a night, 4 nights a week, for 3 years, carrying huge trays of drinks in probably the largest night club in California, and had gone from 220 to 125 pounds during that time. I always knew I would go back to Natural Hygiene as a calling. I just did not know how I would get a start. (What a sense of humor GOD has! The money given to me by the alcoholics of America was used to buy the motorhome I lived in while test correcting for Hygiene in Texas! Then, it was sold to put the first 2 GetWell books into print!)

I can honestly say that I do not remember my first meeting with T.C. Fry. He did not strike me as an awesome figure or as someone to whom I would get down on my knees in gratitude for what he had done for others. Many call T.C. “humble.” But I discerned an act of humility hiding behind a spirit of “low self-esteem.” (There is a huge difference between “humility in THE LORD” and “low self-esteem in the world.”) In your piecing together what has been reported of T.C.’s early days in this #3 Issue of Common Health Sense, it is certainly not difficult to ascertain how his low self- esteem was built. T.C.’s “esteem,” however, was decidedly not “low” when it came to his attitude toward the efficacy of Natural Hygiene when applied systematically to the life of The Health Seeker! Here, his genuine enthusiasm shined for all to see! And it was his “high esteem for Hygiene” that attracted so very many to T.C. throughout the years, along with his genuinely generous and kind-hearted nature.

Sometime in 1983... I Meet Marianne... Whereas I do not recall the moment I met T.C., I do remember meeting Marianne. And she would never let me forget it! As the years went by, we had a way of reminiscing certain events, telling the story as if it had just happened and as if neither of us had heard each others’ remembrances before — these moments were, therefore, filled with the original, emotional impact of the memoir of the moment! We had such sistership together! I hold vivid impressions of Marianne most dear for 2 such moments. The first was when I strolled into the office as “The New Test Corrector,” in tight, shiny, black pants and the long, blonde hair, and full of bold and wild energy! She looked up to Heaven and muttered under her breath, “Oh, Dear LORD, help this girl!” And she thought, “This one is going to be a handful!” But I knew my stuff. And quickly, I added writing articles for Healthful Living to my duties. In a short time, as Marianne kept talking about THE LORD, I took that full moon walk with the young minister and went through repentance and forgiveness for a lifetime of waste and took JESUS as my personal Savior. As time passed, Marianne took me under her wing. Her love was unconditional. She was true to Scriptural love. She perfectly filled Scott Peck’s definition of “a loving person,” as “someone who is willing to extend oneself through acts and deeds in such a way as to nurture another’s spiritual growth.” If Marianne Fry had not so extended herself, I would not be the Victoria BidWell you all know so well today. Sometimes, it takes just one person’s love to help another make huge changes for THE LORD. I am sure many of you have had that opportunity to so serve others. For the first time in my life, I opened myself up to a Christian person; and we formed a friendship based on mutual caring. I Thank GOD for Marianne Fry.

The Young Minister Visits the Life Science Office... It just so happened that the young minister who led me to JESUS that full moon night needed a ride to Austin. We ended up stopping at the Life Science Office before I took him to his destination. As he walked in and around the office and I took care of my errand there, he kept to himself. But as soon as we got outside, he was shivering with excitement: he told me he had received a gift of discernment while he was in there! He related the foreboding, dark cloud of financial despair that hung over the place, the spirit of poverty and want and need that pervaded the place. He declared that GOD was going to close the place down if the owner could not dedicate himself to doing HIS work. Then he proceeded with prophecy to tell me that I would one day change that situation with my efforts and that GOD had plans for me to lift up the work that was being done in the place to HIS glory. I was humbled. I knew I would work for The People as a Health Educator for as long as I was able. The plans could certainly get large. Keep in mind, this was 3 years before the founding of GetWell?StayWell, America! And 7 years before The YearBook. But I could already see that T.C.’s way of doing business, short of an endless, financial miracle flowing to him, would never lift that ominous, dark cloud of monetary need.

“If Only T.C. Would Find THE LORD!” Marianne Would Always Reminisce... The second item of conversation about which Marianne and I would always reminisce, at least once, each time we got together, was what it would be like if T.C. would find THE LORD. She would roll her eyes, look up to Heaven, smile with the innocence of a child, and use a tone of voice filled with love and awe! JUST THINK OF IT! If he could do all he is doing now — raising money time after time for project after project... if he could go through one bankruptcy after another and still have the wherewithal to come back for more... if he could crank out all this material filled with Mother Nature and the Goddess Hygea and “we come from a fertilized ovum” rhetoric now... JUST THINK what he would be inspired to do for THE LORD! JUST THINK Of how his gifts and talents and his calling would change! JUST THINK of how THE LORD’s love would come through his teachings and his publications to minister to those in need, not only of physical healing — but those in need of spiritual healing, too! From the time I first met Marianne in 1983 up until about 1995, Marianne and I would JUST THINK of the possibilities of “A Born Again T.C. Fry!”

Marianne shared during those last 2 years that when she would see T.C., she felt a darkness, like an oppressive cloud around him, through which she could not reach. And it was then, that we quit this particular reminiscence. I do not know if she had completely given up hope for T.C. at that time. I am sure that she never quit praying for his soul. But the fact that T.C. chose a complete stranger in Anna-Inez Matus with whom to spend his last days, rather than to be with his first wife of so many years and near his many children and grandchildren, most of whom dearly loved THE LORD, does reveal what was in his soul. He certainly was making his choice. He could have stayed in a beautiful home in Austin, filled with GOD’s music and the love of his family. And Marianne could have smoked her 6 to 10 cigarettes a day outside. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that T.C. had Anna. She served him well, and he deserved that. I am grateful he had this one last, loving, female liaison and hospice. His choice also shows that he dearly wanted to stay near Wellsboro in Pennsylvania to try to get the Shelton Collegeinto reality. In the end, he chose workaholism to his dying day and to stay away from that Spirit-filled home, with the music, the wall-hangings and plaques everywhere glorifying GOD, and where the Bible was found opened and read every day.

“‘Thank GOD,’ Is Right!” Says T.C. Fry... It was in the mid-1980s. T.C. had opened up the Lakemont Resort in Missouri. It was the middle of the night. One of the Lakemont guests had been delivered to the local hospital 40 miles away, having taken a diabetic coma turn for the worse. It was risky business fasting a diabetic guest, but T.C. was big on risks. I was driving the limo, dipping down and rising high, riding the undulating waves of Missouri hills. During the drive there, T.C. just could not put on his happy-go-lucky front. The guest could easily go into diabetic shock and never come out. Repercussions could be disastrous. I remained quiet. T.C. was obviously, genuinely frightened. I appreciated being able to be with him at this time. Here was The Real T.C. Fry, owning up to his real emotions, not covering them up with jokes and a manic-made happiness. I suggested that we pray to GOD, that we ask for HIS grace and mercy to be shed on the life of this lady. I asked T.C. if he would pray with me. And he said “Yes.” I prayed aloud, softly. I prayed that T.C.’s heart be open to THE LORD, as well.

After 2 hours at the hospital, the doctor an-nounced that they were out of the woods, the patient was stabilized. And we left. On that long, rolling drive home, I will never forget, I waited till we were a while out on the road, a road now feeling friendlier. And I said: “Thank GOD.” And T.C. echoed: “‘Thank GOD,’ is right.” I held my breath — hoping for this to be T.C.’s turning point! He had called upon THE FATHER in a moment of crisis on the way in to the hospital, and his prayer had been answered. But the moment was quickly forgotten as T.C. was swept up again with the heady life at Lakemont.

Bad Business Practices... From as long as I can remember until T.C. left for Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, in 1995, Marianne Fry was the head secretary at the Life Science and then the Health Excellence offices. She really held the office together. I doubt T.C. could have held the outfit together without her. She was another example of “Behind every good man is a good woman holding it all together!” At first, until I got the full picture, I wanted to know all about how T.C. ran his business. I had left the teaching field and knew nothing about business. Victor Bidwell had been a poor role model with his business practices, except from him I learned to always get the money before goods are sent so that I do not end up with $10,000 in bad debts at the end of each year, never to be collected. Marianne filled me in completely on how T.C. ran his business. (I am sorry to say that I picked up on 1 of his practices: taking money from GetWell Friends before a project is completed. I still owe many of you for the long-awaited Health Seekers’ BeverageBook.)

I became privy to intimate details on how T.C. raised funds by watching the mailers by the hundreds of thousands go out and by watching what would come back in, then by watching how the money was spent. I also asked a lot of questions about 2 previous bankruptcies. Marianne told me that T.C. had poor judgement in hiring, not in hiring shipping clerks and typesetters and printers, but in hiring those in charge of decisions and money spending. She reported his hiring dishonest people who availed themselves of company money. Of course, good-natured T.C. never pressed charges when he tried to pick up the leftovers. She also told me once that it seemed like with everything T.C. touched, something would go wrong. With the yellow fin potatoes, for instance, a railroad strike took effect; and the potentially profitable potatoes sat and rotted at the docks. And with the persimmons, a drought took effect; and the little trees gasped for water and died. Even The Big Course itself, that was sold to Feeling Fit for Life, was supposed to yield 7% royalties on $1,500.oo for every one of the 2,000 copies sold; but Marianne said, except for an initial few thousand, they never received another dime.

I was deeply concerned for Life Science and T.C. Fry becoming a success; but in 1986, I made a point of starting my own business and keeping our finances separate. For unless T.C. were to make radical, responsible changes in his money-making and money-spending practices, I saw no hope for Life Science thriving, let alone for its long-term survival. He apparently was not as concerned as I! The third bankruptcy, T.C. breezed through with flying colors! I urged him to haul the inventory off the property before they closed the doors, which he did: we spent time and money hauling load after load off to the storage boxes. Then, after the bankruptcy, T.C. simply had his son buy the business back for a mere $4,000. And he was open for business as “Health Excellence” in a matter of weeks! Amazing!

The 4th closure, however, was not a bankruptcy formally, although T.C. was definitely out of money again. It was a closure by the government because T.C. just, plain refused to pay his employee taxes, and any other tax, for that matter! (As you may recall, T.C. got deeply involved with a “NO TAXES” rhetoric that consumed a great deal of his time and Life Science resources.) So, it was not the same group closing him down this 4th time as it was the first 3 times, when all he had to do was file a Chapter 11 and get someone to bid on the inventory, computers, and office furniture! This 4th time, I again begged T.C. to haul away the inventory and the mailing list before closure. But with his devil-maycare front firmly in place, he nonchalantly refused. This time, the bidding was set to start, not at a few thousand — but at $33,000! And no one made a bid. It broke my heart to see 300 YearBooks and all those Big Courses and all the rest of the Life Science inventory hauled away. I even called the officials in charge and begged to buy part of the inventory and was refused. They ended up selling it all for the cost of scrap paper.

T.C. was an embellisher, a wordsmith. And he liked to make himself out as a victim of the establishment. Most tend to embellish from time to time. And I believe he may have been a victim of the establishment when he was stormed by the Texas Rangers and SWAT Team in Burnett, Texas. But all 4 of his bankruptcies and/or closures were definitely on the up and up: he did not pay his bills or he refused to pay his employee taxes. There was never a plot or a conspiracy: he was good enough at self-sabotage that such harassment was not necessary! T.C Fry left for Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, not because he had been victimized by government officials or Disease Industrialists, but because everything had been confiscated when he blatantly refused to pay his employee taxes and when he could no longer pay his bills. He was out of money and contacts, plain and simple. (In the historical documentary on Teamster President James R. Hoffa, one of his right hand men told Hoffa that there is one thing he could not do and that was to square off with The White House. But he did it anyway. And he went to jail for it. T.C. fared well just walking away.)

One thing that always amazed me about T.C. was how he could raise all the money he did, basically through The Bulk Mail proposals he sent out, and not be put in jail for mail fraud when he did not deliver on his promises! T.C. was constantly collecting money for goods and services which did not yet exist and offering interest on loans which he could never pay. One time, he offered a 25% yearly interest on money loaned. I was headquartered at BidWell Drive in Fremont, California, at the time. I will share a most vivid impression. One day, an 80 year old lady called me to tell me her story. She had loaned her life savings to T.C. She believed in his work, and she was attracted to the handsome 25% interest offer. She had sent him her entire life savings, $20,000, as I recall. I let her talk as long as she wanted and offered her sympathy. That was all I could do. But after the call, during which I had listened to 30 minutes of personal details and pitiable tones of voice, I went into the bathroom. And I vomited into the toilet. I felt sick for a few hours. And I wondered how T.C. could sleep at night!

At Lakemont, I had met Ralph Raschig, the man who made The Food Combining Wheel and who had compiled The Big Course Big Index. He told me how he had lost $40,000 on the soon-to-be-foreclosed Lakemont. During the years, I met hundreds more who had lost small amounts to huge to Dear T.C. Fry. I estimate thousands lost millions. I had actually come to the conclusion that when it came to paying back his investors, T.C. Fry had no conscience. I was relieved to hear from Anna-Inez’s story that T.C. spent some time facing remorse and regret for some of his life’s deeds, without the manic mask of the happy-go-lucky guy firmly in place. But the honest regrets were not in the area of these thousands of people left high and dry. I just never could understand how he could sleep nights, knowing all these people across America, by the thousands, were being fed his promises, and all the while he knew they would not be compensated! It mystified me. I could only surmise that he was unconscionable in this area.

Then Marianne gave me 3 EXPLANATIONS for T.C.’s ability to get up every morning, after a good night’s sleep... cheery, full of fun and jokes and generosity.

EXPLANATION #1: T.C. did not think about where money came from once it was in his hands. He just spent it for the cause. This seemed plausible, all right, although it was certainly not a responsible attitude. Such an attitude would allow for a good night’s sleep, however.

EXPLANATION #2 : T.C. spent money knowing that there is an endless supply of it “out there” and that he could always “raise” more through further promotions and proposals and contacts. This, of course, was true in theory. As long as a promoter has credibility and contacts and resources enough to do a mailing and to make phone calls, the response is likely to be forthcoming; and some are likely to be favorable. And since he was mailing to tens of thousands at a time and knew literally hundreds of potential investors, the odds were always in his favor for a successful fund-raiser, until Health Excellence went under.

EXPLANATION #3 : People knew, when they sent T.C. money, that it really was a donation and that they would probably not get their product or that they would probably not get repaid the principle, let alone the interest. This was an outrageous statement for Marianne to make! Yet she pleaded T.C.’s case with such love and sincerity, I could almost see her view point. Still, I knew, from talking with his people, this EXPLANATION #3 was just not true!

Sometime in the Mid-1980s, The Lakemont Fiasco... T.C. had good ideas, but it seemed he could hardly ever be satisfied with living within his means. It is wonderful to think BIG! But then, our BIG plans need to be scaled to fit the reality of our present resources and our realistically anticipated resources. As little as I knew about business, I knew that the Lakemont Resort in Missouri could never support itself. Life Science needed a retreat that would hold 30 people, not 300! And I begged him to scale down, to not go through with the Lakemont acquisition. But he just had to do it. He collected vast sums of money from many investors, and then lost Lakemont in a matter of many months. Too bad. It was a grand setting. But T.C. went way over his head, even driving a big, rented limousine to go with the “Big Time” image.

Setting the Record Straight about T.C.’s Son... Anna-Inez reported what T.C. told her. She could do no other. But, to set the record straight, T.C.’s son did not need T.C. to get himself into trouble. This son was always a renegade, of mild sorts. And he had been doing marijuana for some time. It was not planted there by the police. The reason “they” gave him such a long prison term should be told. His wife worked for Life Science at the time. And they lived in a less than prosperous rented home with their 2 darling children. But on the day of the seizure, “they” found a great deal of money for people living in such humility. And the officials could only surmise that this son was dealing; and for that, the penalty is stiff and long-term. The officials in court refused to take credence in the wife’s pleading that she and her husband did not believe in banks and that she had been saving her Life Science payroll money for a very long time in the hidden coffee can. That is the story from Marianne, and as I watched it unfold, while I lived there! “They” were not trying to get at T.C. through his son! Still, I printed Anna-Inez’s story from beginning to end, without interruption. It is just that some of her story after being told... “Through the Eyes of T.C. Fry!” is decidedly different than the way it really went down.

T.C. & His Addiction to Younger & Lovely Women... The Eulogies from Linda in Seattle, Washington, is representative of T.C. Fry, The Woman Seeker. Such an encounter described and as it unfolded was not a onetime occurrence. Because I had so much contact with younger and lovely women as Test Corrector for The Big Course and because I did so much advertising with T.C.’s publications that I got to know many of the younger and lovely women on T.C.’s mailing list, and because I would have intimate conversations with these younger and lovely women on a variety of subjects, over the years, I found a side of T.C. Fry I would have just as soon left undiscovered. He would prospect for younger, attractive women through his mailing list and at seminars. It would typically begin with long, long phone calls full of fun and laughter until the 2 got to know each other; and it would typically end with meetings that either developed into a romantic liaison or that fizzled out. I have not kept count of the dozens of women over the years who confided in me that they were so flattered and delighted to get to know T.C. on a personal level and then who finally realized that his interests were romantic in nature and not platonic. Their reactions, depending on their naiveté, ranged from surprise to horror to disappointment. Still, I do not cast stones at T.C. for this. Nor do I fault him. He was a man of the world. He made up his own rules as he went along. Dr. Vetrano had such a nice way of putting it in her book, something to the effect that, simply, T.C. always needed to have a woman doting after him. In the end, he got one fatal attraction who did far, far more than dote. Marianne put it another way: “T.C. is married to Hygiene. He should not have a wife at all.” Had he been able to devote himself totally to his work and his service to humanity, no doubt he would still be with us today. For it was through his very last, younger and lovely, romantic, female liaison that he was primed by her Medical Mentality to do Ozone Therapy.

T.C. & His Family with Marianne... Marianne first met T.C. on a ship traveling from “The Old Country” to The States. They were both very beautiful in their youth. It must have been a romantic boat ride. They married and had 6 children. But by the time T.C. found Natural Hygiene and from then on, his family did not come first. He could not practice Emotional Balance and Nurturing Relationships. The children really were short-changed. The Father they knew, all their lives, was preoccupied with plans and promotions, books and typewriters, seminars and sales. He could not give them the attention children really needs to feel prized by their father. In a very real sense, we all profited by T.C. Fry’s obsession with getting The Health Message out to the masses. And Marianne and her 6 children, oppositewise, suffered from T.C.’s obsession for The Health Revolution. Be- cause of Marianne’s strength in THE LORD, however, she was able to compensate and to provide the love and guidance most of the children needed to walk the straight and narrow. Her life was not easy, married to T.C. And the heartbreak of a remarriage gone awry must have been devastating. Yet, she remained loving towards him to the end. And, she shocked us all by following him only a few months later! GOD Bless You, Dear Marianne.

Sometime before 1994... T.C. Asked Me to Help Him Get Rid of A***... The last name, a word synonymous with “ruthless,” should have been a dead give-away! T.C. had never called me specifically to help him with a personal problem. Sometime before 1994, he called. We were catching up on each others’ news. And then T.C. revealed the reason for calling. He wanted me to help him get rid of A***. “The woman,” he reported, “is a nightmare.” I retorted with, “That is putting it mildly, T.C.!” I had to commend T.C. for finally wanting to take action. But I told him, if I fly all the way down to Texas and go through what it would take, he would have to take orders from me, he would have to go along with my strategy; for surely, it would involve a fit, a fight, and a restraining order! He agreed. When I got to Austin, the 3 of us ended up at the Health Excellence office on Regal Row. T.C. found an excuse to leave, telling A*** that he had something to say and that I was going to speak on his behalf. He made an exit. And we 2 women were left alone to have it out. The man truly did not want to involve himself in confrontation! This situation was practically routine for me: A*** could not be any worse than my most belligerent sister! I knew I could stand up to A*** because of my tough childhood training. I was prepared for anything! Let the demons bring it on! She could not frighten me. I was not surprised when words were not enough for A***. And when I stood in a doorway to keep her from entering the room to track T.C. down by Health Excellence phone, she began pushing and shoving.

Imagine it! Grown women, coming to blows! When she saw I was undaunted by her violence, she was taken aback for a moment only. Next, she went to call the police, thinking I would then back down. That was just what I wanted. For she had initiated the physical violence; and she would be, therefore, the one they hauled away. The next step would be legal justification for a restraining order at the Health Excellence premises. And T.C. would have his freedom while at work. By the time the police arrived, however, she had hot-footed it away. And by the time I got ahold of T.C., he had backed down on the restraining order, for whatever reason, choosing to remain in the co-dependent clutches. This was something I could not change. I threw up my hands. The final &-fatal-for-Fry attraction held strong. In fact, it continued until just 2 or 3 months prior to T.C.’s death. When it became apparent that T.C.’s death was immanent, A*** moved on to other prospects to get her needs fulfilled.

“The Conspiracy Theory” of How T.C. Fry Died... One of my dear friends, whom I met at Andrews’ California Health Sanctuary in 1982, and with whom I have been in monthly communication for a year now, speculates and speaks for untold numbers of T.C. Friends when he states: “I don’t care what anyone else says. I don’t care what Dr. Vetrano wrote in her book. (I had sent him a copy in August.) I still say ‘THEY’ got to him!” He means, of course, that like others on a long list in American history who had been a threat to “The Powers that Be,” T.C. had been assassinated, not with a lead bullet, certainly, but with... other wiles! With his very first publication, T.C. had been an irritant, a firebrand, and a highly undesirable commodity to The Disease Industrialists. He had been for years bucking the system with his anti-establishment rhetoric. My speculating friend will never be convinced otherwise: “THEY got to T.C. And THEY silenced him!”

I must agree on the spiritual level. Certainly Satan knows more than one way to skin a cat, even a cat with 9 lives. We are told in Ephesians that... “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, against principalities, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” What more perfect, fatal liaison to get her digs into female-addicted T.C. Hygienist and to wear him down — than a younger, lovely, manipulative woman, who is a medical doctor by training, and who has the ferocity of a wolverine and the tenacity of a Tasmanian Devil? By the time he took on this final, female addiction, T.C. was already worn down. After years of marriages and divorces and romantic liaisons and bankruptcies and with so much of his substance spent and Nerve Energy spread so thin on mighty Hygiene projects and squandered so deep on petty, personal distractions, this woman was “the perfect pawn” of the dark powers in high places to put right, smack-dab in the middle of T.C. Fry’s path to bring down his faith in Hygiene! This woman worked on T.C. Fry like it was her well-paid job. I watched them interact: she had a hold on him, all right. And in the end, it was she who had helped set up T.C. to opt for a therapy, to take that spring Ozone Treatment “LARK!” “THEY” got to him all right! And “THEY” picked the perfect person for the job, and she got it done. Still, it was T.C.’s free will that chose.

A Week after His Funeral... Still September, 1996... T.C.’s Death Saves My Life... I decided to drive the hypotenuse of the triangle back to The Barn in my little ’86 Ford Ranger, instead of going through California. The Ranger was pushing 300,000 miles with the original engine and transmission. Nearly all of those miles had been driven for Hygiene, and probably, 1/3 of them on trips to Texas and back to work with and live with T.C. and Marianne and/or Dr. Vetrano. My health, on this trip, was still far from “good.” 20,000 YearBooks out to The People, tens of thousands of other GetWell titles out to The People, hundreds of thousands of packages and hundreds of thousands of News Bulletins out to The People since 1986. And I was still “eating-disordered fat” and so tired. And with T.C. Fry now gone, how would I survive, without our on-going advertisements in each other’s publications and our deals? And after 4 years of being criticized and even physically battered twice by Joe Mellon before finally forcing him to leave, and then working with the young New Ager in The Algae for 1 year, I was worn... down, down, down.

Still, it was a beautiful drive through the prairies, over The Rockies, and up through Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. I was feeling the weight of T.C.’s work shift to my shoulders. And I was not up for the load. My drive to The Barn was a long prayer for strength to carry on. I kept thinking, “If T.C. could go at 70, I could easily go any minute!” I was so tired and worn down. My work for The People had ceased to be deeply gratifying and had slowly turned into dread and drudgery. I still felt the gratitude and that I was providing a worthy service. But the joy was gone. As I drove through the spectacular Yellowstone in the midst of fall splendor, I wondered how I would find the strength to keep going, when I felt as close to death as T.C. had been.

My prayer was quickly answered. I was told to find one thing in life that I wanted to do before I died and to do it, whether it was related to Natural Hygiene and my calling or not! I was told to not check out early like T.C. The HOLY SPIRIT spoke to me that day through breath-taking, natural beauty: “Go back to your child get the 1 thing that had saved you then... it willhood... get the 1 thing that had saved you then... it willhood... get the 1 thing that had saved you then... it willhood... get the 1 thing that had saved you then... it willhood... get the 1 thing that had saved you then... it will nurture you now... it will bring you daily inspiration andnurture you now... it will bring you daily inspiration andnurture you now... it will bring you daily inspiration andnurture you now... it will bring you daily inspiration andnurture you now... it will bring you daily inspiration and joy... and with joy will come the strength of the Lord.

“Get a Horse!” — the Yellowstone and Glacier Park mountains and streams and trees sang out! “Get a Horse & Ride like the Wind!” — the elk and the buffalo nodded in grazing agreement! “Get a Horse & You Will Be Renewed Everyday by GOD’s HIGHJOY!” — the hundreds of steamy spouts bubbled up! And so I did... “Get a Horse” — THANKS TO T.C. FRY’S INSPIRATION and by the grace of GOD, I got Captain HIGHJOY America! And, as GOD’s personal gift to keep me company without criticiz- ing, I have been renewed everyday, several times a day, as we make juice together, visit, have meals or snacks, do tricks, ride, or just play... through all kinds of weather and through all kinds of Natural Hygiene Projects for The People! By the grace of GOD & Thanks to T.C. Fry.

Friends, I have gone on pages longer than planned. I have covered the highlights on my list. You may read these “MEMOIRS, MOMENTS, REMEMBRANCES, RECOLLECTIONS & VIVID IMPRESSIONS” and sur- mise that I have been harsh and focusing on the negative. If so, you need to read it again and maybe again. I just wanted to share with you... “The T.C. I Knew.” And that is what I have done. I could go on for another hundred pages like this. But I feel I have given you the clear idea — as seen from the eyes of Victoria — that this man, this “T.C. Fry” worked under handicaps, weaknesses, and addictions with a fervor that is admirable and rare in the history of humanity. I believe we can receive inspiration from his strengths and learn lessons from his weak- nesses. And I believe in telling The Whole Truth. So there you are. Next, I shall give you my speculations as to what, in G’s Truth, killed T.C. Fry.

Passages from T.C. Fry’s...

Program for Dynamic Health

Introducing Natural Hygiene — The Proven Natural Health System Published by the American Natural Hygiene Society in 1974

(Victoria’s Note: Dear GetWell Friends, This little “collector’s item” $1.00 book may someday have a serious dollar value! Hang on to yours. Better yet, read it again to get a better picture of the “on-fire firebrand” for Natural Hygiene that T.C. Fry was just 3 years after discovering it! I print for you now a few “Passages” with the idea that you can better appreciate T.C.’s beginnings and his original intentions for his efforts to bring Natural Hygiene to The People.)


I dedicate this book to the world’s misled millions who seek happiness and well-being but who know not how to find it. I humbly consecrate the collected knowledge of this volume to a suffering people in the hope they will welcome and embrace its essential message, thus freeing themselves from the shackles of disease foisted upon them by the errant, the profit-motivated, commercial interests that do not care about the consequences to health of those who use their pernicious products and gain-motivated traffickers in human disease.


I owe a debt of gratitude to DR. HERBERT M. SHELTON of San Antonio, Texas, the greatest genius the health movement has ever known. Without the inspiration and guidance of his vast knowledge and understanding, I would have been unable to bring this information to you as I would still share the misconception, the ignorance, the despair, and the suffering almost all Americans endure. If America survives the debauchery of its death-dealing “food supply,” medical and drug trusts, it will owe its survival largely to DR. SHELTON!


I hope this little volume will be instrumental in introducing to you and to America, indeed, the peoples of the world, a true health philosophy and practice that will enable them to realize the high potential with which millions of years of development have endowed them.


It has been observed that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It could just as truly be said that it’s worth a ton of cure; for, in health, nature forgives no transgressions of her immutable principles. Every act contrary to the principles of health has its bad, physiological consequences; and they cannot be undone. Every practice in accord with the fundamental principles of health as outlined herein has its beneficial results. I submit that an ounce of understanding is better than a pound of knowledge and that a pound of knowledge is worth a ton of belief. I bid you, therefore, seek understanding above all things.

More from Dynamic Health...

How the Author Discovered Natural Hygiene, His Experience & How He Practiced It in 1973

Your writer has been on the Natural Hygiene regime for just over 3 years. In late 1970, when I made my GREAT HEALTH DISCOVERY in the form of DR. HERBERT M. SHELTON’s fine book, SUPERIOR NUTRITION, I was very conformist in my living practices.

At that time, eating was not, for me, for the sole function of nourishing the body. Gormandizing was one of my hobbies! In pursuit of the pleasures of what I now realize was a perverted and depraved taste, I ate indiscriminately as long as eating was a “taste delight.” And I never stopped to think about the purpose of eating or the consequences that might result.

I discovered Dr. Shelton’s fine book on a holiday in 1970 among some of the many books I had purchased 16 years earlier. I now regard much of my life as being LOST, especially the nearly 16 years in which I had possessed the “Open Sesame!” to superb health! I had read SUPERIOR NUTRITION completely on the day of its discovery. I reread it within a week, marking it liberally where I found its contents to be nothing less than revelations for me. So inspiring and so very obviously true was this book, that from that day to this, I have not:

  • Partaken of meat, fish, eggs, milk, or any animal food.
  • Used a particle of salt, pepper, spices, mustard, sauces, catsup, or any other condiments.
  • Eaten or partaken of breads, chocolates, candies, ice creams, pastries, or any of the hundreds of other concoctions that are popular.
  • Drunk of teas, coffees, alcoholics, or any other beverage than pure, distilled water!
  • Taken any drugs, shots, pain killers, sleeping pills, aspirins, antacid pills or concoctions, “medicines,” or any other injurious substances.
  • Eaten but very little cooked foods!

Subsequently, I stopped using soaps (Cleansing is a mechanical, not a chemical process!), toothpastes, deodorants, shampoos, shaving creams, skin cleansers, lotions, and other cosmetics! I undertook most of these radical changes in my life IN A SINGLE DAY! So heavily did the truths of Dr. Shelton’s book weigh upon me! I had always regarded myself as a creature of truth, and it was beholden upon me to follow its dictates upon discovery! So astounded was my family by this revolutionary turnabout in my regimen they thought I had gone kooky!

At 5 feet 6 and 1/2 inches in height, I was a hefty 195 to 198 pounds. I had a whole catalog of ailments and frequent bouts with colds and “viruses.” At 44 years of age, I had pimples, blackheads, twitching of the eyes, heavy dandruff, perpetual indigestion, migraine headaches, acid stomach, frequent colds, “malarial attacks,” dental cavities, defective vision (I wore glasses but do no longer!), continual sluggishness and tiredness, constipation, sinus troubles, angina pectoris (heart pains), bad breath, foul stools, obnoxious body odors, a runny nose, continual mucus expectoration, rheumatic or arthritic joints, and other complaints. I had a “normal” pulse of 70 to 75 versus a normal pulse today of 44 to 48!

Going on a completely living food diet, consisting exclusively of certain vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds caused the most startling changes to occur! There was a disappearance of one complaint after another.

Victoria’s Note: T.C. then goes on to tell of 3 fasts and of his weight dropping to 144 pounds. T.C. continues: Then something happened to me — a kind of euphoria! A new sparkle was in my eyes — eyes which had looked a glassy yellow and somewhat bloodshot — became white! My wife, who was on the verge of summoning a doctor against my wishes, noticed the sharp change. Within a week, my weight was back up to 148; and a month later, I was 155 pounds, where it has remained almost continuously ever since.

All my complaints have disappeared! My hair is still mostly gray, but my balding has definitely stopped. I have not had a single cold! No “malarial attacks” have put in an appearance. My nose no longer runs! My headaches have never recurred since my third fast. I would say that, at 47, my health is as fine as it could be after the damage I suffered through 44 years of wrong living!

Victoria’s Note: T.C. then goes on to tell of a typical day, filled with The 10 Energy Enhancers; and he describes the rigorous exercise regime he demanded of himself.

As I write this, I suffer no complaints except lingering gray hair, which I have had for nearly 10 years. Being thoroughly cognizant of the fine results of my regimen through better and greater performance, a won- derful feeling and better disposition, a happy lack of ailments and “viruses,” I find it no drag or in any way a problem to follow The Hygienic Program I established. I can recommend nothing better than the establishment and diligent pursuit of The Hygienic Program of living!

Victoria’s Note: Were I to give T.C. Fry a grade for The 10 Energy Enhancers by what he has written up for us Health Seekers here, I would have to give him a “VERY GOOD.” He reported doing so many things so right and so consistently. But the 7 hours of sleep he reported were not enough for the rigors of his day, especially with the wear and tear of all that exercise. Dr. Vetrano told us of his lack of concern for caring for his teeth. And Marianne had reported that Energy Enhancers #9 and #10 were definitely not up there in the “A” grade. Of course, for “EARNESTNESS” and “ENTHUSIASM,” he rated “A+” for “EXCELLENT!”

The Back Cover of T.C. Fry’s Program for Dynamic Health With Photos of T.C. at His Most Fit!

This Book Shows “The Way to Newfound Vigor and Strength!”

Splendid health is not attained by any one factor alone. We cannot achieve it through diet alone, through exercise alone, or through fasting, rest, etc. A high state of health can be achieved only by the employment of ALL factors and influences essential to human well-being in accord with the organism’s requirements. The program we must follow to achieve the highest state of health possible, taking into account our inherited limitations and ecological factors is outlined in this book. This book has been compiled by T.C. Fry, a businessman in New York City. Herein Mr. Fry presents the program of NATURAL HYGIENE as he discovered and employed it. He tells how he, at an obese 200 pounds and in failing health, achieved newfound well-being.

T.C. Fry & His Misadventures with What Was Once Called “The American Natural Hygiene Society”

Dear GetWell Friends, Please keep in mind that I am not attempting to do a thorough biography of T.C. Fry, that I am giving you remembrances and hearsay from reliable sources. Still, there is a story of when T.C. was a favored author and promoter for the ANHS. It had to have been somewhere between 1970, when he discovered Natural Hygiene on that fated Thanksgiving Day, and after 1974, when the ANHS liked him so much they actually published his story in this book, Program for Dynamic Health!

The book is long since out of print. And, as far as I can figure from talking with dignitaries of the ANHS and those who remember all the ruckus T.C. caused, The Florida People, formerly the ANHS, would like to forget T.C., altogether! In fact, at the ANHS convention following his death, one of T.C.’s admirers stood up at the dinner and delivered an unsolicited eulogy to T.C. The speakers in charge, it is reported, stood by and barely acknowledged the eulogy and then quickly went on to other matters. Neither was T.C.’s passing noted in any ANHS literature.

So what happened? Well, T.C. was a promoter of Musical Heritage when the ANHS found him (or vice versa). And T.C. proposed to use ANHS funds to promote Natural Hygiene to the tune of, it is said, over $1,000,000. When the Bulk Mail failed to bring in the returns expected, it took years and years for the ANHS to recover. That is the story. Plus, they had many prob- lems with T.C.’s teachings and his rhetoric!

“Not to volunteer aid when unintentional suicide is going on seems nothing less than criminal.” Dr. Edward Hooker Dewey “Would you believe me if I told you that unintentional suicide IS going on in America? That, in fact, 98% of ALL Americans suffer from self-imposed disease due to their self-chosen living habits?”

T.C. Fry

Eulogies for T.C. Fry

From GetWell friends

Dear Victoria,

My first contact with T.C. Fry was in 1968. I believe he had a classical music business in New Jersey at the time. I was 16 years old and just beginning to study Natural Hygiene, and we started a corre- spondence on the subject. I don’t remember how we first began to write to each other or how long it lasted. But he was always very helpful, supportive, and dedicated. We finally met in person several years after that, at a Natural Hygiene seminar in Queens, New York. It was inspira- tional and enlightening to hear him speak on health. Amy Bert in Huntington Station, New York, 1998.

To: Victoria BidWell — Re: Remembering T.C. Fry... I had been corresponding frequently with T.C. within a month of his untimely passing. In one of his letters, he said: “I intend to put Natural Hygiene on the map really big this coming year! Things are beginning to crank up now.” T.C. was exuberant and lively right to the end. And he always had an enlightening way of ending all his letters: “Yours for a Compassionate, Caring, Happy & Healthy World.”

T.C. had a unique way of proving the wrongs of medical drugs and how they interfered with the body’s natural recovery system and how all toxic substances can further weaken our immunity and create adverse reactions.

T.C. and I both helped students and parents for more than 15 years to avoid unwanted vaccines. And when a problem arose, we strived to solve it together. T.C. shared many great writings generously for all of us to know and understand The Real Truths that exist on Hygienic Living. With Great Respect for a Truly Caring and Insightful Man on Health Issues, Most Sincerely, Grace Girdwain in Burbank, Illinois, 1997.

More Eulogies for T.C. from GetWell Friends...

Dear Victoria, Thank you for notifying me of T.C.’s passing. I had not heard, and I am saddened. Like your initial reaction regarding mortality, it always bothers me when an Hygienist passes on before 100. I know we’re not in a longevity contest; yet it seems to fuel the “I told you so!” fires, when one of us passes prematurely, usually from overworking to serve mankind and womankind. Our gift of robust health till the day we do die is what makes me vigilant. Joel Ahlbrandt, Paola, Kansas, 1996.

Dear, Dear Victoria, Yes, I’m still alive and kicking. I know it has been awhile since I wrote to you. I corresponded with T.C. and took The Course in the late 70s. Then, in 1989, my husband of 48 years died. I went to Texas and did my internship at T.C. Fry’s Wellness Retreat. The work and the people and T.C. saved my sanity. I came back in good health and high spirits and ready to tackle the job of settling the estate and paying the bills. And I have gone on from there to make a very rewarding life for myself and the people around me. I enjoy yard work, gardening, and traveling. Just bought a new car, as I drive to Florida by myself. It’s a bit over 1,000 miles. I stayed at T.C.’s retreat til April of ’90. I was the only one there that knew anything about gardening, so T.C. sent me back out to the farm. And I planted an acre of tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, lots of lettuce, broccoli, and melons, lots of melons.

One of the watermelon packages of seeds said the melons would be ripe in so many days. That came to The 4th of July. I told T.C. I would be back The 4th of July to help him eat a melon. We laughed and looked at the pitiful, Texas, bare ground full of little humps. Well, I went back on The 4th of July, and the garden was like an oasis! One acre of flourishing shades of green in the middle of dry, yellow grass and brown dirt all around. It must have taken thousands of gallons of water. But everything looked good. Our efforts haretreat with garden goods, including all the lettuce the rabbits didn’t eat!

Yes, the melons were just beginning to ripen. I checked out a big Charlston grey, 2 feet long and a foot through and yellow on the bottom. We put it in the cooler about noon. And at 5:00 P.M., we celebrated and cut it open. When the knife cut in, it split half way open. There were five of us, and we had our fill and some left over. We took pictures and just had a good visit. I didn’t want to leave but had to get back to work. That was a very happy occasion. But that was the last time I saw T.C. I was very shocked to hear he had died. We lost a good friend and a fellow Hygienist. I miss him and his letters. I received a letter from him just before he was hospitalized. Can’t believe he is gone... he was always so alive! Geneva Brummet, Unionville, Indiana, 1998.

& Even More Eulogies for T.C. from GetWell Friends...

Dear Victoria, Praise God you are back on track! When we did not hear from you for over 9 months, I wasn’t surprised you had nervous system breakdown symptoms. You have always worked too hard and never rested enough since I’ve known you down in Hollister, California. THE HOLY SPIRIT will see you through your vision of The Great American Health Revolution. I have prayed for you and helped you since 1985 at Arthur Andrews’ School of Natural Hygiene. I have all your books, as well as T.C.’s books and tapes. I will be 84 in 3 months, and I’m never sick and still weigh 95 pounds for 25 years. I thank GOD in our LORD JESUS’ glorious name for many blessings and goodness in my life. You know, as well as T.C. Fry, that my life is in HIS HOLY WORD — the source of my strength and striving to obey all his perfect laws and to do them — IS MY DELIGHT!

T.C. Fry has developed and produced the only complete Natural Hygiene Course (106 lessons). No one has been as generous, giving, caring, regarding The SAD sufferings and downward health in America. The entire Earth needs desperately the cause of disease and health. Both Shelton and T.C. were persecuted by the American Medical Association and government lackeys of elite medical cartel — jailed falsely for practicing medicine without a license! T.C. was a voracious researcher in more than scientific Natural Hygiene — politics, economics, and challenged all to debate, fearlessly, even relentlessly! T.C.’s legacy to Natural Hygiene will live on in his 106 Lesson Course taught in France, England, India, and Australia and in Austin, Texas, at the Life Science Institute where lessons were graded and diplomas were earned.

Yes, T.C. died prematurely, ignored the first step of Enervation. His last project was a driving passion to open The Shelton College of Life Science and a Health Retreat in Costa Rica. John Maye, his benefactor, told T.C.’s little staff in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, that he would try to continue T.C.’s dream of establishing The Shelton College. How can he? There is nobody who can replace T.C., no one who can follow in his selfless dedication to TRUTH! I know GOD loves T.C. And his life work will always be praised by me and many others.

Take Care, Dear. Lovingly, Helena Henn, California, 1997.

Gratitude to T.C. Fry... In 1982, I read a newspaper ad that advertised T.C. Fry’s school. I enrolled and started the lessons thereafter. In 1989, The Fruitarian Diet saved my left hip. I could not walk in September of that year because the hip had developed severe arthritis. I had a choice — “Get a hip implant or go on The Fruitarian Diet!” I ate just juicy fruits; and in 3 days I could walk, hop, skip, and jump! I was extremely elated, and the hip has not bothered me since! Kate Florio, Cedar Chest, New Mexico, 1998.

& Yet Another Eulogy for T.C. from A GetWell Friend...

Dear Victoria, I heard of T.C.’s passing exactly one month after it occurred. The news was a real jolt to me, because T.C. Fry was a very special person to me. I first became aware of him in the mid-80s when I got on one of his mailing lists. (I honestly don’t know how!) and started receiving his mailings. The first one to catch my eye and attention was a letter in which he had made the claim that: “AIDS is a hoax!” And he wanted contributions to help him publish a book exposing it. I said, “Ah-ha! I always thought so!” and sent him a contribution. From that point on, I felt a personal connection. And I hoped that someday, I would get to meet this man.

Well, my dream came true early in 1992, thanks to another very special man, L.C. Green of Seattle. L.C. was teaching classes in nutrition and health. A scholar and a researcher, L.C. advocated raw foods; but he taught that if you are not eating all raw, organically grown foods, you’d sure as heck better be taking digestive enzymes every meal. (Use of enzymes had turned L.C.’s life around.) L.C. had become personal friends with T.C. Fry in the course of his studying and researching, and he had some of T.C.’s books available at his classes. One night, L.C. announced that next week, we would have a special surprise guest in class! The following week, I walked into class and instantly recognized T.C. Fry. (I’d seen his picture.) The rapport between us was immediate. And I later slipped him a note expressing my admiration for his work and my hope to become better acquainted with him. He “jumped on it,” got my number from L.C., and soon our friendship was off and running.

I can definitely vouch that T.C. was a very kind-hearted and generous man. When he heard me express my wish that I had the money to study his course in Natural Hygiene, he said, “Well, we’ll see what we can do about that.” And not long after that, installments of the course began showing up in my mailbox! And also, bless his heart! When he found out that I couldn’t make my car payment one month, he sent me the money for it.

In May of that year, I went to Dallas to join him for a conference and see his part of the world. Later in the summer, he came back to Seattle on business and stayed with me. That fall, he got on to a project and would “hole-up” with me for days at a time working on it. Our correspondence thinned and tapered off, and I never saw him again after that summer. But I will never forget him.

I noticed that T.C. tended to lose himself in his passion for his work. I feel he did not always take care of himself properly. I suspected that he went on little food and not enough sleep for days at a time. And people — being human, as we all are — do not always “practice what they preach.” My guess is that T.C. was no exception to this humanness. And I speculate that such personal neglect in deference to his work could have contributed to his early passing.

Another thought... T.C. told me that he never drank water. I speculated about that and wondered if he had not dehydrated himself to death! A naturopathic doctor I know once taught me: “We don’t age. We dry up!” We are born 90% water. And by the time we are 70, we’re only 70% water. Aging is dehydration!” I don’t know who ever came up with the stupid notion that drinking water is “un-natural.” Every animal I know drinks water! My health improved when I started drinking un- chlorinated, purified water twenty years ago. I have read the book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water! by F. Batmanghelidji. It should be “MUST READING” for everyone!

I’ll mention one more thing. It is only a theory. As an observer of human nature, I have noted that people, (and especially men) who feel unloved and unneeded, tend to lose their will to live. I think T.C. was a very loney man. And perhaps, regardless of new projects in the making, he had come to a completion point in his work. I don’t know. Maybe deep within, he was ready to go. Linda in Seattle, Washington.

“The 22 Essentials of Health”

by T.C. Fry
Founder of Life Science

No one else can breathe for you, drink for you, sleep for you, exercise for you, eat for you, get sunshine for you, or perform any of life’s processes for you. Health is your responsibility: not that of a physician. If you want to enjoy happy well-being, you must undertake the steps that build vigorous, sickness-free health. No one else can do it for you. Health is self-built, not conferred from without.

For most, overcoming any disease can be easy. Discontinuing The Causes of Disease and establishing The Conditions of Health will eliminate the disease symptoms.

The Life Science Motto is this: “Exercise and a raw food diet build great health — try it!”

That really sums it up. These are the 2 areas in which we most sin against ourselves. The First Commandment of Eating is this:

“Thou shalt not poison thyself.” Building health consists of meeting life’s needs appropriately. These needs follow: Overcome Ailments & Achieve Health: Establishing “The 22 Essentials of Health”

  • 1. Good air. Polluted air is destructive of health and well-being.
  • 2. A comfortable body temperature. Uncomfortable temperatures drain Nerve Energy.
  • 3. Cleanliness. Most of us are adequately clean externally but not internally, which contributes to our discomforts, pains, and ailments.
  • 4. Pure water. Drink only distilled water.
  • 5. Sleep. Sleep is the condition under which the brain and nervous system regenerate a fund of Nerve Energy, heal tissues, and make repairs, and rebalance the body chemistry.
  • 6. Raw fruits & vegetables, nuts & seeds. Only foods consonant with our biological adaptation must be eaten. When we eat foods that our dietetic character decrees, we’ll handle them efficiently and without problems. Most Americans are taught and most believe that “The Basic Four Food Groups” are required to furnish our needs. Of The Basic Four (meat/protein group, dairy group, grain group, and fruit and vegetable group), 3 are contrary to our dietary character and precipitate or aggravate all kinds of diseases from which we suffer. Just giving up these 3 toxic food groups and eating fruits and vegetables alone, in the uncooked state, is enough to help many people regain health.
  • 7. Sunshine & indirect sunlight. We should obtain at least an hour of sunshine on our bodies weekly.
  • 8. Regular exercise. At first, you may have to limit your exercise routines. But, vigorous, high exertion exercise is essential to high-level health. Activity is the foremost characteristic of life.
  • 9. Rest & relaxation. Like sleep, the body regenerates its Nerve Energy during rest and relaxation. They are essential after any kind of fatigue brought on by any kind of exertion: mental, emotional, or physical.
  • 10. Play & recreation. Such activities rejuvenate the spirit: both combine well with exercise.
  • 11. Mental & emotional poise, peace of mind & self-assurance. These all derive from the foregoing “Essentials” and “The Requisites of Life” cited hereafter. Stressful conditions will disturb you less as your health and equilibrium improve.
  • 12. Pleasant environment. An ugly, distressing environment drains our spirits, and, therefore, our sense of well-being. Lovely and beautiful surroundings uplift us and contribute to health.
  • 13. A sense of belonging to a group. Humans are, by nature, social beings. We have a gregarious instinct. Being among pleasant, loving, joyful fellow beings or peers contributes to wellbeing.
  • 14. Self-mastery. This is a must if we are to competently cope with life’s ups and downs, with the temptations and demands that face us.
  • 15. Security of life and its means. Insecurity leads to emotional stresses that rob us of wellbeing. We must have assurance that the necessities of life will be ours for reasonable efforts.
  • 16. Creative, useful work. No one wants to be a parasite or be unproductive. Everyone thrives when their needs of life are met by their efforts.
  • 17. Inspiration, motivation, purpose & commitment in life. Having realistic goals to achieve and working towards them is health-promoting.
  • 18. Instinct of reproduction.
  • 19. Satisfaction of the aesthetic senses. We thrive on beauty, are repelled by ugliness. We should stop to appreciate beauty when possible.
  • 20. Love & appreciation. We are exhilarated and exuberant when we are loved and appreciated. On the obverse side, we become depressed when others dislike and deprecate us, even if unjustifiably. These exalted feelings must be earned! To be appreciated most, you must genuinely appreciate others and make it known to them unmistakably by your words and actions.
  • 21. Interaction with peers about feelings, matters of intellectual moment, life’s affairs & life’s problems. While this is implicit in belonging to a social group, it needs to be highlighted.
  • 22. Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance & a sense of self-worth. “Self-esteem” means “you have a good self-image because you’re equal to the demands life makes upon you.”

The Harringtons' Eulogy

Dear Victoria, Your package came as a pleasant surprise. I have been feeling quite let down by Natural Hygiene for quite some time now. The society in Florida keeps steadily advancing towards a more “medical” stance. The local chapter here in Toronto (my closest, main city) has changed its name. I have never been thrilled with the name “Natural Hygiene.” But I am even less thrilled with the name... “Natural Health Society.” They feel it more accurately reflects what they are about. The McCarters have passed on (At least they rated an obituary in the Toronto newsletter.), and I did not receive a reply when I wrote to T.C. Fry’s new venture. (And now I know why, thanks to you.) I was saddened, but not surprised, to learn that T.C. had passed away last September. I sit here and seethe, that the Florida folks could not have even put in a small mention of his passing. If it were not for him training Harvey Diamond, they would still be a small cult of ultra righteous, health equivalents of the branch Davidians of Texas. Indirectly, T.C. put them back on the map. They may not be grateful, but I am. You ask for reminiscences of T.C. Well, here is ours.

For Christmas, in 1987, my sister gave me a book, Fit for Life. I did not read it. I was very into health. It is not only my profession as a Public Health Inspector, but it is also my avocation. My wife and I had been searching here and there for some 10 years for a proper health system. Clearly, our present system of nutrition and care was not as it should be. “FIT?” I was as “FIT” as I wanted to be. What I wanted was high level wellness. I was not interested is “fitness.” I was mentally happy. What we wanted was a wellness system to guide us to physical happiness.

In March, with a visit from my sister due, I figured I had better read her damn book! I prefer to be honest when I comment to people. Well, I have never read such a book! It seemed to open doors, doors that I knew were there, but doors that I knew not how to open! With such a mass of insights, I figured I owed it to myself to check out this “new” health system further. FFL gave the Toronto address of the then Canadian Natural Hygiene Society, and so I wrote to them. I got an immediate reply and decided to attend their next lecture.

I was somewhat taken aback by their 10 rules of living. Number 8 stated we must refuse all vaccinations. I thought... “What a bunch of kooks!” Between the army and my public health service, I had become a literal pin cushion from required shots! How could this “universal” health measure be bad??? BUT... based on the valid information in FFL, I decided I would investigate further before I made up my mind. To this end, while I was there, I bought Living Health, Harvey and Marilyn’s newest book. It was the book Harvey had really wanted to write about this truly marvelous health system... Natural Hygiene. And it centered on the total health program, not just on weight-loss.

I read the book and was truly fascinated. Here was the system I had been searching for... Then I thought, Havey mentioned his book was all based on a system that he learned through a course from T.C. Fry. I thought... “Why should I take this valuable information second-hand? It would be best if I took The Course myself and found out the information first-hand!” It was then that I enrolled in T.C.’s “Big Course.” As I worked through the lessons, I became more and more fascinated and rewarded. T.C. had a seminar in Texas, and so I went. It was fantastic! I met T.C. and many of his assistants. I examined the whole course: its presenters and contents were all first class. The only thing I could not understand was the low number of attendees. It was then I found out about T.C.’s ongoing fight with the U.S. Government. The-Powers- that-Be had kept one hand (and later, both hands) tied behind his back, and so he could not be what he wanted to be.

I was so impressed that I decided to have a 2 week fast in December, 1989. I had some health problems that could not wait until I finished his course, and I did my required 2 week fast. T.C. then told me, this fast would do for the required one. A 2 week fast requires one week of realimentation. Since I am happily married, this was too long to be away from my spouse and loved one. She, therefore, took a leave of absence from work and accompanied me. She was not too sure about this fasting thing; but since she was there, she was willing to give it a try if I was doing it. Of course, the idea was that she could quit anytime. Well, the long and the short of all this is she got the better results from her fast! The most wonderful part was we got to be with T.C. for 3 weeks of almost undivided attention! He gave a lecture to us “fastees” everyday. It was enlightening, but I was constantly concerned about his apparent low self-esteem. He seemed to always be putting himself down. On top of this, he was waging a war on the medical establishment. Yes, it is the right thing to do. They are very, very wrong. BUT NO ONE EVER WINS A WAR.

Without T.C., there would be no Harvey Diamond; and without Harvey, there would have been no Natural Hygiene for me. I face the future full of confidence (for my health and well being). For I know that whatever goes wrong, it is my fault; and following the precepts of Natural Hygiene, I can set it right. When you blame someone else, such as germs, you are giving away your power. I am not surprised to hear that T.C. died at the untimely age of 70. He was a man who had seen the answer and was trying to save the world. Unfortunately, it would have required that the world take responsibility for its actions and inactions. This the world is not willing to do, and so poor T.C. was doomed to failure. And in my mind... he died of a broken heart. I cannot believe otherwise of this great, great man.

Ron and Elaine Harrington in Toronto, Canada, 1997

A Letter & Eulogy from...

Life-long Friend of T.C. & GetWell Friend
Kenneth Pamplin Holistic Minister, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dear Victoria BidWell, Thank you so much for the material and information about the passing of T.C. Fry. My heart sank as I read your account. I had known T.C. (“Thunder Cloud”) since we were kids in Bennington, Oklahoma; and we had stayed in touch over the years. I visited him in New Jersey in the 50s when he had a large wholesale discount mail order business. He had a large warehouse there and had been operating very successfully for several years. I later ran a branch office for him in Dallas for a short time, along with my own business I had at the time. But that operation soon went bust along with his New Jersey office. T.C. ended up going to prison for mail fraud. I don’t think he intended to defraud anyone. Somehow, it seems he just got in over his head as he was trying to expand the business. Anyway, he ended up in a bad situation, and I remember sending him $1,500.oo to help pay his lawyer’s fees.

This was before T.C. became involved in the Natural Hygiene movement. I had visited Dr. Shelton in San Antonio, read quite a few health books, began to experiment with fasting, various diets, and so on. T.C. didn’t seem interested and warned me about fanatics in that field. When, a few years later, he told me of his involvement with Natural Hygiene, I was absolutely amazed! It was as if he had received some kind of “religious experience.” As if he had a new foundation for his life, a solid rock to stand on. It seemed to give deep meaning and purpose to his life, and pointed to a kind of “salvation” for mankind while on this Earth, even though T.C. was a devout atheist.

At the time, I was involved in a deep, personal struggle and search for truth. My Father was a far right Fundamentalist Preacher, and I had rebelled against his teachings. Naturally, I was very interested in what T.C. had to say about religion and The Bible, based on his hardcore atheistic view. He introduced me to a publisher and distributor of atheistic books. I still have a whole “dark shelf” of these books in the corner of my library. I was, indeed, shaken by what I read in this “Fry recommended literature”! After studying it, I could easily understand why anyone who was familiar with the sordid details, or the worst in any religion, could easily end up being an agnostic or atheist.

But my search contin- ued in other directions. I got into “The New Age” study of UFOs, parapsychology, spiritualism, psychic phenomenon, Eastern religion, metaphysical groups, etc. Having thoroughly studied “the darkspirited alternatives” to THE LORD, the deeper esoteric and mystical meaning of The Bible made a lot more sense to me. I then went back to college to study religion. I earned two masters’ degrees, one of which was a seminary degree from Phillips in Enid, Oklahoma. I then became a pastor for several years. My search also had created a new foundation for my life; and it was a wonderful experience, indeed! I talked to T.C. about some of these things, but it seemed as if he had some kind of block about THE LORD, THE HOLY SPIRIT, and GOD. He just couldn’t see or grasp what I had experienced and was trying to share with him.

But how do you de- scribe a man like T.C. Fry? I was fascinated with the man for years. And I liked the man. Yes, I just liked the man but really didn’t know why. Today, I can say “I loved him and still do.” There was something in him that was kind, gentle, and brilliant. None of my family ever liked him. They thought he was a crook. They warned me over and over not to associate with him. My wife had a kinder opinion, but she felt T.C. had a huge ego that made him feel superior to others.

I talked to T.C. right after the Oklahoma City bombing. The last time I saw him was in 1991 at the Bennington School Homecoming. He was there with a girlfriend named “Andy Savage.” During that time, I took Andy and T.C. out into the country to the site of a country school house where T.C. had attended grade school, and where my Dad had preached and held revivals. The place was deserted, the old buildings all gone; but we found a spot to sit and visit. I set up my video camera to record the session. It lasted about one hour and a half. I just wanted T.C. to review his life for me. I wanted to know more about why and how he had become an atheist and how he now felt about certain things which had happened in his childhood that I had privy to. I guess I was trying to psychoanalyze T.C. Anyway, it was an interesting interview. I viewed the video tape again right after receiving your notice of T.C.’s death.

T.C.’s mother was found dead on the ice, between the house and the barn, in 1935. She apparently had slipped and had fallen on the ice, but it was hard for some to believe that this could have caused such a serious blow to the head. T.C. did not remember a lot of fighting between his father and mother, but he did say that he saw his mother throw a butcher knife at this father. The knife barely missed his father and stuck into the wall. But T.C. never believed that his father killed his mother. He did say that within six weeks after her death that his Dad brought another woman into the home. T.C. said his father was a bootlegger and talked of drinking parties at their home.

The new woman lived with them about a year and then left. But soon, his father took in another woman, a young one only 18 years of age. T.C. did not like her. He said she was hateful and spiteful to the kids. After about five years, this woman also died from a blow on the head which T.C.’s father said happened when she fell off his buckboard. When the law investigated, they arrested his father and charged him with her death. They claimed to have found blood on the buckboard which could not have gotten there if she had fallen off the wagon as T.C.’s father had said. They concluded that T.C.’s father had hit her over the head with a hoe while she was sitting in the wagon. Anyway, T.C.’s father was convicted and given a 15 year prison sentence. I remember T.C.’s father well, and I liked him also. He was always kind and friendly to me. I’m sure there are more details in the above events, but these are some of the things T.C. mentions on the video tape.

After T.C.’s father went to prison, “Small Fry,” as he was called, was left alone with the other children. On the video tape, T.C. talks about his life after that. The kids were shifted between relatives, foster homes, etc. Of special interest to me was what he said about his early exposure to religion and how he had become an atheist. T.C. had a keen and brilliant mind, and he loved to read. He would get books from the library or any way he could. He was reading the works of some of the deepest thinkers and philosophers at a very early age. As to religion, by the time he was 13 or 14, he was already being called “heretic,” “a son of Satan.” When he was only 11 or 12, he did go to church and was reading The Bible. His study of The Bible impressed many around him, especially one minister he knew. That minister encouraged T.C. to keep studying The Bible and suggested that he should become a minister. But T.C. had questions about The Bible. Such questions as... “Where did Cain get his wife?” And he questioned the things in The Bible that seemed to be in direct conflict with science.

The minister immediately turned on TC. and accused him of being “a tool of Satan” or of being “misled by Satan.” Instead of encouraging T.C. to keep reading, questioning and seeking the truth, the minister rejected “Small Fry” as being “unworthy and defiled.” Here I can identify closely with T.C. because I received the same kind of rejection by my own Father, who was a Fundamentalist minister, because I could not agree with some of his doctrines and dogmas, or that his was “the only true church with the only true Christians,” etc. Even after I had gone through seminary and become a minister in another denomination, my Father still could not accept me as a Christian. He simply consigned me to hell along with many other ministers who were not of his denomination. It was the most devastating experience of my life, and it hurt me deeply.

I don’t know, of course. But I wonder how different the life of T.C. Fry might have been had that minister loved and encouraged him in seeking THE LORD and in studying THE WORD OF GOD. Because T.C. had changed his views about science and health and had become a Natural Hygienist, I always hoped that he would change his views about atheism. I
hoped he might understand what I believe to be the deep, profound, great and wonderful truths found in The Bible. When T.C. converted to Natural Hygiene, he acted as if he had found “The Absolute Truth.” And as you said in your letter, it was hard to get him to budge one iota on even a small point. In that sense, he had become like my Dad, who wound not give an inch on any of his cherished dogmas and doctrines. But T.C. was very different from my Dad, in that T.C. never rejected me for my religious views. He never accused me of being insincere, of being some kind of deceived, evil, unworthy who should be destined for “the pit.” Perhaps, that is one main reason I liked T.C. so much. He accepted me just the way I was for who I was. Many said that TC. felt superior to everyone else. Well, maybe it was never in a way that was offensive to me. And indeed, T.C. was my superior in some ways. I think among the people who disliked T.C., it was because of his independent thinking and because of his intellectual skills and abilities.

T.C. is gone now. But I will always be grateful that his life touched mine. I know that “Nothing good ever ends.” But there is change as each of us suffers, learns, grows, and moves on to fulfill GOD’s plan for our lives. We each come to Earth with a mission, a plan to fulfill. It is a glorious path, because it is here that the gold is tested and tried in the fire, as we learn the true meaning of GOD’s love. The path before us is the path of GOD’s pure love, if we only have the eyes to see. The glory and beauty that awaits us is beyond words to describe! When I think of T.C., I feel love and affection.

And so, Victoria, I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you because I felt you would understand. I like the way you wrote about T.C. You were very open and frank about your feelings and how you admired and respected him, despite his faults and weaknesses.

I assume that the Wellness Network has been dissolved and that you are the main one carrying on the work on any sort of a large scale now. I would like to mention you, give your address, and explain how readers can obtain more information, get your publications, etc. I would like to hear from you about this.

By the way, I agree completely with you about blue green algae. I have been using blue green algae for some time, and I have no doubt about its amazing health benefits! You certainly have my support, my prayers, and best wishes for success in the work you are doing. I know that it is an important part of the answer to the problem of health care in this Country. President Clinton said escalating health cost could bankrupt this Country if something weren’t done.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kenneth Pamplin

Last Letters to T.C. Fry & “Our Fond FareWell”

This page and the next are the last 2 pages of the 2002 Common Health Sense #3. This Issue #3 is a tribute to T.C.’s contribution to Health Seekers around the world; and it serves, also, to set the record straight on some of his misguided misteachings. These “Last Letters” are representative of tens of thousands of letters of gratitude sent to T.C. Fry over “The 26 Years of The T.C. Fry Heyday!”

From Victoria to Dear, Dear GetWell Friends —

I had planned to limit this Issue #3 of Common Health Sense to 150 pages. And I am anxious to get on with completing Issue #4 and getting this off to you so I can start #5 & #6! And, like with The YearBook, I had to stop somewhere! Putting these 2 Issues together has so greatly enriched my love for you and for all humanity, my love for T.C. Fry and for Dr. Shelton, and my love for The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit, as well as my appreciation for their gifts, both spiritual and material! This Enrichment is a Blessing I had not anticipated! I do pray for you and for your Circle of Friends, that you will, likewise, be blessed by these 2 Issues. I can keep going, with further funds, to bring you Issues #5 & #6 throughout 2001. Please renew at this time, so that we can keep the blessings flowing! In closing this Issue #3, then, let me share with you a “Last Letter” I got just last week. And then, I will fill these last 2 pages with short, selected letters to T.C. taken from his many publications I have been poring through the last month. StayWell, Dear Friends in Natural Hygiene. Thank You So Much for lifting GetWell?StayWell America! up above the dark clouds of financial worry this year of 2000 so that we can keep serving others. And Thank You for All Your Acts of Kindness You Do throughout Your Days!

Dear Victoria, I wondered what had happened to you for quite some time. And then I got your letter explaining all your problems and getting so much misery with “Fibromyalga symptoms.” That is a dreaded ail- ment which, it seems, there is not much help for. Thank GOD my temporal arteritis is now completely reversed! These ailments come from stress, which is a Killer in itself. With T.C. Fry’s help, I got off prednisone, lost about 60 pounds, and felt like myself once again. Of course, it took a long time for me to gain my strength back. I could not brush my hair or put a dress on that had an opening at the neckline. I could not climb up on a chair. No strength to get my body up. It took a long time after losing the weight to get back to almost normal. It has been 5 years since I first became ill. But at 75 and working 6 days a week as a Home Health Aide, I can truthfully say, “I feel great!” GOD has been good to me. Victoria, I do hope you are doing better and hanging in there. With T.C. Fry gone now, you are the only one that I get mail from to keep me up on “Healthy Living.” Do sign me up for Common Health Sense #3 and #4. Sincerely, Nancy Ford, Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Yes, Indeed! Life Science Really Works! Let me take this opportunity to commend you, Mr. Fry, on your work. Your writings/teachings have been a great influence over my life. My mother suffered for 20 years with chronic bronchitis. She is now 80 years old and was rapidly becoming so incapacitated she would have to stop and gasp for breath after walking a short distance. She loved milk, cheese, bread, etc. I took her off all dairy products. Then I taught her how to grow sprouts and put her on a 90% raw food regime. Within six months, she underwent an amazing transition! She formerly could be heard coughing and struggling to expectorate as I approached her house. No more! She never coughs or expectorates anymore. She works out in the garden with a hoe and even a shovel. She can walk many blocks right along with me. She used to buy Prepara- tion H every time I took her to the store. She does not use that anymore. Neither does she stew prunes for constipa- tion. She is not yet 100% well. Her hypertension is much less but not licked. I am confident it is only a matter of time before the rejuvenation returns her to normal. She contin- ues to improve. I cannot praise your work enough. I believe you and all those converted to Natural Hygiene are the true apostles of the future. Harold Elder, D.C. Miami, Florida.

Thank You! Good-Bye! And Our Fond FareWell, Dear T.C.”

Tributes to T.C. Fry

I am now 80. Had it not been for my doctors, I would not be here today — I would not be writing this letter to you. At 52, I was a dying man. I was in a hospital and getting worse. Three medical experts came to me and told me they could no longer help me and sent me home. Looking back, I am happy they gave up on me; for I am sure I would be dead now if they had not sent me home. I started searching for answers on my own. GOD helped me find Natural Hygiene. I started following it immediately. I improved so much no one could believe it! Please do not go away, Mr. Fry. I admire your great courage in teaching us The Truth that has been kept from us.

Louis Neuburger, Goodson, MO.

Part of my study regime con- sists of rereading your many fine articles. I find that every time I read them, I learn something new! The other night, while reading, for probably the 10th time, your great “Cancer Cure Nonsense from a Laboratory” (February, 1985), I found myself wondering if people who really appreciate your efforts ever get around to saying, “Thank You!” So, I sincerely wish to say, “Thank you for all you are doing to help people!”

Bill Griffith, Sr.

Just a note to say I have lost 41 pounds in about 6 weeks since I started eating fruits and vegetables only. I feel better than I have in years! I have had a problem of being overweight for 30 years and was always trying some kind of diet that never worked. I have been a slave to meats and rich foods all my life, but I never smoked or drank. So probably that is the reason I have been in fair health most of my life. I will be 61 in December, and I plan to give fruits and vegetables a 100% chance to make the rest of my life happier and disease-free. I only wish I and Natural Hygiene and Life Science sooner.

Wilbur Nabors, Dallas, TX.

Americans sure are funny people. Just 1 month ago, I smoked. I drank coffee, wines, beer, and soft drinks by the gallon. I ate huge steaks with all the trimmings — in short, I lived sumptuously on the Standard American Diet, just like everyone else.

But I also had problems. I had a by-pass operation in which they replaced a couple of nearly occluded arteries. I was in a physician’s office every week. I had high blood pressure. I was rather hefty, being nearly 50 pounds overweight. I had headaches and backaches, often together. I had attacks of gout — I could hardly hobble at times. I had enough drugs in my medicine cabinet to start my own drugstore.

Well, I got on your program. Now, I have lost 40 pounds. Your Program for Dynamic Health and Revelation of Health and The Health Formula really took effect! I just threw out my whole inventory of drugs —including my wife’s! I convinced her we could not be poisoned into health with drugs. I no longer have backaches or headaches. I really feel great! I am not so draggy as I used to be. I have a lot more go-power, and I am expecting more!

I did go to in for a check-up. the doctor was pleased my blood pres- sure had gone way down. He was pleased with my weight loss. He was pleased my heart was regular. When I tried to tell him what I had done, he just brushed it off with: “I don’t care what you are doing. Whatever it is, keep it up.” But there was grave concern when I told him I was off his drugs.

I tried to persuade a friend that he, too, could perhaps get over his many problems which were similar to mine. He came back with the observation that I had really gone off the deep end, and I should see my doctor — he would bring me back to my senses. Besides, he was not about to give up all of life’s pleasures nor go on a “rabbit-food diet.”

Harry Goldman, Chicago, IL.

I am 72 years old. My hearing ability in the left ear was so far down, I could not use the phone with it — voices were just barely audible. On December 17, 1982, I decided to go on a fast. On noon of December 24, I peeled and blended a large orange and drank it. In the evening, I drank 2 large, blended oranges. I ate only fruit for the full week; and by December 31, I had full hearing. During the fast, I woke several times a night and coughed up considerable phlegm. I could tell that I was getting rid of lots of junk. Now I can hear on the phone as well with my left ear as my right. I recommend fasting and Mr. Fry to anyone who wants their body to bring itself back to normal.

Earl Girler, Lebanon, PA.

I was diagnosed as having glau- coma. My vision was blurring. Eyedrops were prescribed for me. This did not help. When I became a student of the College of Life Science, under the guidance of Mr. T.C. Fry, I began the regular usage of fruit. Upon subsequent examination, I was found to have normal vision in both eyes.

Maurice Tobin, Hampton, VA.

Your publication has changed my life, and I appreciate it very much. Your teachings have taken me out of the wheelchair. I was a very sick, battered man. I could not talk or walk. I fainted many times. From your very fine teaching, Mr. Fry, I have gained my health back. I am very happy to say I now dance 100 to 150 dances a week. I play tennis, golf, and other games.

Harry Carlson, Phoenix, AZ.

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Dr. Vivian Vetrano & Dr. Tosca Haag
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Just by purchasing, dirt-cheap, “The 23-DVD-DISKS” that make up the entire Dr. Vetrano Rare Books Library of 850 titles, Health Seekers can now personally own the largest Natural Hygiene library in the world to see the light of day! It is second in size only to Dr. Shelton’s. His huge library had since been sold by the American Natural Hygiene Society to the University of Austin, Texas, and has long been boxed up and stored in a basement — for decades. During these 5 years, Victoria’s GetWell Friends contribute and/or loan tens of thousands of dollars to GetWell★StayWell, America! With these dollars, Victoria Yellow trucks the huge library from La Vernia, Texas, to Concrete, Washington. And she unpacks it, sorts through it, prepares a brand-new room for it, sets up new book cases for it, purchases computers and printers and scanners for it, and hires helpers to scan the books, to convert the reel-to-reel and cassette audio tapes to compact disks, and to build and and 10 other linking websites. By the end of 2014, an exact number of 1,000 titles will be shelved at The Billions Bookstore and made available to Global Health Seekers — dirt-cheap! By the end of 2014, everything that Dr. Tilden, Dr. Shelton, Our 3 Texas Doctors, T. C. Fry, and Victoria BidWell ever published or lectured will be up for The People! 150 of their audio-taped lectures and DVDed films will be ready to download And finally, a selected 400 titles by The Pioneers will be scanned and shelved at

Victoria continually expresses deep appreciation to Our 3 Texas Doctors for gifting her their priceless library and to The GetWell Friends for funding the chosen 1,000 titles into digital existence. All who contributed THEN will have succeeded in saving the Natural Hygiene literature NOW — FROM OBLIVION! WHAT DR. SHELTON ONCE DID TO SAVE THE PIONEERS FROM POSSIBLE OBLIVION, VICTORIA AND HER CO-CONSPIRATORS HAVE NOW DONE TO ABSOLUTELY SAVE THE PIONEERS AND DR. SHELTON FROM CERTAIN OBLIVION! THIS IS A GREAT MOMENT IN THE HISTORY OF WOMEN, CHILDREN, AND MEN — A GREAT MOMENT TO STOP AND — PRAISE THE LORD!

For by the end of 2014, an arsenal of contraband will exist, just for the downloading. Health Seekers will then know how to get well and staywell, just for the doing. Every Health Seeker who joins The GetWell★StayWell Intelligentsia will have the opportunity... TO GET AS GOOD AS IT GETS! In The Billions Library will be found the arsenal, complete with its history told, that teaches The People how to get well and stay well without drug and doctor dependency and with that High Joy our neurophysiologies are fully capable of experiencing and sustaining!

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VICTORIA’S FINAL SPECULATIONS: Because of Dr. Herbert Macgolfin Shelton’s DETERMINATION and PERSISTENCE, his inspiration has spurred on countless Health Seekers to practice Natural Hygiene to their great advantage! He rose to his teenage calling to help The People. He ghostwrote for Bernarr MacFadden before becoming a writer in his own right. Starting in 1926, he created an endless stream of short and gigantic books, taped lectures, brochures, and magazines. YES! With Dr. Vetrano’s help during his last 20 years, Dr. Shelton saw 41 years of his Hygienic Reviews bring Natural Hygiene to Health Seekers everywhere!

Many of his students who turned into self-declared health educators have followed in Dr. Shelton’s footsteps and have collectively likewise cranked out an endless stream of Natural Hygiene materials, albeit none have proven to be so prolific as he. This time around for his students, besides hard-copy books sent through the mail, these self-made Natural Hygiene health educators have The Internet. And they are taking Natural Hygiene around the world with lightning-bolt speed straight into the homes and minds of Health Seekers everywhere! SUCH WONDERFUL TIMES WE LIVE IN THAT DR. SHELTON NEVER IMAGINED WHEN HIS VISION ONLY WENT OUT TO “THE MILLIONS” — AND NOT TO “THE BILLIONS!” There are, however, problems with this hard-copy and electronic proliferation of so-called “Natural Hygiene materials.”

#1 PROBLEM — TO THE HEALTH SEEKERS’ DISSERVICE, not all of these so-called “Natural Hygiene materials.” are in a form that is true to the basic, physiologically correct “Laws of Life” imbedded into scientific Natural Hygiene. All of these publications hold a few or many of the 66 errors we 4 Trailblazers — Dr. Vetrano and Drs. Tosca and Greg Haag and I — are correcting in WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN’T KNOW! (I just picked up a book this week, for instance, to be horrified by a self-declared “author of Natural Hygiene” who states: “The 1st Stage of Dr. Tilden’s 7 Stages of Disease is constipation or diarrhea!” The 1st Stage, of course, is Enervation.) Even more to the disservice of Health Seekers, many self-declared Natural Hygiene health educators have added their own teachings that I call “twists” which are absolutely incorrect, some dangerously so. At present, we have an amassing of literature promoting what the health educators call “Natural Hygiene” that is riddled with some large and many small errors. That is why we 4 Trailblazers of Correct Natural Hygiene are writing WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN’T KNOW! Our joint-effort book could just as easily be subtitled WHAT ALL SELF-DECLARED NATURAL HYGIENE HEALTH EDUCATORS DON’T KNOW!

#2 PROBLEM — TO THE HEALTH SEEKERS’ DISSERVICE, most of this proliferation would receive a “C-” for use of Standard English grammar and punctuation! Being a former English teacher and present-day semanticist and a linguist to the superlative degree, it is actually painful for me to see not only incorrect “Natural Hygiene” put out but presented with substandard use of the English language!

#3 PROBLEM — AND TO THE HEALTH SEEKERS’ SPIRITUAL DISSERVICE, a goodly portion of this proliferation glorifies lesser gods, The New Age, Eastern Philosophies, or an everyday garden variety of plain, old atheism or agnosticism. In America, freedom of the press — and now The (virtual press) Internet — belongs to those who can afford to own one, rent one, and/or otherwise crank out their own hard-copy and/or electronic literature or who can find a publisher or Internet sponsor to do it for them. Some of this proliferation of Natural Hygiene information is leading The People away from spiritual truths and straight to hell! As for us 4 Trailblazers, we will serve The Lord in our writing of... WHAT DR. SHELTON DIDN’T KNOW!






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Victoria: Before Health Seekers embark on The 10 Energy Enhancers Program, I urge them to come to Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods or to either go into counsel with me — or — at least, to read “Our Guests’ Best Stories” at Such health improvements in these testimonies are typical of those who are willing and able to carry out Victoria’s counsel as presented at These health improvements, however, cannot be absolutely guaranteed for The Health Seeker going into counsel with Victoria because results depend on how willing and able The Health Seeker is to practice Correct Natural Hygiene. Victoria’s Natural Hygiene Counseling Outfit teaches Health Seekers how to improve their health to the highest levels possible by incorporating The 10 Energy Enhancers into their daily lives wherever and whenever needed. Results will vary among Health Seekers depending on many variables. And primary among these variables are the following: the amount and kinds of toxins present in the body, how far the Health Seeker has descended into disease, any irreversible damages present, and how willing and able The Health Seeker is to follow The 10 Energy Enhancers conscientiously over a significant period of time. Because this last factor can vary from following The 10 Energy Enhancers “almost perfectly with great results” to “not at all with no results,” no one can guarantee that The Health Seeker will get... “AS GOOD AS IT GETS!” Barring this one factor of “unwillingness and inability,” on his or her part to follow The 10 Energy Enhancers, however, Health Seekers may expect “mildly pleasing to amazing results” when they embark on their Health by Healthful Living Adventure! Of course, The Health Seekers’ Adventure is bound to be easiest, most fun, and safest if counsel with Victoria BidWell and her Natural Hygiene Counseling Outfit of Our 3 Texas Doctors is sought — and especially, if that counsel is sought while staying at Our Hygiene Homestead in The Woods!



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